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Bestiary Memories Farming Guide

Last Updated: March 28th 2024

Necropolis 3.24

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In this guide you learn the basics of farming Bestiary Memories. Bestiary allows you to capture the Beasts used in various Beastcrafting recipes. Einhar's Memory of Harvest Beasts, often referred to as "Bestiary Memories" are the only source of the extremely expensive special Harvest Beasts.

This strategy requires high investment because of the high price of these memories. The additional barrier to entry created by this cost makes this strategy one of the most profitable options, especially when done in a group. If you are looking for a low investment regular Bestiary strategy check out our White Map Bestiary Farming Guide.


When farming Bestiary Memories there are a number of key mechanics you need to understand to achieve the maximum rewards.

Memory - Memories are items used on a map on the Atlas, connecting them into a chain of special maps dependent on the type of Memory used. To learn more about Memories check out our Atlas Memories Explained Guide.

Einhar's Memory of Harvest Beasts - This type of Memory creates a chain of 3 maps opened by Einhar. These maps always contain Bestiary content with some of the Red Beasts replaced with the Harvest Beasts.

Red Beast - Beasts marked on the map with red markers. These Beasts are the main ingredient for Beastcrafting recipes and determine the crafting outcome.

Yellow Beast - Beasts that are marked on the map with yellow markers. These Beasts are the secondary ingredient for Beastcrafting recipes. Most of the Beastcrafting recipes require any 3 yellow beasts.

Harvest Beast - Red beasts that can only be found in Einhar's Memory of Harvest Beasts maps.

Bestiary Orb - Orbs used to itemize beasts at the menagerie to store in stash or to sell them. These orbs can be purchased from Einhar at the menagerie for 1 Chaos Orb each.

How To Run It

The most efficient way to run these memories is to use them on a white map with a small layout, that is connected to other maps with small layouts. The maps chosen as a 2nd and 3rd one in a chain are always the same or higher tier than the previous one.

After entering a map, search for all Harvest Beasts and capture them. If you find any yellow beasts on the way you can capture them too, but your prime goal is to capture as many Harvest Beasts per hour as possible.

Step 1 - Use Einhar's Memory of Harvest Beasts on your preffered white map.
Step 2 - Talk to Einhar to open the first map. Cartographer's Chisels and Orbs of Alchemy do not have any effect on the beasts so do NOT use them on the map.
Step 3 - Find and capture 2 Harvest Beasts in the first maps. Other Beasts are optional.
Step 4 - Open the second map and capture 3 Harvest Beasts.
Step 5 - Open the third map and capture 4 Harvest Beasts.
Step 6 - Put all captured Harvest Beasts into Bestiary Orbs at the menagerie.

Additionally while running this strategy in a group the person who opens the map has a 100% chance to obtain any beasts captured within the map. However every additional party member only has a 20% chance to capture the beast and has to be near it while the beast is being captured by Einhar.

WARNING: Make sure to NOT buy Einhar's Memory of Crystal Prisons, or Einhar's Memory of the Sacred Grove which are significantly cheaper but offer a completely different set of map objectives.

Map Choice

When choosing a map to use Einhar's Memory of Harvest Beasts on remember to also check all connected maps to it on the atlas which are of the same or higher tier.

The tier of chosen maps does not matter for this strategy so to make things easier focus on lower tier maps.

To farm as many Harvest Beasts per hour as possible focus on smaller layouts. Here is a list of some of the best maps for this strategy:

  • Dunes Map
  • Fields Map
  • Ashen Wood Map
  • Cemetery Map
  • Glacier Map
  • Strand Map
  • Racecourse Map

Harvest Beasts

Harvest Beasts are the bulk of your profit from this strategy. Here is a list of all of them that can be captured while farming Bestiary Memories.

  • Vivid Watcher - Reroll an Awakened Support Gem
  • Vivid Vulture - Reroll a Synthesis implicit modifier on an item
  • Vivid Abberarach - Create a random Shaper, Elder or Conqueror Guardian map
  • Wild Brambleback - Increase level of non-corrupted Awakened Gem by 1
  • Wild Hellion Alpha - Reroll a Watcher's Eye modifier
  • Wild Bristle Matron - Add a crafted Meta-modifier to a non-Unique item
  • Primal Crushclaw - Gain a free use of each map crafting option
  • Primal Cystcaller - Grant 5 Missions for Kirac
  • Primal Rhex Matriarch - Create a random Synthesis Map


Written by Zen_M.
Reviewed by Tenkiei.

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