Static Strike Shockwave Slayer


Warning: Static Strike Shockwave is a High Budget Slayer Build costing in excess of 100 Divine Orbs as it needs expensive Unique Items. If you are looking for a Starter Duelist Build check out the Champion Corrupting Fever or the Boneshatter Slayer.

The Static Strike Shockwave Slayer uses a clever combination of skills to activate the massive area damage from Shockwave Support as often as possible and explode screens in the process.

It's a mapping beast with enough damage to take down all of the end game bosses in the game. If you want a build that demolishes everything in your path with style while most likely blinding you in the process, this is the one for you!

You can find the Changelog on Page 5.

Build Rating


Skills & Showcase

Static Strike + Shockwave

Static Strike is your primary skill. After you hit an enemy, you gain static energy that periodically hits enemies with beams around you for 6s. These beams then activate the Shockwave Support as often as possible. The resulting Shockwaves are the majority of your damage, and are the big explosions you see on the screen. While you have static energy, you deal damage with Shockwaves automatically.

This Skill Showcase uses the Apollyon Shockwave Effect.

Frozen Legion

Frozen Legion summons statues that provide a huge burst of damage whenever needed, for example against Bosses and other tanky enemies.

Battlemage's Cry

Battlemage's Cry allows your Spell Damage to also count for Attack Damage. This provides a huge damage boost in combination with Iron Will and Strength-Stacking.

Shield Charge

Shield Charge is a Movement Skill that lets you charge towards a targeted location. Both Attack and Movement Speed make this skill faster.

Ascendancy Breakdown

The Slayer is your Ascendancy of choice as it offers huge damage and area of effect bonuses, while also providing extra leech and damage reduction.

  • Impact provides More Damage, Area of effect and Accuracy.
  • Brutal Fervour allows your Life Leech to not stop at Full Life, resulting in permanent Life Recovery even outside of combat!
  • Bane of Legends provides more damage against Unique Enemies and if you've killed recently. A solid stepping stone to your next node which is:
  • Headsman makes it so enemies instantly die if they fall under 20% of their total Life, making Bossfights that much easier. It also provides a comfortable bonus to Attack and Movement Speed while Mapping.