Divination Cards Explained

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Divination Cards are fragments of a specified reward that can be collected, with each card dropping in a specific map or location. You can exchange full sets of cards to Tasuni in Highgate or Lilly Roth in your hideout. Most of these Cards are designed by Path of Exile Supporters. For a complete list of all Divination Cards, check this link!

Divination Card Purposes

Divination Cards are perfect for target farming a specific reward or item. Most Currency Farming Strategies rely on Maps with valuable Card drops that can be sold for additional profit. Here are some of the most sought-after ones:

  • Maps with the Marketplace Layout (Port Map, Arcade Map and Bazaar Map) - The Saint's Treasure
  • Maps with Alira as Boss (Spider Forest Map and Burial Chambers Map) - The Doctor
  • Crimson Temple Map - The Apothecary & The Enlightened
  • Tropical Island Map - The Scout
  • Graveyard Map - Brother's Stash
  • Hall of Grandmasters - The Immortal
  • The Alluring Abyss (Uber Atziri) - House of Mirrors

Be aware that these Drop Locations are not set in stone. GGG tends to swap things around from patch to patch.

Harvest Recipes

Tier 2 Wild Rhex has recipes for Divination Cards:

  • Change a Divination Card into another random Divination Card.
  • Sacrifice up to half a stack of Cards to receive between 0 and twice that amount of the same Card.
  • Sacrifice a stack of Divination Cards for that many different Divination Cards.

The Card Gamble Recipe is sought after to get a shot at multiplying very expensive Cards. Do not confuse this recipe with the other Sacrifice recipe with similar wording! The Sacrifice Recipe is best used with huge card sets such as Imperial Legacy (22 cards) or Lingering Remnants (16 cards).

Stacked Decks

Stacked Decks are currency items that give you a random Divination Card. Contrary to natural drops, the drop weighting is more beneficial to the player, meaning you have a higher chance to pull rarer Cards in Stacked Decks than with normal drop sources.

Eldritch Altars

Eldritch Altars can give bonuses to Divination Card drops. For more information, consult our full guide about Eldritch Altar Farming!

  • (2–4)% chance to drop an additional Divination Card.
  • Final Boss drops (3–5) additional Divination Cards.
  • Divination Cards dropped by slain Enemies have (10–20)% chance to be Duplicated.

Atlas Passives

There is a part of an Atlas Passive Tree wheel related to Diviner's Strongboxes with 2 small passives and 1 notable:

Small Passives

  • Diviner's Strongbox Chance (x2)
    • Strongboxes in your Maps have 30% increased chance to be a Diviner's Strongbox.


  • Vault of Mysteries
    • Strongboxes in your Maps contain Duplicated Divination Cards.


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