Lightning Strike Champion


Warning: Omniscience Lightning Strike is a High Budget Champion Build costing in excess of 100 Divine Orbs. If you are looking for a Starter Duelist Build check out the Corrupting Fever Champion.

The Crystallised Omniscience Vaal Lightning Strike Champion is an endgame monster capable of farming all Uber bosses, deep Delve, and Delirium with ease. The build excels at clearing fast while still doing good single target damage. It rewards the player for investing in defence as much as offense thanks to the scaling granted by Perseverance. The Champion ascendancy provides speed, damage, and defence, making this build currently one of the most well rounded builds in the game.

You can find the Changelog on Page 5.

Build Rating


Skills & Showcase

Lightning Strike

Lightning Strike is the primary source of damage of this build. Positioning is key and can double your damage when you correctly stand at the specific distance from your target. Additional strikes also target effectively, allowing us to hit with both our melee strike and projectiles at the same time.

Vaal Lightning Strike does incredible damage in bursts, which is fantastic for clearing maps and defence, thanks to the life on hit it offers during the duration. It is much less useful on bosses, and takes some time to charge up. It can attach to enemies or be positioned on the ground to shoot out auto targeting lightning beams, that scale with our attack speed and damage.


Whirling Blades allows for swift mobility in all situations where an obstacle is not obstructing our path. It scales extremely well with attack speed, making the attack time almost instant. This allows the build to blitz from pack to pack, as well as avoid dangerous mechanics.

Utility & Auras

Determination + Grace + Defiance Banner multiplies our base defence and makes the Champion absurdly tanky by scaling our Evasion and Armour. Precision grants us a lot of flat Accuracy as well as a little bit of Critical Strike Chance.

Additionally Molten Shell linked to Cast when Damage Taken Support will mitigate burst damage, absorbing 75% of incoming damage for a short duration. While you can't use Molten Shell yourself in this setup, Vaal Molten Shell gives you a panic button to use on demand for an even bigger shield that absorbs 35-40% of incoming damage.

Assassin's Mark

Assassin's Mark suits our Critical Strike-based build. We link it to Mark On Hit Support to automate its application. This way we have easy access to Power Charges while mapping, as well as extra damage to bosses or tanky rares/uniques we may come across in maps.

Ancestral Totem Buffs

Ancestral Protector + Ancestral Warchief can be placed down right before engaging a boss or when fighting in a confined area like Rituals to further boost our damage as they collectively provide us with a huge attack speed and damage multiplier.

Ascendancy Breakdown

The Champion is an outstanding choice as it provides some of the best defensive layers currently in the game, complimented by a modest amount of additional damage and aura enhancing bonuses.

  • Fortitude & Unstoppable Hero grant the Champion 20 Fortification stacks, effectively reducing all incoming hit damage by 20% as well as providing Stun immunity, Attack Speed, and flat Armour and Evasion.
  • First to Strike, Last to Fall intimidates targets permanently, increasing the attack damage they receive by 10%. It also grants the Champion Adrenaline for 20 seconds when reaching low life and heals for 25%. This is a massive buff that grants 100% increased Damage, 10% additional Physical Damage reduction, along with 25% increased Attack, Cast, and Movement Speed.
  • Inspirational allows for a banner aura to be reserved for free and increases the effect of all non-curse auras granting us a substantial boost to the Champion's Defensive and Offensive Auras.