Boneshatter Slayer


Welcome to the Bone Zone This guide is 90% based on cArn_'s Boneshatter so when you have a good time, make sure to thank him. The Boneshatter Slayer is a league start Melee blaster that excels at clearing Maps on a low budget and stunning non-Uber bosses with a high budget. Destroy enemy skulls with a Piledriver straight to the dome, stunning them and stopping any potential retaliation.

Mid game BoneZone Gear

Strengths and Weaknesses


Skills Breakdown


Jump around smashing Boneshatter into juicy enemy packs dealing explosions of Physical Damage. Release a damaging pulse when you Stun enemies, destroying packs as soon as you start mapping. Hitting an enemy gives you Trauma Stacks. Each stack gives x% more Damage per Trauma, but also deals Physical Damage to you per Trauma Stack. Slayer Leech keeps your Life topped off, allowing you to mostly ignore the Trauma Damage.


Unleash the Rage inside you with Berserk to become near unstoppable. Your muscles expand with fury giving more Damage, Attack Speed, and Movement Speed. Your Rage flows through your veins, hardening your muscles and making you take less damage.

Utility And Auras

Keep all of your Aura gems active at all times and re-activate them after death. Molten Shell activates a shield. Leap Slam is our main movement ability that stuns monsters when you land on them. Determination gives a large amount of Armour to protect against our Trauma Stack damage. Pride makes enemies near us take increased Physical Damage.

Warlord's Mark

Warlord's Mark is automatically cast on enemies when linked to Cast when Damage Taken Support. This causes Hits against Enemies to have x% chance to double Stun Duration, enemies killed to generate Endurance Charges and gives us Rage Regeneration to use Berserk.


Ancestral Protector and Ancestral Warchief give us the strength and protection of those who've fallen before us. Throw down these totems obtaining buffs to deal more Melee Damage and have more Attack Speed.

Ascendancy Breakdown

Slayer Ascendancy Breakdown

The Slayer is our choice as it offers Leech to counter the Trauma damage we're dealt. You also gain extra Area of Effect to explode packs of monsters and a 20% Culling Strike to cull bosses before they realize what's happened.

  • Impact gives you Accuracy to strike your foes, Range to fight at a distance, and Area of Effect to destroy hordes.
  • Brutal Fervour causes Leech to not end when your Life is full, giving you a damage based regen.
  • Bane of Legends gives more Damage when you've killed, Physical Reflect immunity, and 20% more Damage against Unique Enemies.
  • Headsman gives your strikes the power to Cull bosses, ending every fight at 20% Life.

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