Expedition Farming Guide


Expedition is a profitable Path of Exile league mechanic. It excels at generating Currency throughout the league  due to its scaling potential, synergy with Map Quantity and Atlas Passive Tree points. Its profitability stems from raw Currency, Expedition Logbooks and/or Vendor Refresh Currencies, which retain their value throughout the entire league.

In this guide, we are exclusively covering how to maximize profits from the Expedition mechanic. If you are unsure of the basics of the Expedition mechanic, check out our league explanation page here.

Very High


Expedition is a profitable league mechanic because of its incredible scalability and valuable rewards, which include:

  • Logbooks
  • Vendor Refresh Currencies
  • Raw Currency
  • Miscellaneous League Drops
  • Gwennen provides chase items such as Mageblood & Headhunter
  • Dannig provides a large amount of Logbooks and Vendor Refresh Currencies
  • Tujen provides a large amount of raw Currency as well as the potential for Mirror Shards & Enlighten Supports.
  • Rog provides a great way to craft incredible items for little to no cost.


To farm Expedition, you must  gain an understanding of how Remnants interact with each other and have a strong build that efficiently clears buffed runic monsters. Big Remnant chains make monsters tanky and/or immune to certain damage types. Read Remnants to understand their mechanics and place explosives according to what your build can handle.

Expedition requires scarabs, the Atlas Passive Tree and the Kirac Map device modifier: Fortune Favours the Brave. You also need an end game Atlas to run Expeditions sustainably and profitably. Access to a pool of tier 14+ Maps is preferred, but you can run this strategy once you access the Atlas Passive Tree nodes that empower Expeditions.


Expedition generally prefers open Maps, or narrow and linear Maps. Although you can reach every relevant Remnant in each encounter on most maps due to the extra explosive placement range granted by the Atlas Passives.

Clear the Map fully, picking up Quantity from encountered Eldritch altars, then clear the area around the encounter!  Take a minute to evaluate the benefits and downsides of each Remnant and plan your explosion chain to explode all marked runic monsters to maximize your profits.

Tips And Tricks

Eldrich Altars

You can find various altars spawning in tier 14+ maps with an eldritch influence selected on the map device. One of these altars grants a pivotal bonus for Expedition farming:

(10–30)% increased Quantity of Items found in this Area
(15–35)% increased Rarity of Items found in this Area 

If you find one of these altars, press it to scale rewards dropped from Expedition monsters, receiving more vendor refresh currencies, logbooks and miscellaneous drops. It is important to note that it does not scale items acquired from Expedition chests.

Best Remnants

Examine every pro/con of the current Remnants, while mapping out runic monster locations. Some Remnants cause your build to deal no damage to subsequent monsters in the explosion chain. Look for the following Remnants to maximize your profits:

"Runic Monsters are duplicated” (prefix)
“50% increased Quantity of Expedition Logbooks dropped by Runic Monsters” (suffix)
“40% increased Quantity of Items dropped by Monsters” (suffix)

Explosion chain strategy

Proceed to place explosives once you have mapped out all runic monsters and best Remnants for an encounter.

The explosions order affects what modifiers/loot apply to that and each subsequent explosion. Frontload all the best Remnants in the first or second explosion and then focus on pathing to all runic monsters in the encounter. Applying this strategy increases the rewards from each encounter.

Excavated chests and other Remnants are not worth pathing at the expense of missing any runic monsters.

Atlas Passive Tree


Atlas State

Low Investment Expedition

With the base 8% chance and up to 10% chance from Atlas progression, you can find Expedition Maps without any investment! . Scale the base chance by blocking other league mechanics and selecting Stream of Consciousness. Follow this Atlas Passive Tree to progress your Atlas while farming Expedition on your way to high-tier Maps.

These Atlas passive notable and Keystones are essential:

  • Dimensional Barrier
    • Your Maps have no chance to contain Breaches
    • Your Maps have +2% chance to contain other Extra Content
  • Loved by the Sun
    • Your Maps have no chance to contain Abysses
    • Your Maps have +2% chance to contain other Extra Content
  • Sealed Domain
    • Your Maps have no chance to contain Legion Encounters
    • Your Maps have +2% chance to contain other Extra Content
  • Ethics Review
    • Your Maps have no chance to contain Metamorph Encounters
    • Your Maps have +2% chance to contain other Extra Content
  • Secular Focus
    • Your Maps have no chance to contain Ritual Altars
    • Your Maps have +2% chance to contain other Extra Content
  • Fungal Remission
    • Your Maps have no chance to contain Blight Encounters
    • Your Maps have +2% chance to contain other Extra Content
  • Hunt for Answers
    • Areas have +4% chance to contain an Expedition Encounter.
  • Buried Knowledge
    • 50% increased Quantity of Expedition Logbooks dropped by Runic Monsters in Areas.
    • Areas contain 20% increased number of Runic Monster Markers.
  • Distinguished Demolitionist
    • 35% increased Explosive Radius in Areas.
    • 20% increased number of Explosives in Areas.
  • Ancient Writings
    • Remnants in Areas have 30% chance to have an additional Suffix Modifier.
    • Expeditions in Areas have +2 Remnants.

High Investment

Scale up your investment with Rusted Expedition Scarab and above to maximize efficiency and rewards. Use a specialized Atlas passive tree based on buffing the Quantity of items dropped and Pack Size of Maps to get the most out of Expedition encounters found.

You need these pre-requisites to engage the high-end farming strategy:

  • The Grasping Voidstone
  • The Omniscient Voidstone
  • 72 Atlas Passive points minimum
  • Currency to buy materials such as Rusted Expedition Scarabs & Expedition specific Surveyor's Compasses

Map Choice

Open Map layouts ensure there are no obstructions in the way of an explosives chain. While any open, or closed/linear layout Map can be used for Expedition farming, the ones below are well suited for the mechanic. These are your top picks when you can infinitely sustain 1-2 Maps, or you are favoriting a Map:

  • Dunes has an acceptable base monster count (good for sustainability) and contains the Acclimatisation divination card that offers additional profit.
  • Strand has a low monster count but allows for a very fast clear (as a linear Map), increasing your efficiency when interacting with Expedition or any other mechanics you choose.
  • Cemetery has a reasonably good layout for Expedition; however, map obstructions in the tile set can mean Expeditions spawn in unoptimal locations. The Map has a strong base monster count, making Map sustain very easy. It also contains many valuable divination cards like Brother's Stash and the The Union.


Rolling Maps

Rolling your Maps correctly is essential for profit in this strategy. Have a set of at least 10 tier 14+ Maps that Expedition is suitable for before beginning your farming. You can farm up these maps or buy them off other players.

Pack Size and Quantity increase the number of Runic monsters on the map and the amount of dropped artifacts, Vendor Refresh Currencies and Logbooks. It also allows you to sustain Maps in the end game and with the best layouts for Expedition farming. Expedition is one of few mechanics outside of Map juicing thatscales incredibly well with Pack Size and Quantity in Map areas.

Juicing: Refers to rolling a Map with Quantity and Pack Size in mind. It also includes adding resources such as Scarabs or Sacrificial Fragments in addition to a Kirac Map modifier in the Map device.

Pack Size: Increases the number of monsters encountered in an Expedition. Each of these monsters can drop Expedition-specific and miscellaneous loot. It also affects the number of runic monsters in an Expedition, boosting the droprate of Logbooks and Vendor Refresh Currencies.

Quantity: Increases the amount of loot dropped by encountered monsters in an Expedition , including Logbooks and vendor currencies. Paired with large Pack Size, these multiply the rewards one can gather from each encounter. This interaction rewards players for investing in their Maps.

Roll all of your Maps that you intend to run Expedition on using the following materials:

  1. Clean Your Maps - Ensure all of your Maps are identified, then use an Orb of Scouring on each of them to make sure they are normal rarity.
  2. Chiselling - Use Cartographer's Chisels on all of your Maps until each one is 20% quality.
  3. Alchemy Orbs - Use Orb of Alchemys on each of the Maps you have at 20% quality and check their modifiers to make sure you can run them. Re-roll Maps your character can not run using Orb of Scouring and Orb of Alchemy.
  4. Vaal Orbs - Use Vaal Orbs on all of your appropriately rolled Maps. Some Maps may transform or receive new modifiers, so ensure that you weed out bothMaps with modifiers your build cannot run and Maps that no longer on a favorable layout for Expedition.
  5. Check Map Quantity & Pack Size - If you are running with Gilded Expedition Scarabs and Sextants, don’t run any Maps which are below 90%+ Quantity . Save those Maps for another time if you wish to run the low investment Expedition strategy.


Use the following scarabs and fragments:

  • Rusted Expedition Scarab - Area contains an additional Expedition Encounter.
  • Sacrifice at Dawn - 5% increased Quantity of Items found in this Area
  • Sacrifice at Noon - 5% increased Quantity of Items found in this Area

Use this higher investment setup for larger profits:

  • Gilded Expedition Scarab - Area contains an additional Expedition Encounter. Area contains 50% increased number of Runic Monster Markers. 20% increased number of Explosives.
  • Sacrifice at Dawn - 5% increased Quantity of Items found in this Area


The noteworthy Sextants available for Expedition farming grant "Your Maps contain 100% increased number of Runic Monster Markers". Expedition inherits all of your Atlas Passives as well as scarab modifiers placed on the Map at the time making this Sextant particularly powerful when paired with Gilded Expedition Scarabs and well-rolled Maps.

The Sextant is always worth running in combination with  Gilded Expedition Scarabs. Expedition farming does not require any other specific Sextant modifiers but remember Sextants increase your profit for next to no cost in the long run. 

Always use Awakened Sextants to roll additional monster packs on all your available void stones. This ensures you use Surveyor's Compass on valuable Sextants to sell. If you wish to roll your own Sextants, you should allocate the following notable Atlas Passive:

  • Enduring Influence
    • Sextant Modifiers have 1 additional use

Kirac Modifier

Kirac modifiers are a set of league modifiers accessable via the Map device for a Chaos Orb fee per Map. These modifiers change every league unlike Fortune Favours the Brave (which is always present). When paired up with the following notable Atlas passive it grants 10% Pack Size and 10% Quantity:

  • Shaping the Valleys
    • 10% increased Quantity of Items found in Areas affected by Fortune Favours the Brave
    • 10% increased Rarity of Items found in Areas affected by Fortune Favours the Brave
    • 10% increased Pack Size of Areas affected by Fortune Favours the Brave
    • Maps dropped in Areas have 15% chance to be 1 tier higher

It is always worth it to pay the cost as Expeditions greatly benefit from both Pack Size and Quantity, especially if you are using Rusted Expedition Scarab & above.

Dealing with the Vendors

Farming expeditions results in  a variety of Currency types and miscellaneous items. This section goes into detail on how to effectively use your Currency or sell items gathered from farming. The goal of rerolling is to use up your Vendor Refresh Currencies until you run out of Artifacts to buy their inventory or stock. Expedition Logbooks provide you with more Artifacts than in Map Expeditions; farm those and your Map expeditions to access the vendors more frequently. If you only wish to Map, then sell off your Vendor Refresh Currencies in bulk once you have exhausted your Artifact supply.


poe expedition dannig

Dannig opens Expedition Logbooks in your Hideout.. His inventory contains Artifacts for the other three NPCs (bought with Sun Artifacts) with better exchange rates, Vendor Refresh Currencies as well as Expedition Logbooks and is reset through Burial Medallions.

Purchase every Expedition Logbook that he offers, as well as any Exotic Coinage he may stock. Keep buying until you run out of Burial Medallions or Artifacts. You always get the more Currency selling a high Item Level Expedition Logbooks depending on their layout and master which they contain. Keep reading for more on pricing Logbooks and if they're worth splitting.


poe expedition gwennen

Gwennen sells unidentified equipment, which reveals its rarity and mods when purchased. She accepts Broken Circle Artifacts and Astragali to refresh her inventory.

She is invaluable early in league as she can provide you with highly sought after common Uniques and high Item Level crafting bases to sell in bulk. The Uniques Gwennen offers can include Mageblood and Headhunter. Knowing which Uniques to gamble on changes from league to league; do some research on worthwhile uniques

You can use regex code to search for certain bases so that they highlight as you refresh the vendor window; build your own regex with this tool or paste the following into the vendor's search box for a non-customized regex search: 

"nt ro|r be|vy b|lk g|int'|n j|amp|rq|-s"


poe expedition rog

Rog sells identified Rare equipment. When you purchase an item, he offers you to craft it for more Artifacts. His shop can be a great source of high Item Level crafting bases early in the league. He's looking for Order Artifacts and uses Scrap Metals for restocking.

He is complicated but potentially the most profitable master as he requires you to have crafting knowledge to make good use of his offerings. Thankfully, Scrap Metals are very cheap, so it’s safe to experiment with crafting items. 

Tips to keep in mind when crafting with Rog:

  • Focus on good item bases
  • Craft either suffixes or prefixes
  • Look for items with some good existing affixes on them to upgrade
  • Avoid removing suffixes/prefixes entirely; use the reroll suffix/prefix function instead


poe expedition tujen

Tujen wants to haggle with you and offers various Currencies, Gems, Jewels and Maps. If you try to lower the price too much, he can counter-offer or even remove the item from sale. His Currency is Black Scythe Artifacts and he requires Exotic Coinage to refresh his inventory. 

He is the simplest master, as he provides players with raw currencies; the value of a specific Currency stack in Black Scythe Artifacts depends on current prices. You can always grab Chaos Orbs, Exalted Orbs & Divine Orb and any other affordable Currency from him. Tujen can also offer Map items and exceptional / vaaled gems, so make sure to keep an eye out and price check them accordingly.

Raw Currencies

You gain large sums of raw Currency from Expedition encounters and dealings with Tujen. Convert bulk Currency into Chaos Orbs, Exalted Orbs and Divine Orbs using bulk selling methods after accumulating a sizeable amount from a farming session.


Expeditions contain a high amount of Magic and Rare monsters that have a higher chance to drop Maps. Farming Expedition at end game may lead to an oversupply of your favorite Map. Remember that good layout Maps always have value in the economy and can be sold in bulk using bulk trading methods or community trading discords.

If your favorite Map is not selling, you can reassign some of your favorite slots to other popular layouts. This maintains your own Map pool while dropping some to sell as well.

Miscellaneous Loot

While farming, you accrue a large amount of loot that does not fit into the categories above but still sells for considerable profit. Expedition drops many league related currencies such as Fossils, Divination rewards, Essences and more. Selling varied loot can be challenging; it is best to allow the loot to stack up as much as possible, then individually price items or sell via bulk selling methods for items such as Fossils.

Stacked Decks are are worth a considerable amount later in leagues, with Expedition being one of the larger suppliers of this item drop. Sell these using bulk selling methods.


Filtering Small Currencies

Hide small Currencies such as Chromatic Orbs, Orb of Alterations and Orb of Transmutations on your loot filter when farming Expedition as you receive far to many of them to be worth your time picking up. Additional currencies can be hidden at the discretion of the player to speed up farming and profitability in the long run.

Splitting Logbooks

Expedition Logbooks are highly randomized through layouts and implicits, so it is a very common and profitable strategy to use Bestiary in order to split Logbooks through the beast named: Fenumal Plagued Arachnid. You can trade for that beast using the following link. The best use for split are Logbooks with a guaranteed Boss Implicit Modifier and Dannig Logbooks with good Layouts and Implicit Modifiers. If you wish to min/max, you can look up the price of your Logbooks for splitting evaluation by comparing their sale cost vs the cost of a beast. Anything above 10 Chaos Orb profit is worth the time and effort.

Pricing Logbooks

First, price logbooks if a boss is present:

  • Druids of the Broken Circle - Medved, Feller of Heroes
  • Black Scythe Mercenaries - Vorana, Last to Fall
  • Order of the Chalice - Uhtred, Covetous Traitor
  • Knights of the Sun - Olroth, Origin of the Fall

The most sought-after masters are:

  • Has Logbook Faction: Knights of the Sun
  • Has Logbook Faction: Black Scythe Mercenaries

You can use the following trade link to narrow down your search.
If you are still unsure on how to price your Logbooks you can start your price at 1 Divine Orb and lower the price over time until it sells, you can do this in bulk with the stash tab pricing function.

Higher Tier Scarabs

Use higher-tier scarabs to increase profits Start with low investment Expedition Mapping and work your way up to using Gilded Expedition Scarabs in conjunction with the Sextant.

You can also upgrade your Sacrifice at Dawn up to a Mortal Grief for 5% Quantity assuming the price is reasonable and you are already having success.

Strategy Synergies

Eldritch Altar Farming

Eldritch altar farming requires minimal investment from the Atlas passive tree and Currency. It grants a significant amount of loot without slowing down your clearing speed. The primary requirement for effective eldritch altar farming is a Map with a boss that can be rushed consistently. Dunes, City Square & Mausoleum are perfect making Eldritch altar farming a zero compromise synergy.


Expedition is a newer but effective method of making Currency throughout the league. Various degrees of investment lead to adaptation, making it a great strategy to learn for earning Currency from league day 1. Logbooks and Vendor Refresh Currencies retain their value throughout a league due to reward types making it a solid farming mechanic any time in the patch cycle.


Written by Crouching_Tuna.
Reviewed by Grimro.


Aug 14th 2022
Article Published

Dec 26th 2022
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