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Announcing the Destiny 2 Branch

Last Updated: June 4th 2024

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Eyes up, Guardian! With the release of Destiny 2 the Final Shape, we're happy to announce a brand new branch here on Maxroll! Over the past month, the Maxroll Destiny 2 Team has been working tirelessly to provide guides to help you explore the Final Shape and more. This is a team of enthusiastic and avid Destiny 2 players who can't wait to get you into the fray. Let's take a minute to meet them.

Byrdman (Content Creator)
Chadly (Content Creator)
Chunky (Content Creator)
ShieldMaiden (Content Creator)

SquirrleyDan (Content Creator)

Whether you are brand new to Destiny 2, a hardened veteran or someone returning after a long break we've got you covered. Our initial launch includes a new player section to help you get started, a variety of meta builds, Tier Lists to rank them and additional resources to help you learn about the game! But this is just phase 1, we have more content planned for the future.

This is but the beginning, there are more guides to look forward to in the future.

Getting Started & Pinned Pages

The Getting Started section!

The Getting Started page covers key resources that guide you through your first steps in Destiny 2. Learn about different class and subclass combinations, the basics of stats, how to advance your guardian rank and much more.

Pinned Pages

A lot's going to change with the Final Shape, this means many updates to guides! When a guide is updated, the best way to be notified is to pin the page. This way you'll get a browser notification as soon as any update is pushed, check out the video below to learn more.

Build Guides

Our build guides teach you how to combine abilities and gear to play some of the hottest meta builds available. To prepare for this, our Team has tested each build countless times over the game's development until release. Once The Final Shape drops we'll be playing these and many others throughout launch and plan to update our content as we go as updates and hotfixes are released.


Hunter Build Guides

The masters of stealth and marksmanship, Hunters are weapons experts and the most mobile of the 3 classes. Their abilities often emphasize precision and accuracy. You perform acrobatic maneuvers, execute triple jumps, and quickly traverse terrain. These scouts are also adept in exploration and infiltration missions, with invisibility capabilities and great evasive techniques! Every class has a class item, and for the Hunters it's a cloak. They have a rugged, utilitarian look to them. Hunters are great shots and feared by many in this solar system!

Look at our Build Guide Section for more Hunter builds.


Warlock Build Guides

Warlocks are the weavers of arcane magic and use their powerful abilities with ease. With a deep understanding of the Traveler’s Light, a Warlock skillfully harnesses this energy. The Warlock class item is the bond, found around their left arm. This bond is a conduit for the Warlock's powers while preventing them from being consumed by that power. The Warlock class is highly valued for their mastery of the Traveler’s Light and tireless efforts to gain knowledge.

Look at our Build Guide Section for more Warlock builds.


Titan Build Guides

Titans are strong, resilient, and able to withstand a whole lot of damage. They also have defensive capabilities like barriers and overshields that make them even more resolute. Titans excel in close-quarters combat using brute strength to overcome foes with powerful melee attacks and shotguns. As a Titan, your class-specific item is a mark, a piece of fabric attached to your utility belt. Titans have a militaristic, bulky, armored look that matches their resilience. Their unwavering strength makes them daunting in any situation!

Look at our Build Guide Section for more Titan builds.


Like in any Looter Shooter, having robust resources is very important to your character's power. Understanding how to find gear and how to make it as strong as possible is essential to get the most out of your farming sessions. Use these guides below to make the most of your rewards and supercharge your progression!

Tier Lists

If you want to know which build is the best of the best, check out our Tier List section! Here we compare all the build guides currently on Maxroll while speculating on the strength of future builds. Each build is ranked across 4 different metrics.

  • Boss Damage - The main criteria are Super ability damage potential and chosen weapons.
  • Ad Clear - The main criteria are chosen weapons, crowd control and ability uptime.
  • Support - The main criteria are team synergy and utility provided.
  • Survivability - The main criteria are the build's level of self healing and damage resistance offered.


Along with the Getting Started, Resources, Tier Lists and Build Guides, our Development Team rallied to deliver dedicated tools to convey information efficiently. We have a build overview that includes everything from weapons to stat priorities. Then the difficulty bar shows what each build excels at in proper Destiny 2 style!

Future Plans

We never stop here at Maxroll. Listed below is just a small list of things we are looking to add to the branch after Destiny 2 The Final Shape releases!

  • Updating all Build Guides - The Final Shape brings a lot of changes and we'll be hard at work making updates to account for them.
  • New PVE Build Guides on the Prismatic Subclass - Mix the powers of Light and Darkness in The Final Shape!
  • PvP Build and Resource Guides - Your one stop shop for everything PvP related!
  • The Final Shape Launch Guide - Guiding you through the beginning of The Final Shape.

In the coming months, players will have access to Raid/Dungeons guides, solo content guides, god rolls, additional resources and so much more!

If you haven't already, head over to our Discord and select the Destiny 2 role in #roles to stay up to date with our content development. If you find an issue, report it in the branch's #Destiny-2-maxroll-feedback channel.

Written by: Tenkiei

Contributions by: The Maxroll Destiny 2 Team

Reviewed by: Dredscythe

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