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Atlas Memories Explained

Last Updated: March 26th 2024

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Atlas Memories are an opportunity to dive into the memories of Wraeclast's Masters, exploring unusual and challenging events with amazing rewards!

What are Atlas Memories?

Occasionally you'll obtain an Atlas Memory drop, these are tied to the Masters Niko, Einhar, Jun, Alva, and Kirac. Each Master has different memories which take you on a 3-6 map mini-quest. While participating in a Memory Line, maps are provided and there's an increased effect of modifiers on the map making for extremely rewarding but often lethal enemies. Atlas Memories drop anywhere in the game but they're difficult to target farm due to their rarity.

Atlas Memories

  • Niko's Memory of Chasms
    • Abysses teeming with Beyond monsters make for quite a challenge but if you're able to defeat them they drop Tainted Currency.
  • Niko's Memory of Grasping Hands
    • Breaches open and close rapidly similar to Flash Breach.
  • Niko's Memory of Demonic Onslaught
    • Hunt down the Breach bosses for a chance at Breachstones.
  • Niko's Memory of Tormented Souls
    • This Memory Line provides a unique opportunity to fight Possessed monsters and take advantage of the significant loot modifiers added by the Tormented Spirits.
  • Alva's Memory of Cascading Fortunes
    • If you enjoyed the old Monstrous Treasure Prophecy, this provides a similar experience.
  • Alva's Memory of Reverse Incursion
    • The enemies provide a great opportunity to farm Incursion bases.
  • Einhar's Memory of Crystal Prisons
    • Best done in scoured yellow maps, this Memory Line provides escalating amounts of Deafening Essences.
  • Einhar's Memory of the Sacred Grove
    • Gigantic Harvest Patches provide massive amounts of Lifeforce and frequent Harvest Bosses with a chance to drop Oshabi's key.
  • Einhar's Memory of Harvest Beasts
    • One of the most interesting Memory Lines, this provides access to extremely valuable Beasts like the Vivid Vulture.
  • Kirac's Memory of the Pantheon
    • Shrines surrounded by Pantheon monsters, remember to dodge Aberrath's meteor!
  • Kirac's Memory of Survivor's Guilt
    • All drops are replaced with Harbinger Currency Shards, if you're able to take on juiced maps this can be very rewarding.
  • Kirac's Memory of Phaaryl
    • A full on Harbinger invasion, this Memory Line offers an experience similar to the The Beachhead Map.

Memory Line Details

Memory Line Modifiers

Activating Atlas Memories

Start by opening your Atlas (bound to G by default), then open your Inventory (bound to I by default) right click the Memory and apply it to a Map on your Atlas.

In this example, the Memory Line is 4 maps long. It begins on the Plateau map and ends with Cage. The path taken throughout the Atlas is random but it always begins with the map you select and path up towards the top of the Atlas.

Look for an area with multiple desirable connected Maps, or an area without any maps you hate. The ideal location varies from League to League as GGG tends to shuffle the Atlas.

Atlas Memory applied to maps on the Atlas

Pro Tip: Some Atlas Memories like Einhar's Memory of Crystal Prisons are best run in White maps, to achieve this remove all the Voidstones from your Atlas before applying the Memory.

Begin a Memory Map at the Master

To run your first Map in the Memory Chain you need to talk to whichever Master the memory you're exploring belongs to. In this case, we're looking at Niko's Memory of Demonic Onslaught so it's time to mind the cracks.

After each Map, return to the Master to start the next one. Then, repeat this until you reach the end of the Memory Line.

Atlas Memory Maps

After you've started a Memory Line it's time to run the Maps. As you progress deeper into the Master's memories the rewards increase but so does the danger.

Memory Line Map Receptacle

You don't need any maps to run Atlas Memories because each Memory Line provides its own Maps. Be careful when rolling these maps because Memory Lines have Increased Explicit Modifier Magnitudes which increases as you progress the chain. This makes dangerous modifiers like -#% To Maximum Resistances extremely dangerous!

You're able to use crafting currencies on the Atlas Memory Map including Cartographer's Chisels and Orbs of Alchemy.

Unfortunately, the 3 additional slots are a lie and you can't use Fragments to enhance the rewards from your Memory Maps.

WARNING: This is not part of the Atlas of Worlds, you cannot apply Kirac modifiers and do not benefit from your Atlas Passives!

Progressing Memory Lines

As you complete Maps and progress the Atlas Memory Line, the effect of modifiers scales up so the later maps are more rewarding and more dangerous than the early maps.

First Map
Last Map

In the above example, the last Map in a Memory line has significantly better rewards. The higher Packsize adds a lot of monsters, 45% higher Increased Explicit Modifier Magnitudes further scales the Packsize, Quantity and Rarity bonuses from rolling your Maps, and the Memory-specific bonuses are enhanced.

But it's not all upside, the increased Modifier effect makes the Map much deadlier, and Breach Monsters having 100% increased Maximum Life and 40% increased Damage means you'll need a serious build to take on the Breachlord from each Breach in hopes of obtaining a Breachstone. If your build isn't strong, stick to running Atlas Memories which don't scale based off of Map Tier or Modifiers.

Farming Atlas Memories

The Path of Exile economy is always changing and evolving, so remember to do some research on the Trade Site before deciding on an Atlas Memory Strategy. But the following Memory Lines have interesting mechanics, and tend to be reliably profitable.

Niko's Memory of Tormented Souls

  • Because Possessed Monsters have higher inherent item Quantity and Item rarity bonuses you can Magic Find this Memory Line to get high rarity Unique items and Currency drops.
  • Try to target Maps with valuable Divination Card drops.
  • Magic Finding Niko's Memory of Tormented Souls is best done in a group, it's difficult to survive as a solo Magic Find player with the effect of Map Modifiers.
  • Roll the Map to get as many modifiers which add Rare Monsters as you can and apply Delirium Orbs for even more monsters.

Kirac's Memory of Survivor's Guilt

  • This memory replaces all monster drops with Harbinger Currency Shards, so juice the Maps as much as your build can handle! This works similarly to the "loot goblin" conversion mechanics from Archnemesis.
  • Keep an eye out for League Mechanics like Expedition or Delirium which add more monsters to the Maps.
  • Watch out for Harbinger Ambushes as you kill packs of monsters.
  • Because everything is converted into Currency Shards you'll never drop a Headhunter during the Memory Line but you can drop Mirror Shards.

Einhar's Memory of the Sacred Grove

  • Enter this memory to encounter a Sacred Grove with massive 7x7 Harvest patches! The crops are made up of Tier 2 or higher seeds with an increasing chance for the seeds to be upgraded to Tier 3 or 4. It's common to get thousands of Lifeforce after clearing a patch.
  • Atlas Passives don't apply, but the increased number of seeds makes up for this. When rolling your maps, look for Map Modifiers your build can ignore to scale the rewards without scaling the difficulty.
  • Because Tier 4 Seeds appear frequently, these memories are a great source of Sacred Blossoms used to fight Oshabi.
  • Builds that can set up damage like Trappers and Miners excel at clearing the Harvest Patches.

*Hot* Einhar's Memory of Harvest Beasts

  • This is an extremely expensive Atlas Memory!
  • Because the Beast Rewards don't scale with Map Tier or Modifiers it's best to remove your Voidstones and run this Memory Line without rolling your Maps.
  • Red Beasts have a lot of health and damage making them extremely deadly even on low tier Maps! Bring a build with good defenses and solid single target damage.
  • The Harvest Beasts are used in special Beastcrafting recipes.
    • Vivid Watchers let you reroll your Awakened Gems into a different Awakened Gem, this cannot result in an Awakened Empower Support, Awakened Enhance Support, or Awakened Enlighten Support.
    • Wild Bristle Matron are a crafting staple, used to add Metamods to projects.
    • Vivid Vultures increase in value over the course of the League because they are a crucial part of rerolling Synthesized bases for use in Mirror tier crafting projects.

Einhar's Memory of Crystal Prisons

  • The Atlas Memory incorporates bonuses like imprisoned monster duplication.
  • Because the Essence Rewards don't scale with Map Tier or Modifiers past Yellow maps it's best to remove some of your Voidstones and run this Memory Line starting on a Tier 6 map, without rolling the Maps.
  • Essence modifiers stack multiplicatively with the Rogue Exiles inherent damage bonuses making them extremely deadly even on low tier Maps! Bring a build with good defenses and solid single target damage.
  • Bring Remnants of Corruption and use them liberally for a chance at Corrupted Essences.
  • There are 5 Exiles per Map, and 4 to 8 Essences per Exile depending on your position in the Memory Line resulting in 20-80 Essences per Map. The Memory Line lasts for 5 Maps resulting in hundreds of Essences in total.


Learn more about Atlas Memories with Tenkiei's Guide.

Coming Soon.


  • Atlas Memories offer a series of quests exploring the memories of Wraeclast's Masters, Alva, Jun, Kirac, Einhar and Niko.
  • When you apply an Atlas Memory to your Atlas the effects spread through multiple connected Maps.
  • Speak to the relevant Master to begin the Memory Line.
  • You roll Atlas Memory Maps like normal Maps but they do not benefit from your Atlas and you cannot add Fragments.
    • In exchange they magnify Map modifiers and provide special bonuses.
    • These effects increase as the Memory Line progresses.
  • Some Atlas Memories are more profitable than others, the following Memories tend to be profitable when farmed correctly.
    • Niko's Memory of Tormented Souls
    • Kirac's Memory of Survivor's Guilt
    • Einhar's Memory of the Sacred Grove
    • Einhar's Memory of Harvest Beasts
    • Einhar's Memory of Crystal Prisons


Written by: Tenkiei

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