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The Eater of Worlds is - next to the Infinite Hunger, the Black Star and the Searing Exarch - one of the four Eldritch Horrors. He is one of the Pinnacle Bosses of the Atlas of Worlds, introduced during the Siege of the Atlas in Patch 3.17 Archnemesis League. Defeating the Eater of Worlds for the first time rewards you an Grasping Voidstone that can be socketed into the Atlas.

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Before you can encounter the Eater of Worlds for the first time (quest) you have to defeat the Infinite Hunger. Following Kirac's Quest line, you receive a quest version of the Screaming Invitation, allowing you to access the Absence of Symmetry and Harmony.

After you have successfully defeated the Eater of Worlds Quest Invitation, a tradable version of the Screaming Invitation can be obtained during following rounds of farming Eater-influenced Tier 14+ Maps. In order to find one, you need to run a total of 28 influenced Maps. The bosses in Map number 14 and 28 drop the Writhing Invitation (Infinite Hunger) and Screaming Invitation (Eater of Worlds) respectively. The amount of Maps needed can be reduced with Atlas Passive Points (Etched by Acid), giving you a chance to double the progress jump for your Eater of Worlds Invitation.

Important: You don't actually need to full-clear a Map for it to count towards the progression. Instead, it's already triggered the first time an Eldritch Altar appears in a Map, and it's safe to leave if you're just after the boss itself. Just make sure you actually defeat the Map Boss in the 28th Map, or else the cycle repeats without a drop.

The Eater of Worlds - Invitation Progression

Loot Table

In addition to regular loot, the Eater of Worlds has the following boss-specific drops:

  • Ashes of the Stars
  • Forbidden Flesh
  • Inextricable Fate
  • Melding of the Flesh
  • The Gluttonous Tide
  • Exceptional Eldritch Ichor
  • Grasping Voidstone

Skills Breakdown

Default Attack

The Eater of Worlds summons 3 tentacles that slam on the player's location. Side-step to dodge this ability.

Lightning Beam - "Perish!"

The Eater of Worlds yells "Perish!" which indicates the Lightning Beam ability. He channels up a Beam that
is released after a short delay. The Eater of Worlds turns to follow your character's movement before
releasing the shot, giving you three options to avoid the hit:

- Side-step in the last second (if you're close)
- Teleport away as the beam fires
- Run behind the boss

Sphere Slam - "Hunger!"

The Eater of Worlds yells "Hunger!" which indicates the Sphere Slam ability. He moves towards your location
and start channeling a large Sphere for ~2 seconds before delivering a massive explosion around himself.
This ability can be repeated multiple times and one-shots most builds with ease. The animation is slow,
so just run far enough away to avoid the hit.

Tentacles Slam - "Writhing mass!"

The Eater of Worlds yells "Writhing mass!" which indicates the Tentacles Slam ability. After a short delay,
multiple huge Tentacles slams on the ground in one direction. This isn't a lethal ability, but should be
avoided if possible to minimize incoming damage.

Doom Phase - "Inescapable doom!"

The Eater of Worlds yells "Inescapable doom!" which indicates the start of the Doom Phase. He teleports
to the center of the Arena, becomes invulnerable and starts channeling a massive Blast ability that follows
your character via a Lightning Beam. Staying in the Beam's effect increases its area and stacks up.
On top of that, if you get hit by the Beam you get the "Inescapable Doom" debuff which increases the
damage you take.

The Maven assists you in this phase. She spawns Spheres that you have to energize by stepping on them
for around a second. In order to stop him from finishing the cast and dealing lethal damage to your character,
you have to activate all of Maven's Spheres in time. An activated Sphere glows brightly, indicating that
it's already completed.

Once you activate all Energy circles in the Area, Maven interrupts the Eater's Inescapable Doom. If you fail
to complete this phase within ~20 seconds, the Eater of Worlds yells "All will be devoured!" and releases a
massive explosion that deals lethal damage in the entire Area.

Tip: Depending on your movement speed it might be difficult to step directly on the Spheres. Instead, you can
use a movement ability such as Flame Dash to jump directly from Sphere to Sphere with precision.

If you're on hardcore, IMMEDIATELY log out once you hear his voice without finishing the phase.

Horror Orbs

There are multiple Horror Orbs that spawn at random locations at the edge of the Arena. If you touch an Orb,
you get a debuff called "Drowning", which reduces your vision and movement speed. After 3 seconds of
drowning, your Character dies. Make sure to move away from the Horror Orb to remove the debuff.

The Orbs move towards the player while they are turning their back on them, and move away while your
character is facing the Orbs.

Absence of Symmetry and Harmony

In order to open the portals to the Absence of Symmetry and Harmony, you have to obtain a Screaming Invitation and place it into your Map Device.

The Eater of Worlds encounter has two different phases:


The Eater of Worlds

Once you enter the Arena, you have to walk to the other side of the platform in order to engage the Eater of Worlds encounter.

In the early phase, while the Eater of Worlds is above ~90% of his health, he only uses his Default Attack, summoning 3 Tentacles that slams the ground at the player's location.

Make sure to keep moving to dodge this ability.

The Eater of Worlds - Lightning Beam

Once you get the Eater of Worlds below this health threshold, he starts using:

  • Default Attack
  • Lightning Beam - "Perish!"
  • Sphere Slam - "Hunger!"
  • Tentacles Slam - "Writhing mass!"
  • Horror Orbs

Make sure to check out the Skills Breakdown above to learn more about each of the abilities.

Below 75% health, the Eater of Worlds also uses Doom Phase - "Inescapable doom!". This is by far the hardest phase in the fight and is explained further in the Doom Phase tab.

Doom Phase

Once the Eater of Worlds is below 75% of his health, he regularly switches to this phase by yelling "Inescapable doom!". During this phase, the Eater of Worlds channels a Lightning Beam that creates an expanding energy field that follows the player's location.

Meanwhile, the Maven floats up in the air and spawns Energy Spheres. The goal is to step into all of her created purple Circles for around a second in order to stop the Eater of Worlds from channeling his massive Blast ability. You have to be quick, since the Eater of World's channel ability covers a bigger and bigger Area as time passes. If you fail to activate the Spheres within ~20 seconds, he finishes his cast, yelling "All will be devoured!" and releasing a massive, lethal explosion that hits the entire Area.

The Eater of Worlds - Doom Phase

It is recommended to use blink Abilities like Dash and Flame Dash to teleport to the Energy Spheres. A Quicksilver Flask is also useful.

Atlas Passive Tree

To further enhance the power as well as the rewards of the Eater of Worlds, the Eater influenced items and currency, there are a bunch of Atlas Passive Tree Notables, Nodes and a Keystone near the top of the Tree.


  • Insatiable Appetite


  • Etched by Acid
  • Regurgitated Relics
  • The Shadow of Hunger


  • Eater of Worlds Item Chance
Atlas Passive Tree - The Eater of Worlds Cluster

Uber Version

With the Insatiable Appetite Atlas Passive Keystone, you can face-off against the empowered version, greatly increasing the difficulty of the fight. On top of that, the Area Level of the Absence of Symmetry and Harmony is 85.

In addition to the massively higher damage and life, the Uber version also has the following new mechanics:

  • Area Mod: Monster take 70% less Damage.
  • Default Attack Tentacles form a Ring that can overlap.
  • Tentacle Slams is wider, has different patterns and randomly happens during the Doom Phase.
  • Doom Phase always spawns the maximum amount of Energy Spheres.
  • Lightning Beam now tracks the Player and repeats 2 additional times.
  • Horror Orbs are more common and move much faster.
Atlas Passive Keystone - Insatiable Appetite

In addition to the regular Eater of Worlds loot, the Uber Eater of Worlds has the following boss-specific drops:

  • Forbidden Flesh - Hidden notable Ascendancy passive skill


  • The Eater of Worlds is one of the Pinnacle bosses and important for endgame progression due to the
    Grasping Voidstone he drops.
  • You can acquire his Invitations via farming Eater-influenced Tier 14+ Maps.
  • Always keep moving! The majority of his abilities can be outrun.
  • Use blink abilities like Dash and Flame Dash to teleport to the Maven's Energy Spheres.
  • Use a Quicksilver Flask to outmanoeuvre Lightning Beam, Sphere Slam and Tentacles Slam abilities.
  • Play with sound on, since the Eater of Worlds always yells before using any of his special abilities


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