Important Vendor Recipes for Beginners


Path of Exile's vendor recipe method provides you with a variety of currency items and equipment gear by selling goods (items, currency) to any vendor in town. All recipes require specific items or combinations of items be placed into the “Sell Items” window at the same time, the outcome is based on any matching of those “Vendor Recipes”.

Did you know that selling any normal, magic, rare, or unique item is already a Vendor Recipe?

  • Normal = One Scroll Fragment
  • Unidentified = Several Transmutation Shards
  • Magic = A few Alteration Shard
  • Rare = Several Alteration Shard
  • Rare Ring/Amulet= Several Alteration Shard + Alchemy Shard
  • Unique= Several Alteration Shard + Alchemy Shard

Here's an example of vendoring identified items for Alteration Shards & Alchemy Shards, which is one of the most basic vendor recipes described above. Items and their costs sold by vendors as part of their normal inventory are covered on the vendor page

Why you should use Vendor Recipes

When farming currency, efficiency is the key, and the same applies when using vendor recipes. Some of these recipes not only reward you with extra currency but can also be used to acquire important league start gear to help you through the campaign.

Tip: For recipes that require a certain rarity of the target item, consider using the Orb of Transmutation to turn it into a magic item first if the ingredients do not match the recipe.

Basic Items

Basic Items can be used to get the right resistance or even craft amulets without using any Orb of Scouring because each time you use a vendor recipe you create a new base item. New base items are always normal and get a new Implicit.

Tip: You can use an Orb of Alchemy or a low level Essence e.g. Muttering Essence of Anger to craft better early-game items!

Important: If you swap Gems in your Offer, you always create another base item with a new Implicit.


Any blue, red, and green Gem + any Amulet (normal, magic, rare, unique, and corrupted!)

Onyx Amulet = Fireball + Splitting Steel + Heavy Strike

Onyx Amulet Vendor Recipe

Other bases:

  • Agate Amulet = Amber Amulet + Lapis Amulet + Orb of Transmutation
  • Turquoise Amulet = Lapis Amulet + Jade Amulet +Orb of Transmutation
  • Citrine Amulet = Amber Amulet + Jade Amulet + Orb of Transmutation


Any blue, red, and green Gem + any Iron Ring (normal, magic, rare, unique, and corrupted!)

  • Ruby Ring = Iron Ring + Heavy Strike
  • Sapphire Ring = Iron Ring + Fireball
  • Topaz Ring = Iron Ring + Splitting Steel

Leveling Gear

+1 to Skill gems weapon

  • You need any gems with matching tags (fire, cold, lightning, physical, and chaos) and at least 40% total quality + a normal white base listed below. It doesn't need to be any particular color or amount of gems!

It works on these bases:

  • Wands
  • Rune Daggers
  • Sceptres
  • Staffs (Rolls +1-2)

Added spell damage weapon

Increased physical/spell damage weapon

Any normal weapon Corroded Blade + magic or rare Rustic Sash + Blacksmith's Whetstone

The rarity of the Rustic Sash determine the tier:

magic the "Heavy" mod (40-49%) and rare the "Serrated" mod (50-64%).

Minions level +1 helmet

Any magic helmet Great Helmet + a life flask of Animation Greater Life Flask + Orb of Alteration

Life flask of Animation: Greater Life Flask = any Bone Spirit Shield + any Greater Life Flask

A life flask of Animation is basically a mod that gives a minion #% life from your life flask

Movement speed boots

Any normal boots + any Quicksilver Flask + Orb of Augmentation

Tip: You can increase "% increased Movement Speed" by 1 tier each time you use this Vendor Recipe up to 30% increased Movement Speed! You can use any rarity boots with "% increased Movement Speed".

Chaos Resistance Item

Any Ring or Amulet + any Amethyst Flask + Orb of Augmentation

Tip: You can increase "% Chaos Resistance" by 1 tier each time you use this Vendor Recipe up to tier 2 "% Chaos Resistance"! You can use any item with any tier (maximum 3) "% Chaos Resistance".


Granite Flask

Granite Flask = Sapphire Flask + Ruby Flask + Topaz Flask with %increased armour on them

Jade Flask

Jade Flask = Sapphire Flask + Ruby Flask + Topaz Flask with %increased evasion on them

Life/Mana Flask 3 to 1 recipe

Vendor any life or mana flask 3 times to the vendor and you get a flask 1 life or mana tier higher in return e.g. Grand Life Flask = Giant Life Flask


Jeweller's Orbs

You can sell any 6-socket item to the vendor to gain 7 Jeweller's Orbs


If you ever need Orb of Fusing, you can simply buy them from a vendor in town 4 to 1 with your spare Jeweller's Orbs. The market value on PoE Trade is usually very close to this ratio.

3.19 Update: You can vendor any 6-link item for 20 Orb of Fusings.

Orb of Chance

Orb of Chance = Same pair of two mirrored items

Keep in mind that this recipe can reduce the value if you're not careful, strongboxes tend to drop mirrored items like 6 sockets / 6 links and you might accidentally vendor for a Orb of Chance. Also this vendor recipe works with different items if they have the same name.

Vaal Orb

Vaal Orb = any 7x Vaal Gems e.g. Vaal Ground Slam + any Sacrifice e.g. Sacrifice at Dusk

Divine Vessels

You can sell one Divine Orb + 5x flasks (any type mana/life/tier) and you receive 5 Divine Vessels in return.


  • Vendor recipes provide you with a variety of currency and equipment by selling the right combination of items to the vendor.
  • You can get weapons or basic items with vendor recipes, which lead you through the campaign at ease. 


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