How to Roll Maps


Rolling maps correctly not only makes you more currency, but it also makes them more efficient and fun. This article covers how to roll maps for your specific build, how to make a "Regex" (and why you need/want them), and why rolling maps in bulk is such a great idea.

Map Modifiers to Avoid

Every build fears certain modifiers that can make maps unplayable. To learn which ones your build should avoid, read the “Map Mods to Avoid” section of your guide. Here are some of the worst ones you can roll:

  • Monsters reflect 18% of Elemental OR Physical Damage
    • Damage originating from your character (not a trap, mine, totem) is "reflected." Your character kills itself hitting monsters with Elemental or Physical Damage.
      • Minion builds need to be careful too as they die to reflected damage as well!
  • Monsters have a #% chance to avoid Poison, Impale, Bleeding, and Elemental Ailments.
    • Effectively makes your ailments "miss", significantly lowering your clear speed.
  • Cannot Leech AND Players cannot Regenerate Life, Mana or Energy Shield
    • Unplayable if your build relies on leech or regen. Counter these mods with flasks. The better solution is to re-roll these mods.
  • -12% maximum Player Resistances
    • Reducing your maximum resistances means instead of 100 Fire Damage becoming 25, it becomes 37, which is almost a 50% increase in damage taken!
  • Slaying Enemies close together has a 13% chance to attract monsters from Beyond
    • Beyond monsters spawn camp your corpse, teleport on top of you, and spam abilities from outside your vision until you rip all six portals.
  • 60% reduced effect of Non-Curse Auras from Skills AND 30% less Armour and 40% reduced Chance to Block
    • These 2 modifiers shred your build's main defences if you rely on Aura's, or Armour and Block.
Tier: 16 Maps

Map Rolling Example

Now that we have a list of bad modifiers, let's go over an example build to see what you need to avoid.

  • Poison Seismic Trap
    • Trap builds don't have to worry about reflect, but it is poison so we have to use a Orb of Scouring and Orb of Alchemy to "roll over" chance to avoid poison.
    • This build needs Mana for Shield Charge and other utilities, so you can't run the no regen mod.
    • -12% maximum Player Resistances, and Slaying Enemies close together has a 13% chance to attract monsters from Beyond are deadly for most builds so avoid these as well.
    • Lastly this build relies on Armour alongside the Auras Grace and Determination, so the reduced Aura effect or the less Armour mods shred our main defence.

What is a Regex?

There are too many modifiers to remember and read on all your maps, but we can make it much easier by using a few tools.

The first tool are the "Regex" functions. In this context a Regex is a string of characters that we use in the search box to filter out bad modifiers. The second tool is the "Awakened PoE-Trade Macro". This program lets you price check items, and allows for the storage of Regexes.

How to Create a Regex

Making your own Regex is a bit tricky and confusing which is why we're going to use a Regex generator to create one for us!
  • Click the modifiers you don't want, press "copy" in the top right, paste it in your stash search bar. The example Regex above is leaving out:
    • Elemental Reflect
    • Cannot Regen
    • Minus Max Resistance
    • Reduced Effect of Auras
Maps highlighted are "safe"

Now you need an easy place to save your Regexes so you can easily use it later. To save our Regexes we're going to use "Awakened PoE Trade".

This is primarily used to check the price of items, but if you press SHIFT + SPACE it opens up an area for Regexes.

Simply click edit, then an empty box, and paste your Regex in to save it for later.

Once a Regex is saved here, all you need to do is press SHIFT + SPACE and then click the Regex slot to auto paste it into your stash's chat box.

How to Roll Maps

This is hands down the most important thing to take away from this entire article: bulk roll your maps. This means grab 5, 10, 15, or 100 maps and put them all in a stash. Bulk rolling maps is like putting all your Pizza's in the oven instead of making one Pizza at a time. Bulk rolling maps is a good habit to develop because:

  • You save time by taking out currency, checking for mods and rolling your maps once.
  • You go from running 10 maps to 50 or more per hour.
  • It ensures you have a pool of maps that are safe (enough) to run without bricking your build.
  • You never waste maps and experience by not reading a modifier
  1. Grab your Cartographer's Chisel, Orb of Scouring, Orb of Binding or Orb of Alchemy and have them in your inventory.
  2. Identify all your maps, Orb of Scouring them, Cartographer's Chisel them to 20% quality (if they're red maps) and rol lthem with Orb of Alchemy them (if you can handle rare maps).
  3. Then use your Regex to find maps that need to be re-rolled to prevent bad modifiers from ruining your day.


  • Bulk roll your maps to save time, money, currency and your sanity.
  • Use this to create Regexes (a string of characters) that will highlight bad modifiers.
  • Use the Awakened PoE-Trade Macro to store your Regexes
  • If you have any questions, come ask them on my livestream


Written by Tripolarbear.
Reviewed by Raxxanterax.


Jul 6th 2022
Article Created.