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Atlas Passive Tree Explained

Last Updated: March 24th 2024

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The Atlas Passive Tree is a Passive Skill Tree which applies specifically to the Atlas of Worlds. The idea was initially introduced with the Echoes of the Atlas 3.13 expansion with multiple skill trees, then reworked into a single giant Atlas Passive Skill Tree with the Siege of the Atlas 3.17 expansion. Since then Grinding Gear Games has consistently reworked and improved the Atlas Passive Tree over subsequent leagues.

Atlas Passive Points

Most Atlas Passive Points are earned through Map Completion Bonuses from the Atlas of Worlds. White Maps require you to clear the Map as Magic, Yellow Maps require a Rare Map, and Red Maps require a Corrupted Rare Map. It is currently possible to obtain up to 132 points:

  • 115 from completing the Atlas of Worlds maps completion bonus.
  • 6 Atlas Books of Skill received from Kirac upon defeating Pinnacle Bosses and their Sub-Bosses for the first time:
  • 5 from The Maven's first four Quest variants and the final 10 boss (or "10-ways") variant of Maven's Invitation: The Atlas.
  • 6 from Endgame Maven's Invitations:
    • Maven's Invitation: The Formed
    • Maven's Invitation: The Twisted
    • Maven's Invitation: The Elderslayers
    • Maven's Invitation: The Forgotten
    • Maven's Invitation: The Hidden
    • Maven's Invitation: The Feared

You can check missing Atlas Passive Points by typing the /atlaspassives command. Just like the Passive Skill Tree, it is possible to refund and reassign points as you wish using Refund Points. Those points are acquired by using Orb of Unmaking. These orbs can drop while playing but you can always go to Kirac in order to buy some from him at the cost of 2 Orb of Regret per Orb of Unmaking.

Atlas Passive Tree

Atlas Notables and Keystones

Like with your character's Passive Tree the Atlas Passive Tree has both notables and keystones. Notables appear at the end of a cluster and offer more significant bonuses. Notables provide players ways to enhance farming by blocking undesired effects, increasing loot or adding new drops. Most League mechanics have several clusters ending in a Notable. There are also Notables for Bosses, Map returns and Masters.

Keystones on the other hand apply transformative effects. This allows players to further customize their Path of Exile mapping experience. General keystones modify how the Atlas behaves as a whole, whereas League Mechanic specific Keystones do things like remove timers or simplify mechanics while adding an element of chance.

Grinding Gear Games is constantly updating and refining the Atlas Passive tree to add new strategies and address player pain points. If you're returning after a break then check out the changes before planning your farming strategies!

Atlas Passive Tree Strategies

The basic initial strategy when it comes to the Atlas Passive Tree is to focus on higher tier Map drops and content that rewards you for little to no time investment. It is best to focus on Kirac passives for Map drops then Bestiary, Ambush, Harbinger, Heist or Essence since their wheels are near the starting point or along your way and these League mechanics are not time consuming.

Later on, you take the wheels for either, The Eater of Worlds or The Searing Exarch to maximize Influenced Monsters density and altars in your Maps. Synthesis Notables, Remnants of the Past and Conquered Conquerors are a viable option to get more Conquerors & Guardians Maps as passive income while mapping but buffing other content can definitely be more profitable. For more advanced and detailed farming strategies, consult our Currency Farming Guides!

By progressing your Atlas you unlock up to 3 Atlas Passive Tree Loadouts. So don't be afraid to make an early game strategy first then move on to endgame strategies as your build becomes stronger and you unlock more Passives.


The Atlas Passive Tree allows Path of Exile players to completely customize their game experience to suit their needs and focus on the content they love! It also incentivizes players to complete the Atlas of Worlds and defeat endgame Bosses in order to fill it with as many points as possible.


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