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Leveling Builds Tier List

Last Updated: March 2nd 2024

Season 3 - Construct

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This Leveling Tier List defines the most important factors of a leveling build: Movement speed, survivability, ease of play, damage output and total time to reach level 50. High tier leveling builds are able to clear density as well as kill Bosses, in open-world and Dungeon content. Low tier leveling builds may lack important tools for mobility, or damage output.

The arrows indicate where an item has moved since our last Tier List update.
Builds are ranked from top to bottom, left to right within tiers.

S Tier

Blood Surge Necro
Firewall Sorc
Penetrating Shot Rogue
Chain Lightning Sorc
Twisting Blades Rogue

A Tier

Lightning Storm Druid
Barrage Rogue
Arc Lash Sorc
Upheaval Barb
HotA Barb
Double Swing Barb
Bone Spear Necro
Sever Necro
Blight CE Necro
Flurry Rogue
Ice Shards Sorc

B Tier

Rend Barb
Pulverize Druid
Tornado Druid
Landslide Druid
Summoner Necro

C Tier

Whirlwind Barb
Shred Druid

D Tier

Companion Druid


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