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Bulk Selling Guide

Last Updated: December 7th 2023

Affliction 3.23

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Trading and Bulk Selling are the best ways to upgrade your character. Whether it's purchasing crafting materials for a big craft, picking up some mapping supplies to progress your atlas or buying a big new upgrade for instant power.

Tackling endgame without trading is incredibly difficult and never recommended, ensuring you understand how it works is critical.

The focus of trading is acquiring Currency by selling valuable drops to other players. In this guide we teach you how to do so fast and painlessly.

Basics Of Selling

Selling items requires the purchase or conversion of your starting tabs into premium tabs, these tabs are designed to allow better organization of loot and the ability for you to list items for sale on the Trade Website.

Listing an item for sale is simple: 

  1. Set your premium stash tab(s) to ‘public’, this allows other players to see item in your stash.
  2. Right click any item and change the drop down menu from “note” to "exact price."
  3. Use the other dropdown to select either “Chaos Orb” or “Divine Orbs based on which Currency type you want for your item. Most items are listed in Chaos Orbs, they are used most commonly, Divine Orbs are for large trades worth 100's of Chaos. Both currencies are accepted by players interchangeably.
  4. Input your desired price and confirm.

Listing An Item For Sale

After pricing your item(s) they are listed on the Trade Website for players to message you in game to purchase. Completing trades will net you "Liquid Currency" in the form of Chaos Orbs or Divine Orbs which can be used universally to buy anything from other players.

Price Checking Items

Pricing items appropriately is essential, listing too high can lead to them not selling while pricing too low can lead to an annoying deluge of whispers or a trade resulting in a sale worth less than the items values.

The easiest way to price items is to look up something similar to what you're selling on the Trade Website. Due to the variety of different item types and variations this can be an incredibly difficult, even the quantity of the item you are selling can impact the sale price. 100% accurate pricing is rarely possible without considerable experience. 

Many players use a few rules to price all of their items favoring a ballpark figure, often under-pricing their items so they sell fast and they can continue playing. Each category of item should be priced the following way:

Rares and Uniques - by searching items with similar modifiers and values.

Currency - by referring to the Bulk Item Exchange and matching price based on quantity

Boss invitations, Keys and Maps - based on the lowest current market listing, these items have little variation so the cheapest listing almost always sells first.

Awakened PoE Trade Price Checking Addon

Individual Listings

Listing items individually is the best way to sell items near their maximum value, it is also the most time consuming and needs to be used sparingly. For newer players, individually pricing each item is a great way to familiarize yourself with the value of everything, but as you learn more price as few items this way as possible. Limiting use of individual listings is one of the best ways to improve your trading speed giving you more time in maps slaying monsters.

Bulk Pricing Stacks

Bulk pricing stackable items like Currencies, Scarabs or Fragments is a critical trading tactic essential for endgame. Our goal is to limit how many of an item players can buy at once and for what price. If you have 50 Awakened Sextants worth 2 Chaos Orbs each and listed them individually, you may find yourself trading 50 individual times with 50 different players which is not ideal.

Bulk pricing sets a minimum purchase quantity on items you list. The Awakened Sextants from the example above can be listed in bulk for (10 Awakened Sextants per 20 Chaos Orbs) meaning players must message you for at least 10 at a time, and only in multiples of 10.

Listing items in bulk is simple, input your Chaos Orbs or Divine Orbs price as a fraction instead of a whole number using the following fraction ‘Price/Quantity’. For Awakened Sextant example listing quantity would be 10 (Price/10) and price would be 20 (20/quantity) so our listing price should be 20/10. Alternatively, if we wanted to sell in multiples of 100 at a time the listing would be "200/100".

Bulk Selling Sextant Example

Fractional pricing can also be used to sell items worth less than a full Chaos Orb or Divine Orb. Orbs of Alchemy are often worth one third of a Chaos Orbs therefore the listing would be 1/3, listing them 3 at a time for 1 Chaos Orb each, alternatively they could be sold in bulk with a listing of "20/60" for example.

It is important to note this pricing method also works on many non-stackable items as long as the official Trade Website has the item type listed within the bulk exchange, some examples include maps and invitations.

Bulk Pricing Tabs

Bulk pricing tabs allows you to price items that are not stackable by assigning a price to an entire stash tabs contents all at once. After converting a tab to public, observe a drop down menu that is set to "each item individually priced" by default, change this to "set exact price on all items". After doing this choose a Currency Type and price, it will then apply to all items within the tab.

Bulk priced tabs are the best way to price items you don't want to price check and are very effective for selling items such as jewels, maps, superior gems and assorted rare items. Pricing entire tabs saves a lot of time with the only downside being you may sometimes sell items for less than if you individually price checked them. 

Ensure you don't price tabs at less than you are willing to trade for. Understanding the value of your time is incredibly important, minimize your trading while mapping by bulk listing tabs at a high enough price that trades are worth leaving your maps for (e.g. no trades less than 20 Chaos Orbs). 

Pricing An Entire Tab For 20 Chaos Orbs

When choosing a price for these tabs pick a high price and then periodically lower it if you have not received a trade whisper in some time. This ensures any valuable items eventually sell at a price that is close to their true value, while also preventing you from engaging in trades that are not worth your time.

How To Price Items That Don't Exist

Sometimes you find or craft an item that you are unable to price check and have no reference for, making it difficult to determine its worth. An incorrect price leads to a loss of Currency or time, so how do we determine a price? In order to price items without a reference, list them at an incredibly high price and periodically drop the price if you are not receiving any whispers or offers. This approach ensures you're not under-pricing your item but is also a compromise that allows you to hone in on a somewhat accurate price quickly.

Selling On Community Trade Servers

Community trade servers (Particularly discord servers) are gatherings of some of the most trade savvy players, all looking to buy and sell items and services quickly, and often in tremendous quantities.

Accessing these servers is not necessary, but is an additional method of selling your items quickly. Items such as delirium orbs, scarabs, blighted maps and timeless emblems are some good examples of items traded on these servers frequently.


Trading fast is essential in this guide you have learnt:

  • How to sell any item using Premium Stash Tabs.
  • Price checking is most effectively done by looking up similar items on the Trade Website.
  • Listing Stackable Currency using Bulk Selling Methods with fractional pricing is essential.
  • Selling rare and difficult to price items all at once is most effective through Bulk Pricing Tabs.
  • When you have price reference for an item to start the price incredibly high and lower frequently.


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