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Last Updated: March 3rd 2024

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"Not even death can save you from me." - Diablo

Ingame Death Notification

If you play Diablo 2 Resurrected then you know, everything eventually dies. Monsters fall to the blades of the Heroes. Heroes fall to the claws of the monsters. But what happens when something dies in Sanctuary? This article covers everything that happens upon death, for Characters in Softcore and Hardcore, and monsters alike.

Character Death

When a Softcore Character dies, a number of things happen that have varying degrees of severity.

You Have Died

Gold Loss

Experience Loss


Mercenary and Summons


Death for Hardcore Characters causes the Character to become permanently unplayable. For this reason, Hardcore play-throughs are recommended for more experienced Players.

You Have Died



Monster Death

Monsters that die have a chance to drop loot, and leave behind a corpse.


Chance to Cast When You Die / When You Kill an Enemy

There are multiple sources of Skills which trigger upon the death of a Character, Mercenary, irongolem, or when killing an Enemy.

Chance to Cast When You Die

Chance to Cast When You Kill an Enemy

Life or Mana after each Kill

Adds Life or Mana to the Character, Mercenary or irongolem equal to the total sum on gear, when they kill a monster.


Slain Monsters Rest in Peace (SMRiP)

Prevents slain monsters from leaving a targetable corpse.


Reanimate as: Returned

Grants the Character, Mercenary, or irongolem equipped with a source of this Stat, the ability to reanimate a slain monster as a Returned (A special summoned Skeleton type monster).



  • Whether it's a Player Character's death, or a monster's, Diablo II: Resurrected has a plethora of interesting and powerful effects that can be triggered.
  • Many Skills need valid corpses to target for their powerful effects. An equal number of Skills can destroy corpses, and deny their availability. Use this to your advantage.
  • There are a few ways that a Player Character's death can lead to toxic in game behavior. Make sure to avoid stealing Gold or even worse, dropped items!
  • Hardcore Characters cannot continue playing after death. Make sure to have your teammates pick up your body to retrieve your items!

This in-depth look into Death mechanics for Diablo II: Resurrected proves that Diablo is right when he says, "Not even Death can save you from me."


Written by MacroBioBoi
Reviewed by Teo1904

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