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Weapon Crafting

Last Updated: June 4th 2024

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The Final Shape

Weapon Crafting enhances gameplay by providing greater control, customization, and optimization of a player's arsenal, leading to a more personalized and satisfying gaming experience. Nothing feels better than getting an RNG drop of a great weapon with all the right perks. When that doesn't happen, it can be a struggle to keep pursuing that weapon. In Destiny 2: The Witch Queen, Bungie introduced weapon crafting to help Guardians obtain those sought-after weapons and perks. Although introduced in an expansion, it's free for all players. The game doesn't specifically mention weapon crafting for new light players or how to access it. Here is everything you need to know about weapon crafting.

Accessing Weapon Crafting

To access the Relic where you craft your weapons, you need to complete the following steps:

  • Click on Savathun's Throne World from the Director/Destinations screen.
  • Complete "The Arrival" mission to unlock Deepsight. You will then receive a new quest called "The Relic".
  • Complete "The Relic" quest.
    • This is a tutorial on how to craft weapons.
    • You receive a free weapon pattern for The Enigma.

Unlocking Deepsight awakens the Resonant weapons which are shown with a red border around them. These weapons are earned by completing various activities throughout the game, and from world drops. Only weapons that are able to be crafted drop with the red border.

There is an additional way of acquiring a red border weapon that is not from a random drop. If you have a weapon that you know is craftable, but it does not have the red border, you can utilize a Deepsight Harmonizer. This unique material awakens the Deepsight within the weapon, and gives it the red border. Once the weapon has the red border, you are able to extract the pattern. Deepsight Harmonizers are only found in the Season Pass.

Weapon with a red border.

Crafting Weapons

To craft a weapon, the pattern must be unlocked. Weapons have various amounts of red borders needed to unlock them. Find your weapon progress in your Collections tab, then click on Patterns and Catalysts in the right hand column. From there, Navigate to the weapon type, then the weapon. The Relic in the Enclave also shows weapon pattern progress. For most weapons, you need 5 red borders.

Collections tab with the Patterns and Catalysts on the right.
Weapon progress in the Patterns and Catalysts tab.

Once you are able to craft a weapon, approach the Relic located in The Enclave on Savathun's Throne World. Follow these steps to craft that perfect god roll:

  • Shape a new weapon.
  • Select the weapon you would like to shape.
  • Select the frame, barrel, magazine, and two perks you want on the weapon.
  • Insert a memento (optional).
  • Finalize the shape, thus crafting the weapon.

When crafting a weapon for the first time, you start with a limited number of perks. Level up your weapon by killing Combatants or buying the levels with Glimmer and Enhancement Cores. At level 17, you gain access to all frames, barrels, magazines, and perks on the weapon, including the enhanced versions of the perks. If you are crafting or enhancing raid weapons, you will also need Spoils of Conquest.

Crafting Materials

The only materials you need for crafting at any given time are:

  • Glimmer - Used to craft the base weapon. Can be purchased from Rahool in the Tower or earned from any activity.
  • Enhancement Core - Used to craft the base weapon. Can be purchased from Rahool in the Tower, or obtained through activities, bounties, or Legendary Gear.
  • Ascendant Alloy - Used to enhance traits on crafted weapons. Can be purchased from Rahool or Banshee-44 in the Tower, or earned through the Witch Queen Offensives or the weekly legendary campaign mission on the Throne World.
  • Spoils of Conquest - Use to unlock loot caches in raids and purchase raid loot from the Monument to Lost Lights. Also used for crafting base raid weapons and enhancing crafted raid weapons.


Nightfall Mementos, Trials Mementos, and Gambit Mementos are earned from their respective activities and inserted into a crafted weapon for a rare shader, title, and activity specific stat tracker on the weapon.

There are also seasonal Mementos that you can earn for a limited time during events. You can earn the Dawning Memento during the Dawning, the Games Memento during Guardian Games, and the Lost Memento during the Festival of the Lost. These events happen every year during the winter, spring, and fall, respectively.

TTrials Memento on an SMG.
Trials Shader from the Memento.


RNG in Destiny 2 might not favor you. Crafting focuses on the weapons and perks you want. Any Guardian can craft for free without using an abundance of resources. Enhance weapon perks to make them more potent. Insert mementos to change the appearance with a rare shader. Mementos also give the weapon a title and specific activity tracker.


Written by: ShieldMaiden

Reviewed by: Chunky, Tenkiei

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