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White Maps Bestiary

Last Updated: April 9th 2024

Necropolis 3.24

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Warning: This guide assumes you know how to farm Bestiary, Essence, Harbinger & Delirium.

The White Map Bestiary Farming Strategy is an ideal method to begin farming currency if your build is not capable of tackling the higher tiers of content, but remains fairly competitive even at the later stages of progression assuming you have enough speed to complete the Maps efficiently.

This currency strategy combines multiple low impact mechanics to quickly clear as many Maps as possible:

  • Bestiary Content awards Beasts which can be stored in Bestiary Orbs and sold to other players.
  • Essence Content in white maps you can find only up to Screaming Essences but you can still find valuable Remnants of Corruption and use them on Screaming Essence of Dread, Screaming Essence of Envy, Screaming Essence of Misery, Screaming Essence of Scorn to convert them into expensive corrupted Essences.
  • Delirium Content is an additional source of profits as it awards a large amount of Delirium Orbs which can be sold in bulk to other players. Aim to clear enough of the map to reach 5 Tiers of reward when you encounter a Delirium.
  • Harbinger Content does not scale with map tier, making at as valuable to farm in lower tier content as in Tier 16 Maps. It adds a small amount of time to the map but this trade off is more than worth it for the chance to drop Fracturing Shards.


This Strategy has very low gear requirements since it only requires you to be able to run up to Tier 4 Maps. Sacrificing excess damage to enhance your speed is recommended here to increase the number of Beasts you can capture during a single play session.

This strategy is possible at all stages of progression. The early progression variant requires no favorite slots unlocked and 120 Atlas Points, however an alternative variant is provided if you have progressed your Atlas further.

Voidstones: 0
Favorites: 0
Atlas Points: 120


PRO TIP: When setting up to run this strategy it is recommended that you purchase enough materials to complete a sizeable set of Maps, failing to do this will make selling your drops far more difficult and you'll constantly be trading to purchase additional materials.

Map Choice

Low Tier Bestiary farming can be done on any white Maps. It's important to identify the best layout of map at each tier to capture Beasts as quickly as possible, but any low tier Maps can be used. We recommend

  • Tier 1: Desert Spring Map
  • Tier 2: Dunes Map, Belfry Map
  • Tier 3: Strand Map
  • Tier 4: Cemetery Map, Canyon Map, Fields Map

If you have access to favorite slots, Shadow Shaping can be used to prevent undesirable Maps from dropping; increasing the chance for you to drop one of the Maps listed above.

Map Device

  • Harbinger - 6 Chaos Orbs; Area contains 3 additional Harbingers.


Select a fragment set-up based on your desired investment level.

Early ProgressionShadow Shaping
Bestiary ScarabBestiary Scarab of the Herd
Bestiary Scarab of the Herd
Bestiary Scarab of Duplicating
Bestiary Scarab of the Shadowed Crow

Atlas Passive Tree

Legion Atlas Passive Tree

Bestiary passives increase the chance to encounter Einhar in your maps up to 100%. They also increase the chance that you find rarer beasts via Natural Selection and The Hunt for Craiceann to hunt for Craicic Chimerals.

Essence passives increase the amount and the tier of the Essences you find.

Delirium passives increase the likelihood you encountering a Delirium Mirror within your Maps, the number of Delirium Orbs you drop and give you an additional chance to have additional reward tiles when opening a Delirium Mirror.

Harbinger passives increase the rate at which Harbingers spawn making them much faster to complete. They also give you a small chance when dropping a Currency Shard to upgrade it to the full version of the of the currency. In some rare cases you can expect an entire Fracturing Orb to drop!

Dance of Destruction reduces the enemies life by 25%, making them much easier to kill. However, the downside of mobs dealing 25% more damage can be very debilitating. If you are dying in a large portion of your Maps, immediately unspec this node until you have better gear.


Rolling Maps

1. Alchemy Orbs - Use Orbs of Alchemy on every map. Re-roll Maps your character cannot run using Orb of Scouring and Orb of Alchemy.

Running Maps

Pre-Map - Take in a stack of Remnant of Corruption.
Step 1 - Thoroughly clear the map capturing all Red Beasts you encounter.
Step 2 - Kill any Essences you encounter remember to use a Remnant of Corruption on monsters containing the following Essences.

  • Screaming Essence of Envy
  • Screaming Essence of Dread
  • Screaming Essence of Scorn
  • Screaming Essence of Misery

Step 3 - Kill all monsters summoned by Harbingers in the map.

Step 4 - Kill the Map Boss; reset.

Loot Breakdown

Here are the drops you should sell with this White Map Bestiary Farming strategy, if you are struggling to sell league specific loot refer to the loot portion of our Legion and Delirium guides for information about selling.





Corrupted Essences

Take Remnant of Corruption into all the Maps with you and use them on Essences that contain the following;

  • Essence of Dread
  • Essence of Envy
  • Essence of Scorn
  • Essence of Misery


Written by: Zen_M

Reviewed by: Facefoot

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