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Firewall Sorcerer Leveling Guide

Last Updated: May 21st 2024

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Season 4 - LootS-Tier

This build uses various Fire spells such as Fireball, Firewall, and Inferno to turn everything in your path to ashes. If you're looking for a build with massive AoE and lots of fire everywhere, you've come to the right place.

The build performs really well at all stages of the game with Arc Lash carrying the early game and Firewall dealing huge damage later on.

The downside of this build is that your every skill takes some time to deal damage, so you will often find yourself placing down some Firewalls and then just running in circles waiting for the enemies to die.

Overall this build is quite strong, very flavorful, and it lets you use some of the coolest-looking spells in Sorcerer's arsenal.

Firewall Sorcerer Leveling Setup
  • Giant Snake
  • Great AoE Coverage
  • Good Single Target Damage
  • Fire and Forget-style Farming
  • Low On Utility
  • No Frontloaded Damage
  • Weak vs Mobile Enemies
  • Needs Codex of Power Aspects

Season 4 - Loot Reborn

In Season 4, the Season Theme revolves around helping out the Iron Wolves. Compared to past themes, this one does not offer any borrowed power as the entire game has been redesigned with new itemization and crafting options, increasing player power substantially across the board. Instead, you can gather reputation similar to the Vampire Bounty Board from Season 2 to unlock rewards that supercharge your leveling journey to 100 with extra items, crafting materials and eventually even a Resplendent Spark to craft an uber unique.

We recommend to follow the seasonal questline until you unlock the reputation system, check which rewards suit you most and then follow your regular leveling path. To learn more, check out our full Season 4 guide for more information.

Skill Showcase

Firewall is our main Mana Spender. This spell covers a large area and deals very high damage. Unfortunately it deals damage over 8 seconds so in short fights its power is significantly diminished.

Skill Tree & Gameplay

Getting Started

To start off we have to put 2 points into Basic Skills to unlock the other sections. We use Arc Lash because it deals very high AoE damage and later on gives some Movement Speed with Flickering Arc Lash. The only downside is its melee range but that doesn't matter at early levels.

Unlocking Fireball

At level 4 we unlock Core skills and pick up Fireball so that we have something to do with our Mana. Fireball's upgrades don't do anything at this point but they will become useful later when we add Burning damage to the build.

Adding Defensive Skills

After investing 6 skill points we gain access to the Defensive skill cluster. Here we instantly pick up Teleport, Ice Armor, Flame Shield, and Frost Nova. These are our main utility spells and they stay with us for the rest of the game. We also fully upgrade Frost Nova to get access to the Vulnerable debuff.

Skill Tree Progression

Unlocking Firewall

Next we get to our main damage skill Firewall (which replaces Fireball on the skill bar). Generally you start every encounter by placing down 2-3 Firewalls and then you just move around them to keep the mobs inside, while casting Arc Lash and Defensive skills as needed. At level 15 after you unlock your first Enchantment Slot - Fireball. It will make your fights go a lot faster, especially when mobs refuse to sit in your Firewalls.

The Ultimate and Mana Problems

After that we unlock Inferno but we have to bench Flame Shield to use it. Two levels later we get Supreme Inferno and now Flame Shield can come back and instead we lose Arc Lash.

Now our damage rotation becomes: Frost Nova -> Firewall until no Mana -> Inferno -> Firewall until they die. In most fights just the first 3 steps will be enough but when multiple fights happen back to back, or when fighting Bosses you will run out of Mana.

Ultimately, running out of Mana is not that big of an issue but there is a way to fix that problem if you are willing to go on an adventure. Head over to Hawezar to acquire Prodigy’s Resource Aspect. The Codex of Power will tell you that you need to progress campaign to access the dungeon but that is a lie. Just teleport to Margrave, set your pin on the right spot and follow the line. The dungeon itself is level 35, but if you turn down the difficulty to World Tier 1 and take it slow you should clear it without any problems. With Prodigy’s Aspect imprinted on your Ring you should always have enough Mana as long as you keep using your abilities.

The Key Passive

Finally we reach the end of our skill tree and pick up Combustion, which increases Firewall's damage by 22%. On the way to the Key Passive we pick up Fiery Surge, Soulfire, and Warmth.

Final Passives and Skill Ranks

At this point our build is more or less complete so we just pick up all the damage and defensive passives that work with our build and put ranks in Defensive skills.

Check out our Renown Guide to unlock all your additional rewards efficiently. 

Sorcerer Enchantment Slots

Enchantments are extremely important to any Sorcerer build. In fact, the moment you hit level 15, you should drop whatever you were doing and go unlock your Enchantment Slots! You must have at least one rank in a skill to put it into Enchantment Slot but it doesn't have to be on your skillbar.

Slot 1 - Enchant Fireball. This effect lets us quickly destroy huge hordes of small monsters via chain reaction of on-kill explosions.

Slot 2 - Enchant Firewall. This enchant directly buffs our main damaging skill by letting us get more Firewalls out. Firewall itself, Flame Shield upgrade, and Inferno all count as Burning damage and can proc this effect.

Unlocking the Enchantment Slots

Once you hit level 15, you automatically start the "Legacy of the Magi" Priority Quest. Complete it to unlock your first Enchantment Slot. The second Slot unlocks on it's own when you reach level 30.

Learn more details in our full Enchantment Slots Guide.

Gear Progression & Global Stat Priorities

Generally you want to have 1H Weapon + Focus instead of 2H Weapon, mostly because Focus can roll Cooldown Reduction and Mana Cost Reduction which are both very desirable stats. However, during leveling you won't lose that much CDR, so if you find a high DPS staff feel free to go for it. Always go for higher DPS over weapon's stats during leveling. The useful stats to look out for are:

  • Weapon: Damage over Time, Intelligence
  • Focus: Cooldown Reduction

Hint: Press SHIFT over an item to compare it to what you're wearing!


Armor pieces typically grant us Defense and Utility stats, except the Gloves which offer a tidal wave of Offense. Here are the important stats to look for:

  • Helm: Mana Per Second, Cooldown Reduction.
  • Armor: Mana Per Second.
  • Gloves: Attack Speed.
  • Pants: Armor, Life.
  • Boots: Mana Per Second, Firewall Ranks, Movement Speed.


Jewelry provides powerful Offensive stats that help us on our leveling journey. Pay close attention to the rolls as higher leveled pieces aren't always better:

  • Amulet: Movement Speed, Cooldown Reduction.
  • Rings: Attack Speed, Damage over Time.

If you have sockets on your items, fill them with the following:

  • Weapons: Amethyst
  • Armor: Ruby
  • Jewelry: Skull

Read more about itemization in our Damage Explained, Defense Explained, and Stats Explained articles.

Legendary Aspects

The Codex of Power is a collection of Legendary Aspects you can imprint onto Rare or Legendary items at the Occultist. They unlock after completing specific Dungeons located around Sanctuary. For leveling there are a few aspects that can significantly help us if we have the funds to imprint them:

Top Codex Leveling Aspects in Order:

1. Prodigy’s AspectWitchwater
2. Aspect of DisobedienceHalls of the Damned
3. Aspect of ControlSunken Library
4. Storm Swell AspectOnyx Hold
Dry Steppes

Warning: DO NOT imprint your Weapons as they are constantly replaced while leveling. Put Offensive Aspects on your Amulet, Rings, or Gloves instead.

Learn more details in our article covering the Codex of Power.

Helpful Legendary Aspects

There are more helpful Legendary Aspects for the Firewall Sorcerer that can either be found in the Codex of Power or Extracted from an item drop. Note that all Legendary Aspects can be found from item drops, and dropped Aspects can have higher rolls frequently making them significantly better than ones sourced from the Codex of Power.

  1. The Conceited
    • gives you a nice damage boost when your Ice Armor is active.
    • If you find this, drop 1 point in Protection passive so that you can activate the buff by using your other skills.
  2. A well-rolled Disobedience
    • The dropped version is exponentially stronger than its Codex version so it gets a separate mention here.
    • This build has lots of DoTs so you will have no trouble keeping this aspect at 100 stacks.
    • Codex of Power version of this aspect is generally too weak to bother.
  3. The Umbral
    • This Aspect is another way to help with your Mana problems via the Crippling Flames passive.
    • This aspect can be unlocked in the Codex of Power but at just 1 Mana per proc it's not worth it.

Discover every Sorcerer Legendary Aspect in our Sorcerer Overview.

How To Level

In Diablo 4 you level by completing the Campaign, collecting Grim Favors for the Tree of Whispers, completing Helltide activities, grinding Dungeons, or interacting with the Seasonal mechanics. While there are many ways to level up in Diablo 4, not all of them are made equal.

Campaign Leveling

  • For your first character in Diablo 4, completing the Campaign provides the best gameplay experience and gives you access to key unlocks like your Mount.
    • If you don't have your Mount, you MUST progress the Campaign until you complete the quest Donan's Favor at the start of Act 4.
    • After obtaining your Mount you can skip the remainder of the campaign at any time.
    • The Campaign is the slowest way to level, but it's worth experiencing the Campaign and Diablo 4's storyline at least once.
    • To play Seasonal Content you need to have completed or skipped the Campaign.

Seasonal / Alt Leveling

  • Complete the Seasonal questline, progress your Seasonal Journey to unlock Legendary Aspects and work on your Seasonal powers.
  • If your account is below Rank 5 Renown in each zone, focus on completing your Renown.
    • This only needs to be done once per realm (Softcore / Hardcore).
  • Complete the Dungeons needed for any Legendary Aspects from your Codex of Power.
  • From level 1-50 you should focus on getting experience in Helltides by combining Helltide activities with Grim Favors for the Tree of Whispers or complete Gathering Legion Events.
  • After level 50 you need to balance leveling up, Glyph Experience and participating in Endgame activities like Helltide, Tree of Whispers and Bosses. The fastest experience possible after reaching World Tier 3 is completing Nightmare dungeons with monsters exactly 10 levels above your current level. Check out our Nightmare Dungeon Tier List for the best Nightmare Dungeon layouts!
  • Around level 30-45 you should move to World Tier 3.
  • Around level 50-65 you should move to World Tier 4.
  • Alternatively: Get boosted by a friend to World Tier 4 then leech experience/loot and Glyph exp (post 50), in Nightmare dungeons.
  • Find the most efficient way of leveling your character in detail in our Speed Leveling Guide.

Leveling Tips and Tricks

Let's look at some tips and tricks to remember when leveling up!

  • Level Up Your Potion. You need to farm materials to upgrade your character's potion.
    • Make sure you collect all materials as you explore Sanctuary, especially Gallowvine which is used in many Elixir recipes!
  • Compare your Items... Literally. Press Shift over an item in your inventory to compare it to what you're wearing.
    • This makes it easy to determine what is and isn't an upgrade.
  • Don't Imprint Your Best Aspect Onto Your Weapon. The most critical piece of gear while leveling up is your weapon, which gets replaced constantly.
    • It is a better idea to put your best Offensive Aspect on your Amulet, which can be used for a long time.
  • Sacred is just better. Between level 30 and 50 you're able to beat the Capstone Dungeon and enter World Tier 3, you gain access to powerful Sacred items which have higher item power and better stats. Getting a Sacred weapon significantly improves your farming speed.
    • The same happens with World Tier 4 and Ancestral gear.


  • Place down a Firewall or two and keep walking while enemies die behind you.
  • Cool guys don't look at explosions.
  • Unleash your giant snake when battle looks tough.
  • Use Teleport, Ice Armor and Frost Nova to stay alive.
  • Unlock your Enchantment Slots ASAP.
  • Look out for helpful Legendary Aspects in the Codex of Power.
  • Read the Next Steps above to continue your journey.


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