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Gunlancer Chaos Dungeon Build Guide

Last Updated: September 28th 2023

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The Chaos build heavily focuses on large Area of Effect (AoE) skills with low Cooldowns to clear the content as fast as possible. This content isn't difficult and can easily be completed by spamming skills.

The Combat Stats are not as important as they are for PvP or Raid builds. Simply use the recommended Raid gear and Combat Stat distribution from the Solo Knight Gunlancer Raid Guide and Combat Readiness Gunlancer Raid Guide.

Chaos Dungeon Skill Build

  • Fire Bullet has a short Cooldown making it a great filler skill for when other skills are on Cooldown.
  • Surge Cannon, Leap Attack and Shout of Hatred are the AoE clearing skills.
  • Guardian's Thunderbolt is another AoE clearing skill that provides Shock Debuff Attack. This helps keep mobs and Elites in place to burst them down together with the AoE skills mentioned above.
  • Charged Stinger is a linear burst skill that is used for targeting Elites and Bosses to eliminate them quickly to get the Cooldown refresh.
  • Shield Bash and Shield Shock are filler skills that provide a Armor Shred Debuff to further increase your effectiveness while bursting down mobs.
  • Guardian's Protection has massive AoE and also grants a full Identity Gauge upon use. Defensive Stance helps reduce potions usage as well.
Use the Scroll Bar to see the full ideal Skill Points build


Chaos Dungeon is fairly easy to complete. A simplified rotation is used:

  1. Fire Bullet can be replace with Sharp Gunlance for better mobs grouping and can be pair with Bleed for extra damage while grouping up the mobs.
  2. Group mobs and Elites up around you then shock the pack with Guardian's Thunderbolt.
  3. Burst the packs with the rest of the AoE skills, starting with Surge Cannon which can hit multiple targets on all 4 sides. This greatly reduces the skill Cooldown, sometimes even completely when Cooldown Reduction buffs are active and if the Elites are not dead. Finish off with the other AoE skills and when your Cooldowns refresh, repeat the sequence.
  4. When a Red Portal(Unique Boss Room) appears switch to the Raid build for the encounter then switch back to this AoE build for the next portal.
  5. Killing Elites/Bosses grants a 40%/100% Cooldown refresh while breaking Rift Cores grants a 40% Cooldown reduction buff. Cooldown refresh and Cooldown Reduction buffs work on Awakening skills as well.

Check out the Chaos Dungeon Guide for more information.

Combat Stats

Sub-stat priority is not important, as the content is easy as long as the player is using matching Tier Gear and accessories. Swiftness and Crit stats help with speed clearing, but is not necessary if you don't have separate sets of accessories.


Runes enhance Skills with extra bonuses. All Rune drops are account bound and have limited availability, so placement of Runes on the correct Skills is important. Below are the recommend parings. Check the Rune Guide for more details.

Shield ShockBleed
Charged StingerGalewind
Surge CannonGalewind
Shield BashRage
Shout of HatredFocus
Leap AttackProtection
Guardian's ThunderboltGalewind
Fire BulletQuick Recharge
  • Fire Bullet is paired with Quick Recharge to increase the frequency of procing the effect, this skill is potentially 1 of the lowest Cooldown skills with the lucky reset proc.
  • Leap Attack is paired with Protection to shield the player during its casting time.
  • Shield Bash is paired with Rage for a chance to get a speed buff that hastens the casting speed of skills.


  • Group mobs and Elites up in a tight pack before bursting them down to get the Cooldown refresh before grouping up the next packs.
  • Remember to switch to the Raid build when a Red Portal appears.
  • Killing Elites/Bosses and breaking Rift Cores grant a Cooldown refresh or Cooldown Reduction buff.
  • Use an Awakening skill whenever a group of Elites are close together so the Awakening skill can have its Cooldown refreshed and be ready to be use for the next packs. Killing Bosses refreshes the Cooldown completely as well, so don't be too conservative with Awakening skill usage.


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Reviewed by Facefoot

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