Corrupting Fever Champion


Ruetoo's Corrupting Fever Champion is a top League start map blaster created by Ruetoo with a focus on speed, explosions and survivability. Shoot your Kinetic Blast from your Wand into packs of enemies applying Corrupting Fever stacks and causing slain enemies to explode with Haemophilia. This guide will hold your hand to take you from the Twilight Strand all the way to the Uber Pinnacle bosses.

End Game Corrupting Fever Champion Gear

Strengths And Weaknesses


Skills Breakdown

Corrupting Fever

Sacrifice the blood in your veins to activate Corrupting Fever, causing hits against enemies to apply a stacking Corrupting Blood debuff causing Physical Damage over Time. Activating Corrupting Fever costs a large chunk of Life, use this to proc Champion's First to Strike, Last to Fall by bringing your Life to just below 50%. Getting to below 50% Life every 20 seconds allows you to have 100% uptime on Adrenaline, giving 100% increased damage, 25% increased Attack/Cast/Movement Speed and 10% physical damage reduction.

Kinetic Blast

With a flick of your wand Kinetic Blast applies Corrupting Fever's Corrupting Blood while mapping. When this Attack Hits OR Pierces an enemy it causes a small explosion. Link Pierce Support to make these small explosions apply your Corrupting Fever stacks to hordes of monsters.

Utility And Auras

Keep all of your Aura Gems active at all times and re-activate them after dying. Charge face first into the hordes with Shield Charge. This is your primary movement ability providing quick progress through maps. To escape in the blink of an eye, use Frostblink to instantly teleport away evading large telegraphed attacks or quick reactive abilities. Unleash your anger and become frenzied with Blood Rage giving you Frenzy Charges on kill and additional attack speed.


Turn your Life force into a dense and bloody scythe with Reap hitting them with Physical damage and applying Physical damage over time. If an enemy is strong enough to survive your first hit, you gain a Blood Charge giving additional Reap damage to your next Hit and DOT up to 5 Blood Charges.


Curse your strongest foes with Vulnerability making them take increased Physical Damage. This curse will be self-cast at the start of the build, but later on is applied through Curse on Hit Rings allowing you to take advantage of Attack Hits against Cursed Enemies have 20% chance to inflict Bleeding to have close to 100% chance to bleed which causes all enemies killed to explode with Haemophilia.

Ascendancy Breakdown

Corrupting Fever Champion Ascendency Points

The Champion is the best choice as it offers the best defences in the game and gives you very powerful damage through Adrenaline and Aura effect.

  • First to Strike, Last to Fall combined with Corrupting Fever's Life cost gives you 100% uptime on Adrenaline.
  • Unstoppable Hero provides 500 flat Armour and Evasion Rating, 20% increased Attack Speed and immunity to Stuns all while Fortified.
  • Fortitude grants 20 Fortification at all times giving 20% less damage taken.
  • Inspirational gives 30% increased effect of Non-Curse Auras and a no-cost Banner which is used for War Banner