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For an eternity, the darkness swelled within a ceaseless churn of its feeding, and then... silence. Such silence is deafening to those who listen for it. The abyss cast its gaze upon its source. The first lurching movement of boundaries drawn long before the dawn. A claimant has arrived. You may know who. You wish to know why. The Maven seeks new conflict. Bored, she is, with the realm she has given. She is not the only one. The silence is deafening to all.

- The Envoy

The Maven is one of the Pinnacle-Bosses added to Path of Exile in Patch 3.13 (Ritual League). She is the main Antagonist of the Echoes of the Atlas Expansion. Inside the Maven's Crucible, an arena-style boss event, player's can collect Crescent Splinters and combine 10 of them to form The Maven's Writ which can be opened in the Map Device.

Defeating the Maven Encounter for the first time grants you an Atlas Passive Skill Tree Point and the Ceremonial Voidstone which can be socketed into your Atlas. This allows you to advance to higher tier Maps, making the Maven one of the most important milestones to reach during your endgame progression. There are a total of four Voidstones that can be collected:

Loot Table

In addition to regular Loot, the Maven has a Set of various unique items that can be looted after successfully defeating the Maven:

  • Legacy of Fury
  • Viridi's Veil
  • Arn's Anguish
  • Graven's Secret
  • Olesya's Delight
  • Doppelgänger Guise
  • Impossible Escape
  • Elevated Sextant
  • Orb of Conflict
  • Awakened Support Gems

Skills Breakdown

The Maven - Default Projectile Attack

The Maven fires a single Projectile at the player, dealing Lightning Damage.

The Nucleus - Volatile Orbs

The Nucleus shoots out a bunch of Projectiles that turn into Volatile Orbs, floating around in the arena. If you
collide with the Orb, they explode after a short period of time, dealing Lightning Damage.

The Maven - Collapse Volatiles - "Mine!"

If you leave the Volatile Orbs untouched, the Maven occasionally shouts "MINE!" This turns the Volatile Orbs
purple, and they start chasing the player.

The Nucleus - Ball Lightning

The Nucleus randomly shoots out 5 slow-moving Ball-Lightnings that travel across the Arena,
exploding on impact.

The Maven - Tri-Beam Claws - "Stand still!"

Throughout the encounter, the Maven occasionally shouts "STAND STILL!" This indicates the Tri-Beam
Claws ability. This Skill deals a pretty heavy amount of damage if you get stuck in it, so dodging it is a
high priority. In order to do so, you can simply outrun the scratch or run away from her. The Maven is
vulnerable while performing the Ability, giving you a perfect opportunity to squeeze in extra damage.

The Maven - Circle Slam - "Do what I say!"

"DO WHAT I SAY!" indicates the Circle Slam ability. The Maven charges up a circle that explodes after a
short period of time. The damage of this ability is converted into Fire, Cold and Lightning -
applying Ignite, Freeze and Shock.

The Maven - Cascade of Pain - "A cascade of pain!"

The Cascade of Pain projectiles deal heavy Cold Damage, making them a high priority to be avoided.
The Maven fires a series of projectiles towards the player that also penetrate your cold resistance.
There are multiple efficient ways to dodge this ability without harm:
- Use a Mobility Skill like Dash or Flame Dash and blink behind the Maven
- Run a circle around Maven
- Stay at a long distance and simply side-step her incoming projectiles with tiny movements.
It is recommended to use a Quicksilver Flask to make dodging these projectiles a lot easier.

The Maven - Sun Projectile - "Take this!"

The Maven tracks the player while conjuring up a giant Sun Projectile. This ability explodes on impact,
dealing Fire Damage and always Ignites. Make sure to side-step the flying Orb.

The Nucleus - Ion Cannon - "Death made real."

The Nucleus charges up a massive Beam ability that deals lethal Amounts of Cold and Lightning Damage. This Ability also bypasses Block or Dodge Chance. The ability stays stationary once you see it charge up
and fires after a short delay, so you need to move out immediately!

The Nucleus - Gravity Well

The Nucleus spits out three Celestial Orbs that chase the player. Once you collide with them, they
explode, leaving a puddle behind. This Pool reduces your Action Speed and deals damage over time. These Orbs accelerate over time, making it impossible to outrun them. They also leave a degen area on the floor so make
sure to stack them up in the same spot. The best place for them is the center of the arena, this leaves enough space for dodging other abilities throughout the encounter. After every Nucleus phase, these puddles are cleared.

The Nucleus - Brain Beam

While the Nucleus is active, it creates 2 Beams which rotate around the Arena. The beginning of the beams
is always the 2 outer platforms that you used to avoid the Brain Blast ability. Touching the beam applies the
Maven's Punishment Debuff, reducing all Maximum Elemental Resistances by 10% and prevents all forms of
recovery of Life (besides Instant Recovery Life Flasks) and Energy Shield for 10 seconds. It is very hard to
survive the Debuff duration, so make sure to not touch it!

The Maven - Memory Game - "Scurry, scurry!"

The Maven teleports to the center of the Arena, becoming invulnerable for the duration of the Memory Game.
After a short delay, 1 of 3 Sections (Left, Top, Right) flashes up in a Purple color. You have to repeat the
correct order of the appearing flashes in order to survive this ability. Make sure to walk to the first section
as soon as it lights up to know your starting point.

Once the Maven finishes the setup for the Memory Game, she yells: "SCURRY, SCURRY!" which indicates
that it's time for you to repeat her pattern in the same order. While you are trying to do so, she slowly charges
up a giant blast expanding from the center of the arena. Every wrong step you do in the Memory game
heavily slows you down and increases the speed of the blasts expansion. The Memory Game Blast
explodes if the entire Arena is filled or the player steps into the already charged up section of the Blast.
This ability is lethal, so make sure to repeat the Patterns correctly to survive this phase.

If you are unable to do the Memory Game, simply logout and re-join the encounter. You have a 60 second
buff that makes you invulnerable to any source of damage as long as you stand still. Once the Memory Game
is over and the Maven blasts the area, you can continue the fight. This also works after you have died to any
of her abilities.

The Nucleus - Brain Blast - "Pain will be returned tenfold." - "Time contorts." - "Reality bends."

Once the Maven's health is depleted, she teleports out of the Area, and the Nucleus enters the
Arena. Once in the center, it channels a massive lethal Blast ability. In order to dodge this Ability,
you have to step in 1 of the 2 outer Platforms that become active while the Channel persists.
The occurring massive explosion remove all remaining Volatile Orbs.

The Nucleus - Rotating Beams

Once you defeated the Nucleus for the 3rd Time, it collapses, creating 5 Beams that rotate around the
arena. Similar to the Beams from the Intermission Phases, they inflict the Maven's Punishment Debuff,
lowering your Maximum Resistances by 10% and preventing you to recover Life (besides Instant Recovery
Life Flasks) and Energy Shield for 10 Seconds.

Boss Mechanics

The Maven & the Nucleus

In Order to open the Portals to the Absence of Mercy and Empathy, you have to place a The Maven's Writ into your Map Device. The Maven's Writ is a combination of 10 Crescent Splinters that you can obtain in the Maven Crucible Encounters.

The Maven is a very scripted Encounter. Once you learn the Mechanics and the order of appearance, especially when it comes to the Memory Game, you are going to have an easy time defeating her. It's all about practice!

The Maven Fight has 7 Phases. 4 phases in which you fight against the Maven, 3 phases against the Nucleus. The fight always alternates between those two. In Phase 1, you want to bring Maven down to 0% health, at which point she teleports out of the arena and the Nucleus floats towards the center, initiating Phase 2.


Make sure to check out our Skills Breakdown Section to learn more about each of the Abilities.

Throw the Gauntlet (Uber Maven)

In Order to defeat the Uber Maven, you have to allocate the Throw the Gauntlet Keystone in the Atlas passives.
This empowers the Maven as well as her Area of residence:

Atlas Keystone - Throw the Gauntlet

In addition to her massively higher life and damage, the following changes also make the Uber version a much harder encounter:

  • Both Maven and the Nucleus gain +4 Projectiles, making it harder to dodge abilities and triggering Collapse Volatiles much more frequently
  • Void Zones from Volatile Orbs persist for the entire encounter. 
  • Tri-Beam Claws begin at a randomized location
  • Extra bosses also spawn during the Memory Game
  • 50% less Damage taken Area modifier

In addition to the regular Maven loot, the Uber Maven has the following boss-specific drops:

  • Impossible Escape
  • Awakened Empower Support
  • Awakened Enlighten Support
  • Awakened Enhance Support


  • Keep moving! Most of Maven's abilities can be outmanoeuvred, like the Tri-Beam Claws or the Cascade of Pain.
  • Try to stack up the Gravity Well orbs in the centre of the arena, so they become less relevant in the fight.
  • Don't touch any Brain Beams! The debuff you get makes it very hard to sustain incoming damage.
    You can use skills like Flame Dash to blink over beams.
  • Stay focused on the Memory Game. If you are unable to do the Memory Game, logout and re-join the encounter.


Written by mbXtreme.
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Jul 18th 2022
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