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Scarabs are a Map Fragment item that are one of the main ways to enhance (or juice) your Maps in Path of Exile. You can normally add up to 3 Scarabs to your Map to add more content, but also increase the potential for rewards! After you upgrade your Map Device you can add another Scarab to a Map (for a total of 4). They have been added to the core game with Betrayal League and the Patch 3.5.0 launched on the December 7th 2018.

They are an easy and accessible method to target farm specific league mechanics or content and enhance your currency farming in Path of Exile! Scarabs are commonly used in currency farming strategies. As an example, the Delirium Mirror Farming strategy makes a pretty intensive usage of Scarabs in order to maximize profit.

A juicy Map with 4 Winged Scarabs

Scarab Tiers

Scarabs have 4 different tiers which increase the number or the quality of the content/enhancement added to your Map:

  • Rusted (Rusted Torment Scarab)
  • Polished (Polished Torment Scarab)
  • Gilded (Gilded Torment Scarab)
  • Winged (Winged Torment Scarab)

Winged Scarabs are the highest tier and they were added during the Harvest League.

Scarab Sources

Scarabs are relatively easy to farm nowadays and there are many avenues to acquire them:

Betrayal League

Betrayal League is one of the main sources since they were added with this content:

  • Immortal Syndicate Members sometimes have "Drop a Scarab" as Bargain option.
  • Intervention Safehouse rewards you mainly with Scarab. The tier depends on the Member Rank:
    • Rank 1, 2 & 3 respectively give Rusted, Polished and Gilded Scarabs.
    • Rank 4 grants Winged Scarabs but are only accessible in the Syndicate Mastermind Encounter.
  • The Syndicate Mastermind drops Scarabs upon death.
Harvest League
  • Tier 3 Wild Thornmaw has a recipe for Scarabs:
    • Sacrifice a Map to create a random Scarab based on its colour.
  • Tier 3 Vivid Vulture seed offer various recipes about Scarabs:
    • Change a Scarab to another Scarab of the same rarity.
    • Split a Scarab into two Scarabs of lower rarity.
    • Attempt to upgrade a Scarab, with a chance for it to become Winged.

When attempting to upgrade a Scarab to Winged, the chance is relative to the rarity of the one you used. There is approximately 70% chance to get a Winged Scarab when you use a Gilded Scarab, but this chance drops dramatically when using a Rusted or Polished Scarab.

Atlas Passive Tree

Operative's Strongboxes which contain Scarabs can only spawn with the notable Secret Operations allocated on the Atlas Passive Tree. Operative's Strongboxes also have exclusive Suffix Modifiers:

  • of Oxidation - Contains (1–2) additional Rusted Scarabs.
  • of Sheen - Contains (1–2) additional Polished Scarabs.
  • of Ostentation - Contains (1–2) additional Gilded Scarabs.
  • of Focus - All contained Scarabs are the same type.
  • of Fragmentation - Contains (2–5) additional Map Fragments.
  • of Cartography - Contains (3–9) additional Map Currency Items.
  • of Ascent - Contains 1 additional Winged Scarab.
  • of Bounty - (30–60)% increased Quantity of Contained Items.
  • of Singularity - Contains an additional Unique Item.
Other Sources

Most recent League Mechanics can have Scarab Rewards. Some Maven's Invitations can reward related Scarabs such as The Hidden rewarding Breach Scarabs.

Vendor Recipe

There is a Vendor Recipe allowing Exiles to get rid of their undesirable Scarabs for a chance to get better ones. The recipe requires you to vendor 2 Scarabs of the same tier and type alongside 1 Orb of Horizons. The result is a random Scarab from the same tier of the ones you vendored. Low value ones such as Torment Scarabs are obviously the best option to use for this recipe.

Scarab Types

Rusted Abyss Scarab
Polished Abyss Scarab
Gilded Abyss Scarab
Winged Abyss Scarab

Rusted Ambush Scarab
Polished Ambush Scarab
Gilded Ambush Scarab
Winged Ambush Scarab

Rusted Bestiary Scarab
Polished Bestiary Scarab
Gilded Bestiary Scarab
Winged Bestiary Scarab

Rusted Blight Scarab
Polished Blight Scarab
Gilded Blight Scarab
Winged Blight Scarab

Rusted Breach Scarab
Polished Breach Scarab
Gilded Breach Scarab
Winged Breach Scarab

It That Fled
Rusted Cartography Scarab
Polished Cartography Scarab
Gilded Cartography Scarab
Winged Cartography Scarab

Rusted Divination Scarab
Polished Divination Scarab
Gilded Divination Scarab
Winged Divination Scarab

Rusted Elder Scarab
Polished Elder Scarab
Gilded Elder Scarab
Winged Elder Scarab

Rusted Expedition Scarab
Polished Expedition Scarab
Gilded Expedition Scarab
Winged Expedition Scarab

Rusted Harbinger Scarab
Polished Harbinger Scarab
Gilded Harbinger Scarab
Winged Harbinger Scarab

Rusted Legion Scarab
Polished Legion Scarab
Gilded Legion Scarab
Winged Legion Scarab

Rusted Metamorph Scarab
Polished Metamorph Scarab
Gilded Metamorph Scarab
Winged Metamorph Scarab

Rusted Reliquary Scarab
Polished Reliquary Scarab
Gilded Reliquary Scarab
Winged Reliquary Scarab

Rusted Shaper Scarab
Polished Shaper Scarab
Gilded Shaper Scarab
Winged Shaper Scarab

Rusted Sulphite Scarab
Polished Sulphite Scarab
Gilded Sulphite Scarab
Winged Sulphite Scarab

Rusted Torment Scarab
Polished Torment Scarab
Gilded Torment Scarab
Winged Torment Scarab


Divination Cards

There are Divination Cards related to Scarabs:

  • Buried Treasure - 3 card set that rewards a random Rusted/Polished/Gilded Sulphite Scarab.
  • Cameria's Cut - 2 card set that rewards a random Rusted/Polished/Gilded Scarab.
  • More is Never Enough - 7 card set that rewards a random Gilded Scarab.
  • Rebirth and Renewal - 4 card set that rewards a random Winged Scarab.
  • The Card Sharp - 4 card set that rewards a random Rusted/Polished/Gilded Divination Scarab.
  • The Deal - 5 card set that rewards a random Rusted/Polished/Gilded Cartography Scarab.

Atlas Passives

There is an Atlas Passive Tree wheel related to Scarabs with 4 small passives and 1 notable:

Small Passive

  • Atlas Scarab Chance (x4)
    • Map Bosses have 1% chance to drop an additional Scarab.


  • Subtle Manipulations
    • Map Device has 10% chance not to consume Scarabs.


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