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Chayula, Who Dreamt Boss Guide

Last Updated: November 15th 2023

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Chayula is - next to Esh, Tul, Xoph and Uul-Netol - one of the five Breachlords introduced in Patch 2.5.0 Breach League. In order to fight him, you have to open a Chayula's Breachstone (or an empowered variant) in the Map device. This opens portals to the Chayula's Domain, the residence of Chayula, Who Dreamt. He also has a chance to spawn outside his Domain during a Map with the Breach League Mechanic active, if the Breach belongs to him.

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Loot Table

In addition to regular loot, Chayula, Who Dreamt has the following boss-specific drops:

  • Severed in Sleep
  • Skin of the Loyal
  • The Blue Dream
  • The Green Dream
  • The Red Dream
  • Blessing of Chayula
  • Maven's Invitation: The Hidden

With Blessing of Chayula you can upgrade the boss-specific Unique items to:

  • Severed in Sleep + Blessing of Chayula = United in Dream
  • Skin of the Loyal + Blessing of Chayula = Skin of the Lords
  • The Blue Dream + Blessing of Chayula = The Blue Nightmare
  • The Green Dream + Blessing of Chayula = The Green Nightmare
  • The Red Dream + Blessing of Chayula = The Red Nightmare

Skills Breakdown

Chayula strikes with his Staff at close range.

Boss Mechanics

When you open a Chayula's Breachstone (or an empowered variant) in your Map Device, portals to the Chayula's Domain appear. Once entered, you find yourself in an empty area with a Breach next to the entrance. In order to start the encounter, you have to walk into the Breach Hand to trigger it. A Timer starts, the Breach opens up and expands, spawning countless Breach Monsters in the process. Every Monster you slay within the Breach adds towards the timer. If you successfully keep up, a Boss portal spawns at the end of the area.

Chayula's Domain - Breach Hand

Once you enter the boss arena, you find Chayula, Who Dreamt, in the north. Engage the boss, but beware of his abilities.

Make sure to check out the Skills Breakdown above to learn more about each of the abilities.


Chayula is part of the Maven's Invitation: The Feared. In order to get him witnessed, you have to open the Breachstone while the Maven is active on your Map Device. Every variant of the Breachstone counts.

Every item of each specific Boss can drop once you completed the Invitation, as well as Crescent Splinter for the The Maven's Writ.

If you want to learn more about the Maven's Invitations, make sure to check out our Maven's Invitations Explained Guide!

Map Device - Maven active

Additional Information

The Atlas Passive Tree does not provide any Breachstone enhancing Keystones, Notables or Nodes due to Breachstones not being part of the Atlas. The Chayula's Domain is neither a Map or endgame Boss that can be modified or empowered outside of Blessings.

You can still upgrade up your Chayula's Breachstone with Blessing of Chayula to further increase their rewards and the difficulty.

  • Chayula's Breachstone - Monster Level: 83
  • Chayula's Flawless Breachstone - Monster Level: 84

Tips & Tricks

  • Use Portal Scrolls or aPortal Gem to generate save points. Remember, if you die, the Breach still expands, making it very hard to complete.
  • Keep moving! The majority of Chayula's abilities can be outmaneuvered.
  • Don't face tank Chayula's Cyclone. Try to max range it and dodge the incoming projectiles.
  • Kill the Breach Monsters that spawn to restore Flask Charges.


  • Chayula is one of the 5 Breachlords and part of the Maven's Invitation: The Hidden.
  • He can be encountered in the Chayula's Breachstone or within a Map, if the Breach League Mechanic is active and the Breach you find belongs to him.
  • After triggering the Breach in the Chayula's Domain, kill as many monsters as fast as possible to keep up with the timer.
  • Once you reach the end, a boss portal spawns that leads you to Chayula, Who Dreamt.
  • Chayula's Breachstone can be upgraded with Blessing of Chayula to further increase their rewards and the difficulty.

Good Luck, Exile!


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