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Leaguestart Rog Profit-Crafting Guide

Last Updated: March 29th 2024

Necropolis 3.24

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Profit-Crafting with Expedition through Rog takes some practice to learn but due to it's low investment and high returns it's a very rewarding money-making method to learn. This guide covers the basic mechanics of Rog crafting, how to run your Order of the Chalice Logbooks, and the best bases to craft on. If you are looking for an Expedition farming guide for the Atlas instead, click here.


When dealing with Rog there are a number of crafting options he will give you that you need to be aware of to ensure you're maximizing your chances of creating a valuable item.

Rerolling - While this crafting option is worded like a Divine Orb, it functions similar to a Chaos Orb but for only one side of your item (the Prefixes or Suffixes). This is always a good choice unless you are content with your current mods.

Rog prioritizes reforging into modifiers of higher item level. This is a key mechanic for Rog Crafting and why it is such a cheap way to craft valuable items.

Upgrading - Rog commonly offers the choice to upgrade the Tier(s) of a Mod or Modifiers. This is always a good choice since there is no downside.

Adding - Rog often offers the choice to add an exact number of Prefixes or Suffixes to the item. This is usually a good choice when you want to fill up the Prefixes or Suffixes before Rerolling them, but it is generally a bad choice when it is your 6th modifier slot.

Removing - Rog sometimes offers the option to remove a Mod or Mods from an item. Often this choice will specify modifiers of the lowest item level or choose between two at a 50/50 chance. This can be great in situations where your item is full with 6 modifiers or if he offers to remove undesired/low-tier modifiers.

Divining - Rog usually offers the option to reroll the values of your modifiers. This functions the same as a Lucky Divine Orb and is commonly offered towards the end of the craft but can be offered at any point. This is always a good choice unless your craft isn't promising then you might want to stop the craft instead of wasting Artifacts.

Skipping - When given this option Rog will let you skip the current crafting option with the downside of an Artifact price increase for the following option as well as the inability to skip it. This is something you must be conservative with using since if you skip an option without a large downside you could be pushed into an unskippable choice which bricks the item completely.

How To Run Order of the Chalice Logbooks

Layout is Important

While you can't afford to be too picky early league, it's recommended to always avoid these layouts if possible:

  • Mountainside
  • Rotting Temple
  • Sarn Slums

If you are able to, prioritize these layouts:

  • Forest Ruins
  • Vaal temple

Optimize Your Logbook

Item Level - Try to only run Order of the Chalice logbooks of Item Level 75 or higher since the Boss cannot spawn any lower. Logbooks scale heavily with Item Level so try to buy as high as you can if it's affordable.

Implicits - Logbook Implicits play a large part in the loot you'll get but you can't afford to be too picky early league. Just be sure to use some Blessed Orbs if you buy Logbooks with S-Tier implicits such as:

  • (10–40)% increased number of Explosives
  • (10–40)% increased Explosive Radius
  • (20–50)% increased Explosive Placement Range
  • Remnants have (10–40)% chance to have an additional Suffix Modifier

Quantity - Aim for 65% or higher item Quantity by alternating Orbs of Alchemy and Orb of Scouring.

Focus on Gathering Artifacts

In Chalice Logbooks you want to focus on prioritizing Artifact rewards much higher than Reroll Currency. This is because each Rog window offers a wide range of crafting options so you almost always run out of Artifacts before you run out of Scrap Metal. In order to increase the number of Artifacts prioritize Chests, Chest Item Quantity, Underground Areas, and Bosses.

Chest Markers

Focus on putting your explosives on as many Artifact Chest Markers as you can since these are where the majority of your Artifacts will come from. If there are no Artfiact Marker Chests nearby, cover as many Runic Monster Markers as possible. These are the sticks popping high out of the ground with skulls on them. They do not have a Minimap icon.

Artifact Chest Marker


After locating the Artifact Chest Markers throughout your logbooks, try to chain Remnants that boost your Artifact Quantity. Some examples are:

  • 40% increased Quantity of Items Found in Excavated Chests
  • 50% increased Quantity of Artifacts found in Excavated Chests

Other good Implicits that increase your Loot and Reroll Currency:

  • Runic Monsters are Duplicated
  • 40% increased Quantity of Items Dropped by Monsters.
Expedition Remnant

Underground Areas and Bosses

Lastly, make sure to cover every Underground Area or Boss encounter in your Logbook. This is a massive source of Artifacts and also benefits from your Remnant modifers.

Underground Area
Expedition Boss

Preferred Crafting Bases Ranked

Keep in mind for Rog to offer Item Level 86+ Bases your character must be at least level 90. I generally don't bother with anything not on these tables.


Base TypeItem LevelExplanation
Rings and Belts
(ex: Sapphire Ring)
84+Rings and Belts have the most potential on average to sell for solid profit early in a league since players need Resistances, Attributes, and Life to round out their builds which are all easily rollable with Rog. Aim to fill your Suffixes first while keeping at least one Prefix open to craft Maximum Life or "-non channeling" then choose Reroll Suffixes and Upgrade Tiers options until you're given a combination of high-tier Resistances and/or Attributes. Belts in particular can roll valuable Flask modifiers so look out for those.
Evasion, Evasion-Hybrid Helmets
(ex: Pig-Faced Bascinet)
85+Crafting on Evasion and Evasion-Hybrid Helmets are a great way to be macro-efficient when using Rog. Using an Evasion Base opens up the possibility of rerolling into a valuable Spell Suppression Suffix while crafting on a Helmet allows the chance for a +2 to Level of all Minion Skill Gems Prefix to appear as well. For helmets you can fill up either your Suffixes or Prefixes then spam Rerolls for a chance at a combination of high-tier Resistance/Life/Attribute mods paired with Spell Suppression and/or +2 to Level of all Minion Skill Gems. If you're missing Maximum Life at the end you can use an Eldritch Orb of Annulment to make room for a benchcraft.


Base TypeItem LevelExplanation
Evasion, Evasion/Hybrid Boots
(ex: Serpentscale Boots)
85+Boots are on the trickier side since they generally must have increased Movement Speed but they can be one of the most lucrative crafts if you're persistent. Aim to fill up your Suffixes first then reroll for Spell Suppression and Resistances while keeping at least one Prefix open to craft either Maximum Life or increased Movement Speed. If you fill your Prefixes you will need to reroll into both or gamble with an Eldritch Orb of Annulment later to make room for a benchcraft.
Evasion, Evasion/Armour Gloves
(ex: Serpentscale Gauntlets)
85+Gloves generally don't have much potential for super high selling prices since they don't have the same lucrative combinations like Helmets and Boots do but they offer consistent profit. Aim to fill up your Suffixes first then reroll for Spell Suppression paired with Resistances, Attributes, and/or Attack Speed while ideally leaving a Prefix open for benchcrafted Maximum Life. If you fill up your Prefixes you'll need to reroll into Life as well or gamble an Eldritch Orb of Annulment later to make room.


These bases have a lot of potential but it's rare that you'll see a big hit.

Base TypeItem LevelExplanation
Attribute-Implicit Amulets
(ex: Citrine Amulet)
84+Amulets are tricky since they have potential for very lucrative +1 Skill Gem Prefixes but you generally need Life or Energy Shield combined with Resistances and Attributes as well. If you fill up your Prefixes to reroll for +1 Skill Gem you'll need to hit Life or Energy Shield as well or gamble with an Orb of Annulment later to benchcraft it (unless your Suffixes are good enough to warrant selling it with neither). Most of the time the best choice is to wait until an amulet with already 2-3 promising mods shows up in the selection of bases before choosing to craft on it.
Quivers82+Quivers can be hit or miss but are a solid Rog craft since Elemental and Damage Over Time Bow builds are both very Meta Leaguestarters. Try to keep an open Prefix to benchcraft Maximum Life then aim to fill up your Suffixes and spam rerolls to search for Critical Strike Multiplier with Bows, Bow Attacks fire 1 additional Arrows, increased Attack Speed, and increased Projectile Speed for Elemental Bow builds and +#% to Damage over Time Multiplier with Attack Skills with increased Attack Speed for Damage over Time builds. Both builds benefit from the increased Damage with Bow Skills Prefix
Bows and Claws
(ex: Spine Bow)
82+Bows along with Claws have the highest potential to sell for double-digit Divines early league but are also very difficult to hit big. Fill up your Prefixes ASAP and spam Reroll/Upgrade Mod options until you see a combination of 3 high-tier add # to # Elemental Damage Prefixes. Your Suffixes are completely irrelevant until you've crafted good Prefixes so don't worry about them at this stage. In order to save Artifacts you should give up on these bases very early in the craft if you aren't given Elemental Damage Prefixes within the first 4 or 5 crafts. A combination of Tier 3+ Prefixes can easily sell for over a Divine early league. Most of the time you will just finish by benchcrafting Attack Speed if it isn't already present.


Written by spicysushi
Reviewed by Facefoot, Tenkiei

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