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Build Info & Playstyle

Last Updated: August 15th 2023

Trial of the Ancestors 3.22

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Learn more Info about the Static Strike Shockwave Slayer Build and its Playstyle!

Build Info

Static Strike + Shockwave

The most important thing to understand about this build is that Static Strike is only used to constantly hit enemies, allowing your linked Shockwave Support to activatet! The damage of Static Strike itself is secondary.

After attacking with Static Strike, you gain static energy for a certain duration. This static energy seeks out and hits enemies around you and therefore activates Shockwaves without having to press any extra buttons.

You further scale the initial duration of 3s to ensure that you only have to press Static Strike every 6s, meanwhile Shield Charge through the map while everything around you dies. You achieve this by getting both the Helm Enchant that provides 45% increased Static Strike Duration, as well as the Exceptional Performance Cluster + more Skill Effect Duration Mastery on the Passive Skill Tree!

While this duration scaling does not technically increase damage, it makes for an incredibly fun gameplay experience!

It is important that you do NOT use anything that increases your Beam Frequency on Static Strike, as that would lead to inconsistant cooldown usage!

Strength Stacking Explained

Your main source of damage comes from stacking as much Strength as possible, combined with certain Unique Items that support it. The following items are important and are "payoffs" for having a lot of Strength:

  • Replica Alberon's Warpath is the most important Item in this build. It grants Chaos Damage per Strength, which grants you more than x10 damage. Its downside is that you can't do any Non-Chaos damage, which is negligable but explains some gearing choices that are made.
  • The Iron Fortress grants extra damage and Block Chance per Strength.
  • Iron Will makes it so Strength's Damage increase also counts for Spell Damage, which is converted to Attack Damage using Redblade Banner and Battlemage's Cry (explanation in the next section)

Redblade Banner + Iron Will

10 Strength naturally grants 2% Physical Melee Damage. However, you are scaling Chaos Damage and it would be a shame if you couldn't make use of the 400% increased damage that your 2000 Strength provides! So, convert the damage with the following trick:

  1. Convert the Melee Physical Damage into Spell Damage using Iron Will.
  2. Then convert the Spell Damage into Attack Damage with Battlemage's Cry. This Attack Damage counts for every damage type, including Chaos.
  3. Battlemage's Cry now takes the Attack Damage and multiplies it even further up to 150%, this requires a lot of nearby enemires though, making it inconsistent.
  4. To ensure maximum Power in all situations, use Redblade Banner.
  5. Finally, scale this conversion even further with "Warcry Effect," using Natural Authority and Anomalous Urgent Orders Support.

The outcome is that you converted all the Melee Physical Damage to general Attack Damage and also significantly increased the damage bonus that Strength gives.

Assuming 2000 Strength, you just upgraded from 400% to 904% increased damage.

Frozen Legion

Frozen Legion is your Bossing Skill of choice. It provides an incredible damage burst at the start of a fight and recharges pretty quickly. You can summon up to 6 statues that do considerable damage when activated. Since your Static Strike activates your Shockwaves automatically, attacking with Frozen Legion doesn't interrupt any of that damage, giving you crazy extra damage with no downside.

Use this skill against big enemies where you need that bit of extra burst damage, or use frequently against bigger bosses. However, after you activate it once, you should always wait until you have 6 charges before you activate it again!

Attack Speed Scaling

Attack Speed does not directly increase the damage of Static Strike, the resulting Shockwaves or Frozen Legion, simply because these are Cooldown Skills and therefore have a set activation rate that can hardly be interfered with.

However, Attack Speed provides a more fluid and fast gameplay experience, since Static Strikes initial attack is faster and Shield Charge will get you through maps quicker. This means that a bit of Attack Speed still goes a long way to insure that your build is actually FUN.

Overleech from Slayer

Usually, Life Leech is only valuable while directly in combat, as it gets removed once you reach Full Life again, meaning you have to constantly hit something to make use of it. Brutal Fervour changes this completely. Now, your Life Leech lingers and acts as an insane Life Regeneration Effect that stays for up to 10 seconds after you last hit an enemy.

It's hard to describe how strong this effect is without having tried it, but you don't want to miss it, that's for sure!

Rage Generation

Rage grants increased Attack and Movement Speed per stack (up to 60), while also allowing you to use the extremely powerful Berserk. However, the Berserk Buff makes you lose Rage over Time, losing the Buff completely once you go to 0 and therefore has bad uptime.

You work against this by using Kaom's Spirit, which transforms Life Regeneration into Rage Regeneration. Since you have Slayer's Brutal Fervour, there's still plenty of Life Recovery from Leech, meaning you barely get any downside and a huge uptime of the Berserk Buff!

In order to achieve as much Rage uptime as possible, use the following:

  • Life Regeneration from the Passive Tree via: Golem's Blood, Warrior's Blood and Master of the Arena
  • A crafted Flask Modifier that grants Regenerate 3% of Life per Second during Effect
  • Rational Doctrine for Consecrated Ground, which grants 5% of Life regenerated per Second.

Pantheon & Bandits

Bandits: Kill all

For information about acquisition, alternatives and upgrading check out our Pantheon Guide!

Arakaali is your Major Pantheon. It provides additional damage reduction against Damage over Time and better Life Recovery.

Abberath isour Minor Pantheon. It offers substantial Ignite Protection and Immunity to Burning Ground.



While Mapping, use Static Strike every 6s to activate your Shockwaves. Make a habit of pressing Battlemage's Cry every 10s or so, it provides most of your increased damage. Then just Shield Charge around the map and let stuff around you explode.

If there are tankier enemies, use Frozen Legion to help burst them down.

Map Modifiers to Avoid

The following modifiers are to be avoided if possible:

  • Players have #% reduced effect of Non-Curse Auras from Skills
  • Players are Cursed with Elemental Weakness
  • Cannot Leech from Monsters
  • Cannot Regenerate Life, Mana or Energy Shield


Before the fight, swap your Blood and Sand into Blood Stance. If you boss a lot, you can include an Ancestral Warchief into the build and place it before the fight starts.

Once the Boss spawns, activate Withering Step while nearby to apply Wither and hit it with Static Strike immediately to ensure your Shockwaves are up. Then use Frozen Legion to do a ton of burst damage. Wait for the statues to recover, then use Frozen Legion again. Should your Static Strike Duration run out during the fight, reactivate it quickly.

Farming Strategies

As a mapping focused character you should focus on the mechanics listed below depending on what level of content your character is currently capable of completing. Clicking the League Mechanics below takes you to either a full Explanation Guide or a detailed Currency Farming Guide based around maximizing your profits from that mechanic or content.


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