The Infinite Hunger


The Infinite Hunger is - next to the Black Star, the Searing Exarch and the Eater of Worlds - one of the four Eldritch Horrors. It needs to be defeated in order to fight the Eater of Worlds, one of the Pinnacle Bosses of the Atlas of Worlds introduced during the Siege of the Atlas in Patch 3.17 Archnemesis League.

The Eldritch Horrors - Boss Guides:

The Searing Exarch

The Eater of Worlds

Following Kirac's Quest line, you receive a quest version of the Writhing Invitation, allowing you to access the Seething Chyme.

After you successfully complete the Eater of Worlds Quest line, a tradable version of the Writhing Invitation can be obtained in Eater-influenced Tier 14+ Maps. You need to run a total of 14 influenced Maps to find one. The bosses in Map number 14 and 28 drop the Writhing Invitation (The Infinite Hunger) and Screaming Invitation (the Eater of Worlds) respectively. The amount of Maps needed can be reduced with Atlas Passive Points (Etched by Acid), giving you a chance to double the progress jump for your invitations.

Important: You don't actually need to full-clear a Map for it to count towards the progression. Instead, it triggers the first time an Eldritch Altar appears in a Map, and it's safe to leave if you're just after the boss itself. Make sure you defeat the Map Boss in the 14th & 28th Map in order to drop the Invitations.

The Eater of Worlds - Invitation Progression

Loot Table

In addition to regular loot, the Infinite Hunger has the following boss-specific drops:

  • Black Zenith
  • Ceaseless Feast
  • The Eternal Struggle

Skills Breakdown

Default Attack

The Infinite Hunger strikes you at close range with 3 different base attacks. It can slash with its arms,
cleave with its staff or smash its staff into the ground, dealing Physical and Chaos Damage.

Drill Charge - "Slaughter!"

The Infinite Hunger yells "Slaughter!" which indicates the Drill Charge ability. It charges forward (modified
slower version of Shield Charge), dealing Physical Damage. This ability deals increased damage based
on distance.

Sumo Slam - "Obliterate!"

The Infinite Hunger yells "Obliteration!" which indicates the lethal Sumo Slam ability. It glows briefly before
doing a large AoE slam attack which deals massive Physical and Chaos Damage.

Vomit Comet - "Melt!" - "Digestion!"

The Infinite Hunger has 2 different Vomit Comet variations:
"Melt!" fires a mortar of projectiles that deal Physical and Chaos Damage that always Poison.
"Digestion!" fires additional projectiles that leave behind Vomitous Ooze, dealing Physical and Chaos Damage
and reducing your movement speed by 40%.

Burrow - "Hunger!"

The Infinite Hunger yells "Hunger!" which indicates the Burrow ability. It becomes invulnerable, chasing you
around the arena, while leaving a trail of Desecrated Ground behind. It either remains in this phase for a
duration, or jumps out and slams you if nearby.


The arena occasionally fills up completely with bile, inflicting a stack of Drowning. This Debuff can stack up to
10 times, which slows you by 8% movement speed per stack. Once you reach the maximum amount of
10 stacks, you get teleported to the underground area.

The Goal is to find the portal that leads you back to the boss arena. While in this sub-zone, you have to pay
attention to the flowing direction of the bile. If it moves from south to north, you know that the portal is on
the north side of this area. Pay attention to your minimap, as you see the portal icon beforehand.

Seething Chyme

In order to open the portals to the Seething Chyme, you have to obtain a Writhing Invitation and place it into your Map Device.

Once you step closer to the center of the arena, the Infinite Hunger encounter starts and becomes targetable a few seconds later. The Infinite Hunger is a very scripted Encounter. Once you learn and understand the mechanics, especially when it comes to the Underground Zone, you will defeat it easily. It's all about practice!


Boss Phase

Once you enter the Boss Arena, you find the Infinite Hunger up the stairs. After a short role-play, the encounter starts and the Boss becomes vulnerable.

Like many other Bosses in Path of Exile, the Infinite Hunger uses more dangerous abilities the lower his health drops. In addition , while in the Underground Zone you receive a stacking debuff called "Corrosive Hunger" that reduces your Physical Damage reduction as well as lowering your Evade Chance, making the fight harder the longer it goes.

The Infinite Hunger - Sumo Slam

Make sure to check out the Skills Breakdown above to learn more about each of the abilities.

Occasionally, the swamp around the boss area starts to rise, covering the entire arena with bile. You can move to the upper levels, but eventually you drown.

Drowning Debuff

You are being slowed and suffocated by grasping bile.

Once you reach 10 stacks of Drowning, you get teleported to the Underground Zone.

The cycle of Boss Phase and Underground Zone repeats until the Infinite Hunger is defeated. Be aware that the longer you need for the sub-zone, the harder the fight gets due to an infinite stacking Corrosive Hunter debuff. Builds with very high Damage trivialize this fight, since you can kill the Infinite Hunger before the Underground Zone.

Underground Zone

After drowning in the bile, you get teleported to the Underground Zone. The Goal is to find the portal that leads back to the Boss Arena. While trying to do so, hoards of monsters spawn as the Corrosive Hunger debuff starts to stack up. The Debuff lasts for the entire fight, so be quick!

The Infinite Hunger - Underground Zone

Corrosive Hunger Debuff

You have -1% Physical Damage Reduction

and -1% to Chance to Evade per Corrosive Hunger.

Where to find the portal?

The Infinite Hunger - Arena portal

The trick is to pay attention to the sludge. It flow toward the portal's direction. If it moves from south to north, you know that the portal is on the north side of this area. Occasionally, take a look at your minimap, as you see the portal icon beforehand. Use mobility skills like Dash or Flame Dash to hop from one island to another. While in the swamp, you receive a stacking Debuff called "Digestive Acid", which deals Physical and Chaos Damage while slowing your Movement Speed.

Digestive Acid Debuff

You are taking Physical and Chaos Damage over Time

and have reduced Movement Speed.

Make your way through the sludge, kill monsters to restore Flask Charges, and enter the Arena portal to face the Infinite Hunger.

Atlas Passive Tree

To further enhance the rewards of Eater Influenced items and currency, there are several Atlas Passive Tree Notables and Nodes.


  • Etched by Acid
  • Regurgitated Relics
  • The Shadow of Hunger


  • Eater of Worlds Item Chance
Atlas Passive Tree - The Eater of Worlds Cluster

Tips & Tricks

  • Always stay mobile to avoid the Infinite Hunger's abilities.
  • Enable sound in your settings, since it always yells before using any of its abilities.
  • Use blink abilities like Dash or Flame Dash to teleport to the small islands in the swamp, as you gain a slowing Damage over Time Debuff while in the sludge.
  • Since the majority of the Infinite Hunger's abilities are based around Physical and Chaos Damage, so bring a good amount of Armour and Chaos Resistance to the fight.
  • Optimize your Flask setup with a Poison Immunity suffix as well as an Amethyst Flask to help with your Chaos Resistance.
  • Allocate Soul of Shakari as your minor god to help with Caustic Ground.


  • The Infinite Hunger is one of the four Eldritch Horrors and is important for endgame progression due to the
    Grasping Voidstone dropped by the Eater of Worlds.
  • You can acquire its Invitations via farming Eater-influenced Tier 14+ Maps.
  • Once you completed Kirac's Quest line, you can drop a tradable version of the Writhing Invitation.
  • The fight itself has 2 phases, the Boss Phase and the Underground Zone.
  • The Infinite Hunger's abilities are pretty generic and easy to avoid, if you stay mobile.
  • Occasionally, the swamp rises and cover the entire arena with bile. While in the bile, you gain the Drowning Debuff which teleports you to the Underground Zone once you reach 10 stacks.
  • In the Underground Zone, pay attention to the flow direction of the river, since it leads you to the Arena portal.
  • Try to be fast, as you gain a stacking debuff that lowers your physical damage reduction as well as your chance to evade. This Corrosive Hunger Debuff makes the fight harder, as it stays for the entire encounter.


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