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Atziri, Queen of the Vaal Boss Guide

Last Updated: November 15th 2023

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Atziri, Queen of the Vaal

The narcissistic Queen Atziri plunged the Vaal civilisation into a dark age of sacrifice and terror almost two thousand years ago. Millions died due to her obsessive pursuit of eternal youth, a pursuit that brought about a cataclysm that ended the Vaal civilisation overnight. But Atziri herself still lingers in a nightmare realm that is starting to leak back into the land of Wraeclast. Now, as the queen rises again, her corruption spreads throughout Wraeclast. Queen Atziri must be defeated.

Atziri, Queen of the Vaal

Atziri, Queen of the Vaal, was added to Path of Exile in Patch 1.1.0 (Ambush & Invasion League). She is the main Antagonist of the Sacrifice of the Vaal Expansion. According to the lore, Atziri was the Queen of Vaal and reigned over the Vaal Empire. Her thaumaturgist was Doryani.

Atziri is considered one of the harder Bosses in Path of Exile. You can fight her using the Sacrifice Set in your Map Device to open Portals to the Apex of Sacrifice (Level 70), or the Mortal Set to fight Uber Atziri in the Alluring Abyss (Level 80).

Atziri - Sacrifice Set:

  • Sacrifice at Dusk
  • Sacrifice at Noon
  • Sacrifice at Midnight
  • Sacrifice at Dawn

Uber Atziri - Mortal Set:

  • Mortal Grief
  • Mortal Ignorance
  • Mortal Rage
  • Mortal Hope

Atziri can also be fought at the Temple of Atzoatl in the Throne of Atziri (Tier 3 Royal Meeting Room).

Loot Table

In addition to regular Loot, Atziri has a Set of various unique items that can be looted after successfully defeating her:

  • Atziri's Promise
  • Atziri's Step
  • Doryani's Catalyst
  • Atziri's Disfavour
  • Triumvirate Authority (3 Modifiers)
  • Doryani's Invitation (4 Variants - Physical, Fire, Cold and Lightning based)

Atziri can also drop an exclusive base chest piece:

  • Sacrificial Garb

Skills Breakdown

Atziri throws her spear at you in a straight line, dealing Physical Damage and applying Bleeding when hit.

Boss Mechanics

Before you are able to fight Atziri, Queen of the Vaal, you have to make your way through the Apex of Sacrifice. This Map is split into 7 areas:

  • A safe area when you enter the Map.
  • A mesh of Vaal chambers, filled with Constructs and Totems.
  • A large room with the first mini boss: "Vessel of the Vaal".
  • A second mesh of Vaal chambers.
  • A large room with the second mini boss: "The Trio".
  • A third mesh of Vaal chambers.
  • A large room containing Atziri, Queen of the Vaal.

Vessel of the Vaal

Once you enter the Area, walk up to the center to activate the Vessels of the Vaal. After a delay, 2 big constructs spawns that use the following abilities, based on their arms:

  • Slam - Physical and Fire Damage.
  • Laser - Lightning Damage, always Shocks.
  • Icestorm - Cold Damage, Duration: 5 seconds, hits every 0.06 seconds.
  • Ball Lightning - Lightning Damage, Duration: 8 seconds.
  • Summon Minion - Physical Damage, up to 8 minions per cast.

The trick is to fight both bosses simultaneously, while trying to kill them at the same time. If one Vessel dies, the other one gets empowered and uses empowered versions of each ability.

The Trio

The Trio consists of 3 bosses: Q'ura, Y'ara'az and A'alai. Each of these bosses have their own set of skills and becomes empowered and healed if one of the 3 dies.

Q'ura abilities:

  • Demon Cleave - Physical, applies 2 stacks of Corrupted Blood on hit.
  • Empowered Demon Cleave - Physical, applies 8 stacks of Corrupted Blood on hit.
  • Cyclone

Y'ara'az abilities:

  • Dual Strike
  • Fire Enrage - 200% Physical Damage as extra Fire Damage, Duration: 5 seconds.
  • Empowered Fire Enrage - 350% Physical Damage as extra Fire Damage, Duration: 10 seconds.

A'alai abilities:

  • Rain of Arrows
  • Firestorm - Physical Damage - Impact every 0.09 seconds, duration: 4 seconds.
  • Empowered Firestorm - Physical Damage - Impact every 0.13 seconds, duration: 30 seconds.

It is recommended to kill A'alai first, since her empowered abilities are the most lethal and can hardly be kited.

Atziri, Queen of the Vaal

Once you encounter Atziri, she greets you with a spear throw followed by a variety of skills. The fight itself is split into 3 phases, which alternate based on health lost or duration of fight:

Normal Phase

Atziri has a built-in damage reflect, making her very dangerous to fight against. Furthermore, she reflects curses. All abilities are used from the get go: Spear Throw, Flameblast and Storm Call, as well as the empowered versions. If you want to learn more about her abilities, make sure to check out the skills breakdown section.

Minion Phase

Atziri shields herself, becoming invulnerable to damage while spawning monsters. These monsters walk towards her and are consumed on reaching Atziri, restoring her health in the process. While being immune to damage, Atziri restores her Energy Shield. Take this opportunity to refill your Flasks upon killing her minions.

Split Phase

Atziri splits into 4 copies of herself at 75%, 50% and 25% Health.

You need to kill one copy to stop the split phase:

  • One holds a spear and fires a single projectile at you, inflicting Bleed.
  • One has a fiery hand and casts Flameblast.
  • One has lightning on her hand, casting Storm Call on random areas.
  • One has a mirror and reflects 100% of Physical and Elemental damage taken.

The Alluring Abyss (Uber Atziri)

To fight the harder version of Atziri (Uber Atziri), you have to place the Mortal Set into your Map Device to open Portals to the Alluring Abyss. In order to form the Set, you need to collect Mortal Grief, Mortal Ignorance, Mortal Rage and Mortal Hope.

These Uber-Fragments drop from the normal Atziri Encounter and can be farmed through Sacrifice Sets. They can also drop from League Mechanics that have Fragments as their Reward, such as Legion, Blight, Delirium to name a few. You can also gather those Fragments from Divination Cards, Incubators, Incursion Temple and Alluring Vaal Side Areas.

The abilities Uber Atziri uses are the same as in the normal fight (see Skill Section above). The difference is that the Uber version deals more damage, has more life, and is enraged. This enrage gives her about ~20% action speed (attack, cast, and movement speed).

In addition to her regular loot, Uber Atziri has the following boss-specific drops:

  • Atziri's Acuity
  • Atziri's Reflection
  • Atziri's Rule
  • The Vertex
  • Pledge of Hands
  • Triumvirate Authority (4 Modifiers)
  • Atziri's Splendour (9 Variants)

Atziri can also drop an exclusive base chest piece:

  • Sacrificial Garb
  • Triskaidekaphobia
  • Victorious Fate


  • Atziri was the last queen of the Vaal civilization.
  • Before fighting her, you have to make your way through the Apex of Sacrifice.
  • The Map contains 7 areas and 2 mini bosses, followed by Atziri as main boss.
  • Kill the Vessels of the Vaal simultaneously, as one enrages when the other dies.
  • While fighting the Trio, try to defeat A'alai first, since she is the hardest to deal with.
  • It is recommended to bring a Bleed removal Flask as well as Ailment Avoidance.
  • Atziri has a built-in damage and curse reflection, making her very dangerous to fight.
  • Bring a blink ability like Dash or Flame Dash to avoid Atziri's lethal empowered abilities.


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Reviewed by Palsteron

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