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Betrayal Farming Guide

Last Updated: April 9th 2024

Necropolis 3.24

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This guide teaches you the basics of farming Betrayal as well as how to maximize your rewards and profitability.

Betrayal is part of the Masters system which means that that to encounter it in your map it has to contain Jun. Adding her to your map spawns 3 Immortal Syndicate encounters. Both Research and Intervention always spawn and the third encounter is either Transportation or Fortification. The Immortal Syndicate attacks players in unique ways for each encounter.

After each encounter you are presented with two choices for each defeated Syndicate member. Your job is to gather intelligence about the safehouses locations, move members to desired safehouses and rank them up by executing them.

Gathering enough information about the safehouse location gives you an opportunity to attack it. Defeating Syndicate members in the safehouse grants you rewards depending on the defeated members, their rank and the safehouse type. It also progresses your investigation against the Syndicate's ultimate boss: The Mastermind.


When farming Betrayal there are a number of key mechanics to watch out for to ensure you're achieving the maximum rewards.

Syndicate Member - the Syndicate roster consists of 14 out of 17 possible members. Each member is unique and after being defeated offers you 2 choices.

Here is a list of possible options:

  • Interrogate - Always available as one of the two options, this reduces the member's rank by 1 and provides intelligence towards the safehouse over 3 turns.
  • Execute - Increases the member's rank by 1. Only possible as an option if there is an other member witnessing the execution.
  • Bargain - Offers one of the possible outcomes: drop currency or veiled items, gain safehouse intelligence, member leaves the Immortal Syndicate or switches divisions with other member. The most unique outcome of a bargain is recruit a member to a division and become trusted with them. Trusted relationship between members makes them show up together during an encounter more often.
  • Betray - Only possible if there are 2 members defeated after the encounter that are not already Rivals, this turns them into Rivals. Becoming Rivals makes them show up together during an encounter more often. Some of the possible outcomes of this option are: steal ranks from another member, gain intelligence on another division, remove a member from the Syndicate.

Safehouse - Once you fill intelligence bar of the division's safehouse to 100% you can enter it. At the end of it you encounter the leader of that safehouse accompanied by other members of that division. Once defeated the leader is imprisoned for 3 turns granting intelligence about Mastermind's safehouse and the reward room door is unlocked. Each member of that division grants their own special reward room type and value of the rewards increases with their rank.

Mastermind - the Ultimate boss of Immortal Syndicate. To encounter it you have to fill it's safehouse location intelligence bar to 100%. After defeat it drops 1 of the boss specific unique items, veiled items and scarabs. The most important reward is an access to all of the Syndicate members reward rooms with their rank being increased by 1 which is the only way to access rank 4 reward rooms. Additionally it is the only source of Veiled Orbs. After defeating the Mastermind the whole investigation board is reset with an exception of safehouses intelligence bar progress.

Veiled Items - Veiled items have a chance to drop from any Syndicate member. They always have 1 "hidden" modifier. In order to reveal it talk to Jun so she can Unveil it. During this process you choose 1 option out of the 3 presented modifiers to keep. This also unlocks a weaker version of the modifier as a crafting option at your crafting bench.

How To Run It

The most efficient way to farm Betrayal is to complete as many of the Syndicate encounters per hour as you can, because most of the rewards come from Safehouses and the Mastermind.

Your number one goal when progressing the Betrayal board is to reach 100% intelligence towards the Mastermind safehouse and enter it while there are as many rank 3 Syndicate members as possible in desired divisions. Prioritize rank 3 members that reward scarabs before entering the Mastermind safehouse:

Step 1 - Run the map normally until you encounter the first Syndicate encounter.
Step 2 - Defeat all Syndicate members in that encounter.
Step 3 - Check all of the choices presented to you for all members.
Step 4 - Decide what to do with each defeated Syndicate member.
Step 5 - Find remaining the Syndicate encounters.
Step 5 - Repeat this in the next map.
Step 6 - Reach 100% intelligence towards 2 safehouses.
Step 7 - Clear both safehouses.
Step 8 - Use Betrayal Scarab of Intelligence for 150% increased intelligence gained in the next map towards The Mastermind Safehouse.
Step 9 - Complete 3 Syndicate encounters.
Step 10 - Rank up as many desired Syndicate members to rank 3.
Step 11 - Enter the Mastermind safehouse and reap the rewards!

Atlas Passives

Atlas passives are a massive boost to Betrayal and understanding which ones are worth taking is essential, refer to our review below.

Obsessed with VengeanceIncrease the chance to encounter Jun in your map. In combination with other small Atlas Passives you can reach 100% chance to encounter Jun in each map without a use of Betrayal Scarabs.
BriberyIncreases the chance that you are offered a Bargain option after defeating the Syndicate members which makes them drop additional loot such as currency and provide additional intelligence towards safehouses.
Effective LeadershipWhen a Syndicate member is in the leadership position, they have a very low chance to appear in your maps compared to other members. It can be problematic if important member like Aisling are in that position and you want to move them or increase their rank. This Atlas Passive helps solve that problem by increasing the chance that Syndicate members in your map are accompanied by their leader.
Test of LoyaltyThe most important Betrayal passive that makes Syndicate members gain an additional rank when executed.
Intelligence GatheringGrants 10 intelligence for a random Syndicate safehouse when you complete a map. This allows you to get extra intelligence for safehouses without having to encounter Jun in your map. Make sure to remove it when safehouse progression is at 90% and you still want to modify members of that safehouse before visiting it.
Pillage and PlunderIncreases the rarity of items dropped by Syndicate Members per piece of equipment they have. This is not a very useful passive because most of the profit from Betrayal comes from Safehouses.

Scaling Loot


Betrayal has very limited options when it comes to scaling and investing into the mechanic. Increased Item Quantity, Item Rarity, and Pack Sizes do not scale it's rewards. There are also no Scarabs and Kirac Modifiers that that increase Betrayal rewards.


Betrayal Scarab - Guarantees that the map contains Jun. This can save you some points on the Atlas Passive Tree but generally is not useful.

Betrayal Scarab of Intelligence - 150% Increased Intelligence gained from Immortal Syndicate targets encounters in your Maps Generally not super useful because usually it takes longer to setup desired Syndicate members in correct divisions and rank them up than to fill the intelligence bar of the safehouse. However after you clear the safehouse and interrogate it's Leader you can use this Compass before entering next map to double the intelligence gained towards the Mastermind safehouse.

Betrayal Scarab of Reinforcements - If you encounter a single Syndicate Member you cannot execute it to increase its rank. This scarabs greatly increases the chance that the Syndicate Members are accompanied by the reinforcements which significantly ramps up your progression.

Betrayal Scarab of Perpetuation - Grants Syndicate Members a 50% chance to drops a scarab. This scarab is limited to 2 which means you can guarantee that every Syndicate Member drops a scarab. This has a great synergy with Betrayal Scarab of Reinforcements because it increases the amount of Syndicate Members encountered in the map.

Map Choice

For maximum efficiency run Betrayal on maps that are fast for your build. Completing more encounters is the best way to enter more safehouses over a play session.

Ashen Wood MapAshen Wood - Has a very small layout so you shouldn't have any issues with finding all Syndicate encounters in this Map is super fast.
Dunes MapDunes - Very open map with a straightforward layout that is easy to understand.
Strand Map
Strand - Very long but linear map so you shouldn't miss any of the Syndicate encounters on your way.

Selling Your Loot

Here are the drops you can expect to acquire while farming Betrayal, as well as some advice on how to sell them effectively and quickly. Follow our Bulk Selling guide to learn more.

Rank 4 Syndicate Members

Rank 3 Syndicate Members

Veiled Items

The Mastermind


Veiled Items - Common veiled items are very cheap and annoying to sell so consider hiding them once you unveil all modifiers one time. Syndicate members specific veiled items such as Elreon Jewelry can generate a lot of profit especially at the League start.


Written by Zen_M.
Reviewed by Tenkiei

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