Warning: This guide assumes you know how to farm Expedition, Essence, and Eldritch Altars.

The Expedition Currency Strategy utilizes Stream of Consciousness to encounter the highest number of Expeditions in your maps on a low investment to maximize rewards and profitability.

  • Expedition Content drops Vendor Refresh Currency, Artifacts, Maps and Currency.


  • Expedition does not have intense character requirements. The remnants can cause mobs to be incredibly tanky, and in some cases immune to your damage so take care to analyze the remnants before committing your explosives.
Voidstones: 2
Favourites: N/A
Atlas Points: 109


PRO TIP: When setting up to run this strategy it is recommended that you purchase enough materials to complete a sizeable set of maps, failing to do this makes selling your drops far more difficult and you'll constantly be trading to purchase additional materials.

Map Choice

  • Tier 16 Atoll Map - is the best map for this strategy, the Expedition with typically spawn as soon as you enter the map, you can open it and return later due to the "figure 8" map layout, meaning you do not have to wait for the mobs to be unearthed.

Map Device

  • Eldritch Influence: Searing Exarch
  • Essence - 3x Chaos Orbs: Area contains 3x Essence monsters.


There are no mandatory compasses for this strategy. If using the Growing Hordes variant you should use your Awakened Sextants on all available voidstones to increase the number of monsters within the map.

Store any valuable compasses to sell to other players. Examples of valuable compasses are;

  • "Unique Bosses Drop an Additional Conqueror/Shaper/Elder Map"
  • "Area Contains a Mirror of Delirium"
  • "Runic Monster markers are Doubled"
  • "Harvest in your Map contain at least one crop of Yellow Harvest Plants"


Select a fragment set-up based on your desired investment level.

Low BudgetHigh Budget
Rusted Torment Scarab
Rusted Elder Scarab
Rusted Shaper Scarab
Rusted Sulphite Scarab

PROTIP: Use the cheapest rusted scarab with Growing Hordes, you can even use 4 of the same!

Atlas Passive Tree

Legion Atlas Passive Tree

Expedition passives increase the chance for Expedition encounters to appear. They also increase the chance for them to belong to the more valuable vendors, Dannig and Tujen.

Eldritch Altars provide a constant flow of currency items.

Essence passives increase the tier of the Essences you find. It also causes Essence monsters containing a Shrieking Essence to be duplicated.

Growing Hordes causes the Rusted Scarabs used in the higher investment strategy to grant Pack Size. It does however mean you can no longer use Stream of Consciousness.


Rolling Maps

1. Clean Your Maps - Ensure all of your maps are identified and then use an Orb of Scouring to make them all normal rarity, since achieving 20% quality on white maps requires significantly less Cartographer's Chisels.

2. Chiseling - Use Cartographer's Chisels on all of your maps until each one is 20% quality.

3. Alchemy Orbs - Use Orbs of Alchemy on every map you have at 20% quality. Re-roll maps your character cannot run using Orb of Scouring and Orb of Alchemy.

4. Vaal Orbs - Use Vaal Orbs on all of your appropriately rolled maps. Some maps may transform or receive new modifiers, so weed out any maps with modifiers your build cannot run or that are no longer on a favourable layout for Legion. On average using Vaal Orbs on high tiers maps is always worth it.

Running Maps

Pre-Map - Take in a stack of Remnant of Corruption.
Step 1 - Clear the map until you encounter the Expedition.
Step 2 - Place your explosives targeting powerful remnants first, followed by Runic Monster Markers.
Step 3 - If the Expedition spawned in the usual spot at the entrance DO NOT clear it immediately.
Step 4 - Continue clearing the map until you are naturally brought back to the Expedition, by this point all of the monsters will have spawned meaning you do not have to waste anytime waiting around. Any form of explosion is great here as one mob dying could easily kill them all.
Step 5 - Finish the map by defeating any left over Essences and the boss.

Loot Breakdown

Here are the drops you should sell with this strategy, if you are struggling to sell league specific loot refer to the loot portion of our Legion and Delirium guides for information about selling.


To yield the maximum number of rewards from Expedition it is important to understand how to use the Vendors. Learn about that in our Expedition Farming Guide.

Alternatively you can use Bulk Selling methods to sell your accumulated Vendor Refresh Currency;

  • Astragali
  • Scrap Metal
  • Burial Medallion
  • Exotic Coinage

Expedition and the Vendors also provides large amounts of;

  • Expedition Logbooks
  • Stacked Deck


Use Remnant of Corruption on the following Essences whilst in your map;

  • Screaming Essence of Envy
  • Screaming Essence of Dread
  • Screaming Essence of Scorn
  • Screaming Essence of Misery

When doing this they have an opportunity to be upgraded to Corrupted essences which increases your profits. Upgrade all Essences to Shrieking and sell them using Bulk Selling methods.

Eldritch Altars

Sell the following eldritch crafting currencies. Selling these is easiest by listing them on the trade site in large quantities using bulk selling methods.

  • Lesser Eldritch Ember
  • Greater Eldritch Ember
  • Grand Eldritch Ember

Sell rarer eldritch crafting orbs at the end of farming sessions even in individual stack sizes on the trade site.

  • Eldritch Chaos Orb
  • Eldritch Exalted Orb
  • Eldritch Orb of Annulment

Sell eldritch invitations at the end of farming sessions using the trade site, use tabs listed with a bulk price if you have multiple.

  • Incandescent Invitation
  • Polaric Invitation

Miscellaneous Loot

While farming Expedition you accumulate a lot of mixed loot from monsters and other mechanics present in your maps. Some things to pay attention to selling are:

  • Orb of Annulment
  • Orb of Alchemy
  • Orb of Alteration
  • Orb of Fusing
  • Orb of Horizons
  • Orb of Regret
  • Orb of Scouring
  • Orb of Unmaking
  • Regal Orb
  • Vaal Orb

Do not neglect selling other miscellaneous drops not listed here; they lead to greater profits!



Target powerful remnants first and finish with as many Runic Monster markers as possible. The following remnants are the most lucrative;

  • "Runic Monsters are duplicated" (Prefix)
  • "50% increased Quantity of Expedition Logbooks dropped by Runic Monsters" (Suffix)
  • "40% increased Quantity of Items dropped by Monsters" (Suffix)
  • "Runic Monsters have 35% chance to drop an additional Stacked Deck" (Suffix)
  • "50% increased Quantity of Artifacts dropped by Monsters" (Suffix)

Corrupted Essences

Take Remnant of Corruption into all the maps with you and use them on Essences that contain the following;

  • Essence of Dread
  • Essence of Envy
  • Essence of Scorn
  • Essence of Misery

Expedition Vendors

Visit our Expedition Farming Guide to learn how to use the Vendors!


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