Pantheon Explained


The Pantheon is a system of powers that players can allocate to gain various defensive bonuses, introduced in The Fall of Oriath as part of the 3.0 expansion. These powers become available when Exiles defeat certain bosses in Acts 6 through 10. The best way to make your way through and unlock all of them is to read our Campaign Guide! You can consult your Pantheon at any time with the default hotkey "Y".


The Pantheon

There are 12 gods that each grant a unique power:

  • 4 Major Gods unlocked by defeating the Act 6, 7 and 8 Campaign Bosses.
  • 8 Minor Gods unlocked by completing optional side quests (that also grant a passive skill point).

You can only have one major and one minor power allocated at a time. The bonuses can be swapped for no cost, but only when you are in town or in a hideout.

Some Pantheon Powers are more popular to use than others. For instance Soul of the Brine King is the most widely used Major God for its Stun & Freeze Immunity.

Upgrading Pantheon

Divine Vessel

Each Power can be upgraded several times at later levels, to increase the bonuses they provide. This requires you to kill specific Map Bosses after following these steps:

  • Obtain a Divine Vessel and place it in your Map Device with a Map that contains the specific Map Boss indicated in the Pantheon Menu.
  • To easily find the necessary boss and map, use the searchbar of the Atlas (Hotkey "G").
  • Killing the Boss turns the Divine Vessel in your Map Device into a Captured Soul that you have to bring back to Sin to unlock your new Pantheon power.

There is a Vendor Recipe allowing Exiles to get Divine Vessels which can be useful early on in a new League. The recipe requires you to vendor a combination of 5 Flasks of any type alongside 1 Divine Orb. The result is 5 Divine Vessels.

Major Gods

There are 4 Major Gods that each have 3 upgrades:

Select Major God

Minor Gods

There are 8 Minor Gods that each have 1 upgrade:

Select Minor God


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