Atlas Passive Tree Explained

Last Updated: 11 August 2022

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The Atlas Passive Tree is a passive skill tree which applies specifically to the Atlas of Worlds. The idea was initially introduced with the Echoes of the Atlas 3.13 expansion with multiple skill trees, but was reworked into a single giant Atlas Passive Skill Tree with the Siege of the Atlas 3.17 expansion. The Sentinel League 3.18 patch added 20 Keystones to this Atlas Passive Tree for even more player engagement!

Atlas Passive Points

Most Atlas Passive Points are earned through Map Completion Bonuses from the Atlas of Worlds. White Maps require you to clear the Map as Magic, Yellow Maps require a Rare Map, and Red Maps require a Corrupted Rare Map. It is currently possible to obtain up to 132 points:

  • 115 from completing the Atlas of Worlds maps completion bonus.
  • 6 Atlas Books of Skill received from Kirac upon defeating Pinnacle Bosses and their Sub-Bosses for the first time:
  • The Infinite Hunger
  • The Black Star
  • The Eater of Worlds
  • The Searing Exarch
  • The Maven
  • The Uber Elder
  • 5 from The Maven's first four Quest variants and the final 10 boss (or "10-ways") variant of Maven's Invitation: The Atlas.
  • 6 from Endgame Maven's Invitations:
    • Maven's Invitation: The Formed
    • Maven's Invitation: The Twisted
    • Maven's Invitation: The Elderslayers
    • Maven's Invitation: The Forgotten
    • Maven's Invitation: The Hidden
    • Maven's Invitation: The Feared

You can check missing Atlas Passive Points by typing the /atlaspassives command. Just like the Passive Skill Tree, it is possible to refund and reassign points as you wish using Refund Points. Those points are acquired by using Orb of Unmaking. These orbs can drop while playing but you can always go to Kirac in order to buy some from him at the cost of 2 Orb of Regret per Orb of Unmaking.

Atlas Passive Tree

Atlas Passives Overview

Here is a list of all Atlas Passives, Notables and Keystones split by mechanic:


There are many passive wheels related to Generic content such as Scarabs, Sextants or Maps:

Small Passives

  • Higher Map Tier Chance (x4)
  • Atlas Currency Chance (x4)
  • Atlas Scarab Chance (x4)
  • Map Boss Rarity (x3)

There are a lot of Generic pathing nodes:

  • Map Modifier Effect (x15)
  • Map Drop Duplication (x37)
  • Adjacent Map Drop Chance (x35)


  • Shaping the Skies
  • Shaping the Mountains
  • Subtle Manipulations
  • Enduring Influence
  • Enriched Entities

There are 2 pseudo-wheels allowing you to block specific League content and incidentally raise your chances to encounter the rest of the content:

  • Dimensional Barrier
  • Loved by the Sun
  • Trade Embargo
  • Black Thumb
  • Sealed Domain
  • Straight and Narrow
  • Ethics Review
  • Ominous Silence
  • Fungal Remission
  • Secular Focus


  • Twist of Fate
  • Wellspring of Creation
  • Dance of Destruction
  • Valley of Darkness
  • Grand Design
  • Wandering Path

Atlas Keystones

With the 3.18 Sentinel League, the Atlas Passive Tree got a big update adding 20 Keystones to it. They allow for even more content customization for Path of Exile players. Moreover, there are Keystones unlocking Uber Pinnacle Bosses, which are level 85 versions of Path of Exile Endgame Bosses. These Bosses have special loot, additional abilities compared to their normal counterpart and are considered to be some of the hardest content in the game.

  • Grand Design
  • Wandering Path
  • Singular Focus
  • Shadow Shaping
  • Twist of Fate
  • Stream of Consciousness
  • Captivated Interest
  • Inevitable Ambush
  • Wellspring of Creation
  • Dance of Destruction
  • Valley of Darkness
  • Height of Hubris
  • Wrath of the Cosmos
  • Eldritch Gaze
  • Cosmic Wounds
  • Throw the Gauntlet
  • Memento Mori
  • The Perfect Storm
  • Thirst for Knowledge
  • Insatiable Appetite

Atlas Passive Tree Strategies

The basic initial strategy when it comes to the Atlas Passive Tree is toto focus on higher tier Map drops and content that rewards you for little to no time investment. It is best to focus on Kirac passives for Map drops then Ambush, Harbinger and Essence since their wheels are near the starting point or along your way and these League mechanics are not time consuming.

Later on, you take the wheels for either The Eater of Worlds or The Searing Exarch to maximize Influenced Monsters density and altars in your Maps. Synthesis Notables, Remnants of the Past and Conquered Conquerors are a viable option to get more Conquerors & Guardians Maps as passive income while mapping but buffing other content can definitely be more profitable. For more advanced and detailed farming strategies, consult our Currency Farming Guides!


The Atlas Passive Tree allows Path of Exile players to completely customize their game experience to suit their needs and focus on the content they love! It also incentivizes players to complete the Atlas of Worlds and defeat endgame Bosses in order to fill it with as many points as possible.


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