The Enslaver Boss Guide


The Enslaver is - next to the Constrictor, the Purifier and the Eradicator - one of the four Guardians of the Elder. In order to fight him, you have to open an Enslaver occupied Map. These Elder Influenced Maps have a special Boss Icon in place of the typical Map Icon. Defeating an Elder Guardian for the first time unlocks a favourite Map slot for your Atlas.

Each of the Elder Guardians drop a specific Map Fragment that is required to face the Elder. The Elder and the Shaper drop different map fragments that are needed to open portals to the Uber Elder Encounter. Defeating the Uber Elder for the first time rewards you a Decayed Voidstone that can be socketed into the Atlas.

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Elder Guardian Maps can be dropped upon killing any regular T14+ Map Boss on the Atlas and have 2 implicit modifiers:

Area is influenced by The Elder
Map is occupied by The Enslaver

Area is influenced by the Elder
This implicit modifier adds the Elder influence to the Map, adding Elder monster packs

Map is occupied by The Enslaver
This implicit modifier adds the Enslaver as the new map boss, replacing the default boss of the area.

You can increase the drop rate of these Maps with the Atlas Passive skill Remnants of the Past. You can also obtain Elder Guardian Maps from Kirac or encounter an Elder Guardian as part of his Atlas missions. These Maps can also be acquired by getting Map rewards in other League Mechanics such as Tujen from Expedition, Delirium or the Ritual Altar.

An Elder Guardian Map can be converted into another Map via an Orb of Horizon and even upgraded in Tier with a Harbinger's Orb. However, you cannot change the Guardian that is occupying the Map itself.

Defeating an Elder Guardian counts as clearing the Map in terms of Master Missions and unlocking them for your Atlas. Note that Maps that are occupied by an Elder Guardian do not grant the Map completion bonus, since the Elder Guardian replaces the default Map boss.

It is possible to have multiple influences on a single Map. As an example, while in an Elder influenced Map, you can also encounter any of the Conqueror's of the Atlas invading it. This makes your Map more rewarding, but also increases the difficulty.

Loot Table

In addition to regular loot, the Enslaver has the following boss-specific drops:

  • Fragment of Enslavement (100%)

Skills Breakdown

Default Attack

The Enslaver strikes with his weapons at close range, dealing Physical Damage.

Knife Toss

The Enslaver throws his knives forward.

Sidestep Knife Toss

The Enslaver dashes sideways and throws multiple knives that explode after a short period of time.

Backstep Knife Toss

The Enslaver dashes backwards and throws multiple knives that explode after a short delay.

Knife Barrage

The Enslaver jumps in the air, throwing a barrage of knives at the ground in a cone pattern.
Afterwards, he slams the ground dealing massive amounts of damage which lets the knives explode
quickly after.


The Enslaver summons Obsidian Golems that become alive after impact. These monsters attack you
with Fire projectiles. Kill them for additional Flask Charges.

Boss Mechanics

Once you encounter the default Map boss in an occupied Map, the Elder appears to dispose of it and open a portal to the Guardian's domain. Make your way through the portal and find the Guardian locked in a Cocoon. The Elder starts summoning the Guardian, which is vulnerable as soon as the ritual finishes.

Make sure to check out the Skills Breakdown above to learn more about each of the abilities.

The Enslaver can spawn in one of three different zones:

  • Desert of Dementia
  • Wastes of Lunacy
  • River of Hysteria

At 66% and 33% health respectively, the Elder appears to teleport both you and his Guardian into another phase with new hazards to be dealt with.

Desert of Dementia

Phase 1 - Tornadoes spawn and travel across the arena.
Phase 2 - A large stationary tornado spawns.
Phase 3 - Many fast tornadoes spawn, traveling through the area.

Wastes of Lunacy

Phase 1 - Pillars of flame spawn, dealing damage on impact.
Phase 2 - Occasionally, volatile orbs spawn that are chasing you down.
Phase 3 - 4 Fire spitting orbs are placed in each corner of the arena.

River of Hysteria

Phase 1 - Totems randomly fire many projectiles on the ground in front of them.
Phase 2 - Meteors fall down, which deal heavy amounts of damage on impact.
Phase 3 - Volcanic Eruptions spawn that fires projectiles in an area around them.

Map Modifiers

Since the Elder influenced Guardian Map is a typical Map, it can be modified with Currency like any other Map. But be careful! Some Map modifiers can make it very difficult.

Here is an example of Map modifiers you might want to avoid based on your build:

Fungal Hollow Map - Occupied by the Enslaver

Dangerous Map Modifiers

Boss Specific Modifiers

  • Monsters fire 2 additional Projectiles

Global Map Modifiers that can disable your Build

  • Monsters reflect X% of Elemental Damage
  • Monsters reflect X% of Physical Damage
  • Players cannot Regenerate Life, Mana or Energy Shield
  • Monsters have X% chance to Avoid Elemental Ailments

Boss Modifiers

  • Unique Boss has X% increased Life
    Unique Boss has X% increased Area of Effect

Monster Modifiers (also counts for Bosses)

  • Monsters have X% increased Critical Strike Chance
  • X% increased Monster Damage
  • X% increased Monster Movement Speed
    X% increased Monster Attack Speed
    X% increased Monster Cast Speed
  • Monsters have X% increased Area of Effect
  • X% more Monster Life
  • Monsters gain X% of Maximum Life as Extra Maximum Energy Shield

Atlas Passive Tree

To further enhance the difficulty as well as the rewards of the Guardians, there are some Atlas Passive Tree Keystones, Notables and Nodes. It is highly recommended to allocate the Remnants of the Past Notable for extended Guardian farming sessions, if your build can handle it.


  • Inevitable Ambush


  • Remnants of the Past


  • Shaper, Elder and Guardian Influenced Item Chance
Atlas Passive Tree - Shaper & Elder Cluster


  • Avoid getting hit by his lethal abilities such as Knife Barrage.
  • Avoid the hazards of each phase.
  • Kill the Obsidian Golems to restore Flask Charges.

Good Luck, Exile!


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