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Last Updated: 14 August 2022

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Introduction to Stash Tabs

Stash Tabs are a form of storage space accessible only from towns and the player’s hideout. Stash tabs have considerably more storage than the player’s inventory and also grant substantially more functionality, including the ability to list items for sale or sort items into specific stash tabs automatically. For more information about how to use Stash Tabs for selling items, use our Trading Guide for Beginners, written by Tripolarbear!

Players start the game with 4 Basic Stash Tabs, with additional Tabs being purchasable via the In-Game Store.

Specialised Stash Tabs

Basic Tab

Cost: 30 Points or 150 Points for a Bundle of 6x



Stash Tab Affinities

Stash Tab Affinities are an option contained within a tab's menu that allows you to assign an affinity to the tab, allowing you to sort corresponding items into that tab automatically in the future.

To access this menu, simply right click the name of the Stash Tab that you wish to assign an affinity to!

Once your affinity has been assigned, click the gear icon pictured below (located at the top right of your stash tabs) to open up a small menu for Affinity settings. These settings should be set as pictured below, with Affinities enabled and auto-navigation disabled.

This configuration will allow you to automatically send items in your Inventory to the tab corresponding to their Affinity type by simply control + left clicking them while your Stash is open.

As shown here, you can Ctrl + Shift + Left Click items to force those items into your currently opened tab, ignoring their Affinity.

Affinities are a crucial part of farming in Path of Exile as they drastically reduce the amount of time it takes to sort through the items you are farming. Where once upon a time each Inventory needed to be sorted manually, thanks to the existence of Affinities, an Inventory can be sorted as fast as you can click your items.


Unfortunately, not all items in Path of Exile correspond to an Affinity, these include:

  • Non-Unique Gear
  • Non-Unique Jewels, including Cluster Jewels
  • Heist Rogue Gear
  • Items related to the current League Mechanic
  • Compasses
  • Stacked Decks
  • Incubators
  • Scouting Reports

Heist Items

Although Heist Rogue Gear cannot be affected by Affinities, all other Heist related items can be. Contracts, Blueprints and Rogue Markers can be assigned the Heist Affinity by accessing the Heist Locker



Expedition Items

All Expedition related items can be affected by Affinities, however this Affinity type is similar to the Heist Affinity in that it cannot be accessed via Stash Tabs. Logbooks & Reroll Currencies can be stored in and accessed from the Expedition Locker.


Stash Tab Folders

Stash Tabs can be stored in groups called Stash Tab Folders. This functionality is very basic and does not allow much more than simple grouping, however it is still highly useful for players with an abundance of tabs and a need for additional organisation.

The button shown at the top right is used to create a new Stash Tab Folder

Unfortunately Stash Tab Folders cannot be recoloured. As a result, it can often get confusing when you are using multiple Stash Tab Folders together. It is ideal to space them out so that your Stash Tabs are visually readable at a glance.

A great way to use Stash Tab Folders are to store spare tabs that you do not currently have a function for. This allows you to access the tabs that you consider important without having to scroll between them. Once you own more than 30 Tabs, even the side bar will require you to scroll in order to navigate your tabs.

The bottom row of Stash Tabs are all contained within the 'Sentinel' Stash Tab Folder shown in the top row of Stash Tabs

Stash Tab Priority Tier List

S Tier: 315 Points

  • Upgrading your First Premium Tab (For selling)
  • Currency Tab
  • Map Tab
  • Fragment Tab

The Tabs listed above are the best purchases for new players because they allow players to engage in the typical gameplay loop of mapping and selling far more effectively than the other options. Your first 315 Points spent should absolutely go towards buying these tabs!

A Tier: 240+ Points

  • Quad Tabs
  • Divination Tab
  • Essence Tab

These Tabs are just as crucial to the core gameplay loop of Path of Exile but are still important and highly recommended purchases due to offering great value for money. The Divination and Essence tabs will significantly improve the storage available in your regular tabs by removing common items such as Essences and Divination cards, whereas a Quad tab will enable more efficient dumping. Once acquiring all the S Tier Tabs, you should consider purchasing these next.

B Tier: 200+ Points

  • Delve Tab
  • Metamorph Tab
  • Delirium Tab
  • Blight Tab
  • Additional Premium Tabs

The B Tier Tabs are not necessary. However, for the items they specialise in, they offer improved storage capabilities compared to regular tabs which is important to consider since they cost the same amount as a Premium Tab. Most players will benefit more from owning the specialty B tier tabs over buying more Premium Tabs.

C Tier: 250+ Points

  • Basic Tabs
  • Gem Tab
  • Flask Tab
  • Unique Tab

These Tabs are low value and should be avoided unless you are a completionist and just want to own them for the sake of owning them. The Unique Tab is severely overpriced for how little storage it offers, it is even officially considered a collection tool rather than a means of storing items. The Gem and Flask tabs are unnecessary and these purchases are hard to justify considering most players do not usually need an entire Premium Tab to store these items.


  • Stash Tabs are a form of storage that is used to efficiently sort your items
  • Stash Tabs are also used to trade with other players
  • Additional Stash Tabs can be purchased via Microtransactions from the In-Game Store
  • Stash Tab Affinities & Folders make sorting and storage significantly easier
  • Not all Stash Tabs are equal! Knowing which ones to buy first makes all the difference
  • If you have any questions, feel free to ask me directly at


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August 9th 2022

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