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League Start Alch And Go

Last Updated: December 7th 2023

Affliction 3.23

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DifficultyVery Low
InvestmentVery Low
ManagementVery Low

Warning: This guide assumes you know how to farm Essence read our linked guide to learn.

The League Start Alch and Go Strat focuses on providing you an outstanding atlas passive tree skeleton with access to Essence to either sell or craft gear with and all the map nodes to progress fast. This is a complete beginner strategy and only intended to be used until you acquire the first two void stones. Experienced players may find they progress faster using a Wandering Path Exarch/Eater rush atlas passive strategy.

  • Essence drops many valuable crafting materials for self use or sale


This strategy has no requirements and is designed to be used from your very first atlas passive point you allocate. Work toward the starting 3 essence nodes first, then allocate the map nodes, return to allocating essence and finish with strong box.


Map Choice

All maps are suitable for this strategy, players should focus primarily on their progression first and foremost with the goal of acquiring 2 void stones as fast as possible while accumulating some crafting materials for use or sale.

Map Device

  • Kirac: Essence (Optional) - Adds 2 additional essences to your maps, great for bolstering early currency and crafting if you're having success with it.

Atlas Passive Tree

Passive Overview

Essence provides a constant flow of crafting materials for sale or use.

Map Nodes increase your chances of dropping higher tier maps speeding up progression.

Strongboxes drop many rare items and occasionally currency items assisting with progression.


Alch and Go Starter Atlas Passive Tree

Rolling Maps

1. Check Your Maps - Identify maps you plan to run and ensure they do not have any modifiers that would endanger your build or render them incompletable.

2. Gain Completion - Check your atlas to identify if you already have the atlas completion bonus of the map you're about to run. If you don't ensure you fulfil the atlas completion bonus requirements by transmuting, alching or vaaling the map.

Critical Tips

Progressing Quickly - The early game and progression of the atlas is all about speed, the faster you can get to the point in which you can begin farming eldritch influence the better. Prioritise completing the eldritch quests and acquiring map completion over everything else. The currency you can earn after the first 2 voidstones completely dwarfs what is possible before it.

Loot Breakdown

Here are the drops you could sell if needed, do so by referring to our TFT Buying and Selling guide or Trade Site Bulk selling guide as directed below.


Generic Loot


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