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New Necropolis League Starters & More

Last Updated: March 29th 2024

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Path of Exile's 3.24 Necropolis League begins this Friday and to prepare, we have several new League Starter guides to get you started in Necropolis! Along with the new guides, our existing build guides have been updated to the new patch as well as our currency farming guides. Let's dive into the updates below!

Build Guides

Here are all the New and Updated league start builds for Path of Exile 3.24 Necropolis League! We're looking to expand the variety of playstyles and Ascendancies we have available. Additionally, we're releasing a series of Solo Self-Found and Hardcore focused builds!

We've also updated our existing League Starters, Twink Leveling & Endgame Guides to remove the Wildwood Ascendancies and adjust to changes from the 3.24 Patch Notes.

Twink Leveling

New League Starters

Picking a build can be one of the hardest parts of a new league in Path of Exile, it's often overwhelming, so our guides walk you through the leveling process and gearing using Milestones! For Necropolis, we've updated our existing League Starters and added several new options, including some of the hot new meta starters!

Explosive Arrow Ballista Champion

If you're looking for a tanky build that can still deal enough damage to deal with any boss in the game Explosive Arrow Champion is one of the best league starters.

The playstyle of placing down Totems and running around while your Ignites proliferate to clear screens of monsters makes it very easy to react to enemy attacks.

The low starting budget of this build makes it perfect for league starting on either trade league or in SSF. The tankyness makes it one of the best builds in Hardcore as well.

New Necropolis League Starters Explosive Arrow Ballista Champion
^ Click to check out the build ^
^ Click to check out the build ^

The Frostblink Ignite Elementalist is a zoomy league starter that uses its mobility skill as primary clear damage.

Through the Shaper of Flames Ascendancy Passive, the Cold damage from Frostblink ignites and lays waste to your enemies, spreading like wildfire with Ignite Proliferation Support.

Fire Trap provides consistent single target damage which makes bossing a breeze with the Frostblink Ignite Elementalist.

If you've ever wanted to blink into a pack of monsters and burn them to death with Cold damage, this is the build for you!

Ice Trap of Hollowness Trickster

The Ice Trap of Hollowness Trickster provides a great balance of offense, defence and fun to take on league start challenges. Tricksters innate defensive layers keep you safe while you shatter the whole screen with massive Ice Trap explosions!

If you want to quickly complete your atlas, rush through maps and quickly take down bosses, this is the build for you!

^ Click to check out the build ^

Archmage Ball Lightning Hierophant

New Necropolis League Starters Archmage Ball Lightning Hierophant
^ Click to check out the build ^

The Archmage Ball Lightning Hierophant is a Leaguestart Allrounder that stacks a ton of Mana to gain massive damage and defense at the same time.

This is a Lightning Caster that throws Ball Lightning at enemies, while aided by the powerful Archmage Support.

This build was designed to start a fresh league with, meaning it can start from having no currency and clear most if not all the content.

If you want a Lightning Caster that is rock solid and zaps enemies around the screen, look no further!

Exsanguinate Miner Trickster

The Exsanguinate Miner Trickster fulfills your clearspeed fantasy while still remaining versatile enough to tackle a wide variety of content. If you want to scratch the itch of clearing maps quickly without having to aim that the Tornado Shot nerfs left you with, Exsanguinate Miner might do just that for you.

Through the auto-aim function of fast throwing mines that apply screen-wide freezes combined with an atypically fast Shield Charge for mobility, you'll be pleasantly surprised how the once perceived "clunkiness" of mines are a thing of the past.

New Necropolis League Starters Exsanguinate Mine Trickster
^ Click to check out the build ^

Wave of Conviction Ignite Elementalist

New Necropolis League Starters WoC Ignite Elementalist
^ Click to check out the build ^

If you're looking for a build that's easy to gear, can complete the Atlas at league start and has options to transition to some of the strongest builds available after you got some currency, Wave of Conviction Elementalist is the build for you!

Clear maps with Ignites from your Wave of Conviction that proliferate over the entire screen. Then nuke down bosses and tanky rares at the press of a button using Vaal Flameblast.

The low starting budget of this build makes it perfect for leaguestarting on either trade league or in SSF. The defences are good enough to start in Hardcore as well, assuming you don't try to tank too many big boss abilities.

New Team Members!

If you've been looking around our new Necropolis League starters you might have noticed a new face, today we're happy to officially welcome Zizaran to the Maxroll Team! He's known for creating beginner friendly content and running Path of Exile's largest and most brutal event the Gauntlet!


I'm Zizaran, I've been streaming Path of Exile since 2015 and I love making content to help new players and focus a lot on collabs with other creators, really excited to have written guides on Maxroll to bring them to more people!


I'm a guy who likes to make builds. I'm just here to put up some gaming builds and see other people have fun playing them. You might've seen me featured on Path of Exile Build of the Week S12 Ep6.


I'm Fubgun, known for doing high endgame farming and making some of the most expensive builds. I'll be bringing different currency guides and endgame builds to Maxroll.

Crafting & Currency Guides

There are far-reaching changes to both Crafting and Currency as part of the Necropolis League. From using Necropolis crafting to a fundamental rework of Scarabs and how you interact with League Mechanics in your Maps.


In addition to the new Necropolis League starters, we've gone through our existing guides and updated them where possible but you'll see quite a few disclaimers over the coming days.

NOTE: Fragments for this strategy will be updated once all the information regarding Scarabs is known.

Testing everything will take some time, but as our Team explores the new Scarabs we'll update the guide, remember to use the Pin Post feature on your favorite currency guides to be notified when a new update rolls in!

New Guides

We're happy to announce new strategies and guides to expand the amount of farming options available. This is the league of new strategies, so expect more over the next few weeks but you can get started with the following.


One notable change is the rework of Veiled Chaos Orbs, into Veiled Orbs. These drop from Catarina. We'll be monitoring the market to see how this impacts crafting and item prices going forward.

Necropolis Crafting looks to be a crazy new system up there with Sentinel Recombinators, Harvest and Synthesis in terms of broken interactions. Our crafting expert SpicySushi is ready to dive in and explore all the ways to break Necropolis. He'll be keeping a daily diary of his findings here on Maxroll.

Stay Up to Date

That's everything we know so far about Path of Exile's 3.24 Necropolis League, we hope you enjoy the new & updated guides, but the work is only just beginning. Our team will be hard at work refining our new and existing League Starters after Necropolis releases based on your feedback and exploring the Graveyard for the most broken strategies!

Are you looking for more news on Path of Exile builds, events, and upcoming patches? Then head over to our Discord and select the Path of Exile role in #roles to stay up to date with our content development. Stay sane, Exile!

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