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Logbook Farming Guide

Last Updated: January 13th 2024

Affliction 3.23

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This Expedition Logbook Farming Guide covers the basics of completing Logbooks as well as how to maximize your rewards and profitability. Logbooks are unaffected by Atlas passives and therefore do not require a specialized Atlas tree when farming. You can acquire them through trade or by dropping them yourself in maps. To farm currency with Expedition and drop your own Logbooks in maps, check out our Expedition Farming guide.

  • Easy to Setup
  • No Atlas Tree Required
  • Solid Currency at Every Point in a League
  • Requires Effort to Optimize
  • Heavy Time Investment
  • Requires a Strong Build

Logbook Types

There are 3 different Expedition factions worth running for Currency:

Rog (Order of the Chalice)

  • Allows you to craft items for profit. in exchange for Chalice artifacts.
  • Currencies are Scrap Metal and Order of the Chalice artifacts
Tujen (Black Scythe Mercenaries)
  • Sells Currency, Gems, and Maps
  • Currencies are Exotic Coinage and Black Scythe Artifacts.
Dannig (Knights of the Sun)
  • Sells Expedition artifacts and Logbooks
  • Currencies are Burial Medallions and Knights of the Sun Artifacts.
Gwennen (Druids of the Broken Circle)
  • Sells various base types which have a chance to upgrade to Unique.
  • Currencies are Astragali and Druids of the Broken Circle Artifacts.

Since Gwennen (Druids of the Broken Circle) Logbooks are not worth farming for currency in their current state after mutiple leagues of nerfs they are not covered in this guide.

Logbook Example

The Logbook displays which factions are available to choose from as well as their layouts. Knights of the Sun is always worth more than Black Scythe while Order of the Chalice is usually the cheapest next to Druids of the Broken Circle.

This guide covers how to run Dannig and Tujen Logbooks specifically since Rog is a lot more advanced. To learn how to farm Order of the Chalice logbooks and craft with Rog for profit check out our Rog Farming Guide.

How to run Tujen and Dannig Logbooks

Layout is Important

Prioritize these Layouts
  • Forest Ruins
  • Vaal Temple
  • Cemetery
  • Utzaal Outskirts
Avoid these Layouts if possible
  • Mountainside
  • Rotting Temple
  • Sarn Slums

Optimizing Your Logbooks

Item Level - Logbooks scale drastically with item level so it's recommended to only run 83+ unless it is early league when high item level Books are hard to come by.

Implicits - Logbook Implicits play a large part in the loot you get but it can be annoying to buy them one-by-one off of trade. Just be sure to use some Blessed Orbs if you buy Logbooks with S-Tier implicit modifiers such as:

  • (10–40)% increased number of Explosives (best)
  • (10–40)% increased Explosive Radius
  • (20–50)% increased Explosive Placement Range
  • Remnants have (10–40)% chance to have an additional Suffix Modifier

Quantity - Aim for 65% or higher item Quantity by alternating Orbs of Alchemy and Orb of Scouring or using Chaos Orb if Divine Orbs are worth more than 180-200 Chaos.

Focus on Maximizing Reroll Currency

When Logbook farming it's important to prioritize reroll currency via Runic Monster Markers, remnants and Expedition Currency Chest markers.

Runic Monster Markers

The most important aspect of optimizing a logbook outside of remnants is to maximize the number of Runic Monster Markers you explode since these monsters always drop the reroll currency needed for trading with Expedition vendors.

They do not have a minimap icon but are identifiable by a long stick with a Skull at the end. These markers are less valuable if not in a clump of at least 2 or 3 so prioritize Remnants and Chest Markers over 1 Runic Marker if you are forced to decide.

Runic Monster Markers


After locating the Runic Monster Markers throughout your logbooks, try to chain Remnants that boost your Reroll Currency drops. Some examples are:

  • Runic Monsters are Duplicated
  • 40% increased Quantity of Items Dropped by Monsters.
  • 50% increased quantity of Artifacts dropped by Monsters

Other good remnants to look out for include:

  • 40% increased Quantity of Items Found in Excavated Chests
  • 50% increased Quantity of Artifacts found in Excavated Chests
  • 25% increased Pack Size (this modifier is added to the Logbook's pack size). If you reach 100% total all Runic Monsters are duplicated.
Remnant Example

Chest Markers

Focus on putting your explosives on as many Artifact Chest Markers as possible after clumps of Runic Markers and S-Tier remnants since these are where the majority of your regular Artifacts will come from. If there are no Artifacts Marker Chests nearby, cover as many Runic Monster Markers as possible.

Artifact Chest Marker

Underground Areas and Bosses

Lastly, make sure to cover every Underground Area or Boss encounter in your Logbook. These are a massive source of Artifacts and also benefit from your Remnant modifiers. Be aware that Remnants chain off each other so doing the Boss last is always the best way to maximize rewards. This can be very hard for a low investment build!

Underground Area
Expedition Boss

Haggling with Tujen

Haggling Tujen is very straightforward but his inventory fluctuates in value depending on which point in the league you are farming Logbooks. Changing your mousewheel speed can make it significantly easier to use the slider when Haggling.

Highest Priority

Good at any point in a League:

  • Divine Orbs
  • Stacked Decks
  • Vaal Orb
  • Chaos Orbs
  • Blessed Orbs
  • Guardian Maps (Elder, Shaper, Elderslayer): Lair of the Hydra Map
  • 21/20 Gems (pricecheck before buying)
  • Gemcutter's Prism (especially early league)
  • Catalysts (i.e. Intrinsic Catalyst)
  • Orbs of Fusing (if they do not cost Grand Black Scythe Artifact)

Medium Priority

High priority early league but low after the first week:

(it is not recommended to buy these if they cost a significant amount of Grand Black Scythe Artifact)

  • Regal Orb
  • Gems with quality (can vendor for Gemcutters)
  • Scarabs (i.e. Polished Legion Scarab)
  • Essences (i.e. Screaming Essence of Loathing)
  • Oils (i.e. Amber Oil)

Low Priority

Solid in the first couple of weeks but can be ignored later on:

(it is not recommended to buy these if they cost a significant amount of Grand Black Scythe Artifact)

  • Blacksmith's Whetstone (can be exchanged for Glassblowers through an Act vendor)
  • Orbs of Alchemy
  • Orbs of Binding
  • Cartographer's Chisels
  • Orbs of Alteration

Variable Priority

Do not buy these unless you plan on actually using/selling:

  • Rare Jewels (requires you to pricecheck the modifiers to see if they are worth selling)
  • Rogue's Markers and Deception Contracts (good in bulk but not in small amounts)
  • Breach Rings (a full inventory can vendor for an unidentified Grasping Mail but it is usually worthless)

If you notice you are disproportionately running out of Greater or Lesser Artifacts compared to Grand, try to lower your spending on Low priority items since they make up a very small portion of the profits. Remember to sell any leftover Exotic Coinage unless you plan on farming Logbooks again.

Trading with Dannig

If you plan on farming Knights of the Sun Logbooks, Dannig pairs best with at least one of two other factions such as Black Scythe (Tujen) and Order of the Chalice (Rog) since you can sustain artifacts and reroll currency for other factions with the discounted Artifacts he offers. Exceptional Artifacts are usually the first to run out when using Tujen or Rog and Dannig can be used to restock these Artifacts when you run low. If you completely run out of a type of Artifact from another faction it can be worth to pay the 1:1 ratio to avoid having to run more Logbooks instead of vendoring.

It is always worth it to buy Exotic Coinage even when you aren't farming Tujen because they can be sold on trade for a solid ratio per Divine. Scrap Metal is usually only worth buying to sell the first week unless you need it for yourself. Use a regex such as "tujen|book" in your search bar if you only care to buy Black Scythe currencies and Logbooks or "rog|book" if you only care for Chalice currencies. If you want to buy both use a regex like "tujen|rog|book".

using a Regex for Dannig

Always buy logbooks when offered unless they only contain Druids of the Broken Circle factions. Even if you don't plan on running them you can sell them on trade. Remember to sell your leftover Burial Medallions unless you want to farm Logbooks again.


  • Logbooks are a solid way to earn currency at any point in a league and do not require an Atlas setup to farm.
  • Rog provides the option to cheaply craft valuable gear while Tujen and Dannig are more straightforward vendors for farming raw currency or Logbooks.
  • Prioritize running Logbooks with good layouts, and AVOID bad layouts like the following.
    • Mountainside
    • Rotting Temple
    • Sarn Slums
  • Optimize your explosives for Remnants and Runic Monster Markers.
  • Spend your Rerolls and Expedition Currency to Haggle with Tujen and trade with Dannig for maximum profits.


Written by spicysushi
Reviewed by Tenkiei

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