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Last Updated: August 15th 2023

Trial of the Ancestors 3.22

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Learn more about Gear & Crafting of the Static Strike Shockwave Slayer!

Core Items

The equipment shown is core to the build. Make sure to meet all defensive/offensive thresholds in order for the build to operate at it's best.

If you wish to learn about how to craft your own gear like this please refer to our crafting guides to understand the way items like these are created.

Main Hand

Item: Beast Roar
Weapon-Swap: Replica Frostbreath

The most important stat on your weapon is the 3% increased Area of Effect per 50 Strength. We don't need any Physical Damage increases, as we are Chaos Damage based. Increased Critical Strike Chance and Chaos Penetration are also incredibly vital, as they are huge damage multipliers. While the increased Attack Speed doesn't directly increase your damage, it makes Shield Charge a lot faster.

Alternatively for Bossing, you can Weapon-Swap to Replica Frostbreath for a lot of extra damage!


Item: Redblade Banner

This shield is irreplaceable for the build, as it is your only way to guarantee a steady amount of power for your War Cry. If you have the Currency, you can buy a corrupted version with % of physical damage from hits taken as Lightning/Fire/Cold Damage.


Item: Storm Veil

There are 3 important stats on your helmet that are irreplaceable. Those are:

  • 1% increased Critical Strike Chance per 10 Strength / Gain Accuracy equal to your Strength (same Mod)
  • Nearby Enemies have -12% to Chaos Resistance
  • The Helm enchant that grants 45% increased Static Strike Duration

After that, mods are mostly interchangeable, allthough Life and Armour are highly encouraged!

Body Armour

Item: The Iron Fortress

This Body Armour is irreplaceable for the build, as it provides both offensive and defensive boosts that are impossible to gain otherwise on a Strength-Stacker. Make sure to get a good Strength Roll on it (goes up to +120), give it 30% Quality and enchant it with Grants +1% Strength per 2% Quality.


Item: Kaom's Spirit

These Gloves are needed to use Berserk (more info in the Build Info section). If you have the Currency for it, get a corrupted version with Attacks have +% to Critical Strike Chance.


Item: Replica Alberon's Warpath

Without these Boots, the Build becomes unplayable, as it scales our base weapon damage and replaces the Physical damage on our weapon. Make sure to buy the REPLICA version and not the normal one! (very expensive)

Try to get as high of a %increased Strength roll as possible (up to 18%). You can farm Uber Lab for the 16% increased Attack and Cast Speed if you've killed recently enchant.


Item: Fate Clasp

Our Amulet is a big source of Strength and Critical Strike Multiplier. Buy a synthesized Amulet with the %increasted Strength implicit to craft on and apply Intrinsic Catalysts. Then, use Deafening Essence of Rage until you hit a good amount of % to Global Critical Strike Multiplier (if possible 30%+, 38% is the max). Your third Suffix should be either + to all Attributes or any Resistance.

Once your Suffixes are full, craft Suffixes cannot be Changed and apply a Veiled Chaos Orb to get a veiled mod. Before unveiling, craft +to maximum Mana to block that mod from appearing, then unveil and pick the + to maximum Life (75% chance for success). Then finish the amulet with a Non-Channeling Skills have -7 to Total Mana Cost craft.


Item 1: Eagle Loop
Item 2: Gale Spiral

Our Rings are a huge source of Strength, Resistances and possibly Critical Strike Multiplier. The perfect Ring starts with a synthesized %increased Strength implicit and is then crafted with Deafening Essence of Scorn until you hit + to Strength (up to +55) and other desireable mods like Resistances or Life. However, these Rings are incredibly expensive, so you can also buy a similar Ring without Critical Strike Multiplier for a lot less from Trade. The only stats that are absolutely mandatory are + to Strength and Life, while getting a combination of needed Resistances on top.

The Ring also needs a open prefix modifier to craft Non-Channeling Skills have -7 to Total Mana Cost at the end. Also, don't forget to apply Intrinsic Catalysts up to 20% quality!


Item: Mind Trap

The best in slot belt for the build is Headhunter or Mageblood. However, both of these belts are incredibly expensive and can therefore be hard to reach for most players.

Our next best option and more realistic option is a synthesized Belt with %increased Strength implicit. Apply Intrinsic Catalysts until you reach 20% Quality, then use Deafening Essence of Rage until you hit a good combination of Resistances, Life and possibly Flask Modifiers. However, you need an open Suffix, to finish with a %increased Cooldown Recovery Rate craft.


Flasks provide a massive amount of defense and damage. Roll, use and enchant all your flasks following these combinations:

  • Diamond Flask
  • Granite Flask
  • Quartz Flask
  • Quicksilver Flask
  • Witchfire Brew

Enchant your flasks with Instilling Orbs:

  • Used when Charges Reach Full

Ensure your non-unique flasks have 1 of these prefixes:

  • +(32–35) to Maximum Charges
  • (31–35)% chance to gain a Flask Charge when you deal a Critical Strike
  • Gain 3 Charges when you are Hit by an Enemy
  • (36–40)% increased Duration
  • (25-28)% reduced Flask Charges Used

Have 1 of each of these suffixes:

  • Regenerate 3% of Life per second during Effect (Flask craft gained from an Unveil)
  • % increased Movement Speed during Effect
  • % increased Armour during Effect
  • % increased Critical Strike Chance during Effect


Cluster Jewel 1

Item: Luminous Ornament

Since this Cluster Jewel is very specific and hardly available in Trade, we made a full Crafting Guide for it!

Cluster Jewel 2

Item: Dusk Glisten

These are the mods you want in order of importance:

  • Overlord
  • Weight Advantage
  • Added Small Passive Skills also grant + to Strength (up to +8)

While you CAN craft this Jewel, it's annoying to do and ususally not economically viable. Definitely check Poe Trade for a reasonably priced Jewel that's similar.

If you absolutely need to craft it yourself, you need some advanced crafting knowledge about Alt/Regal Crafting with the occasional use of an Exalted Orb. However, if none of these options work for you, the only mod you absolutely NEED is Overlord.

Medium Cluster Jewel

Item: Pandemonium Solace

The 2 mods you need on this Item are:

  • Lead by Example
  • Warning Call

While you can theoretically craft this item, it is economically inefficient and should just be purchased from Trade at a reasonable price.

Lethal Pride

Item: Lethal Pride

This Jewel is slotted into the Scion jewel socket left of Magebane. Near this socket is a good concentration of passives the build already paths to for its damage and utility. This makes it the favorable location for it to be slotted in. The Jewel grants additional powerful bonuses to passives allocated within the radius of it's ring. The bonuses we are looking for are any combination of the following: (in order of power)

  • 5% increased Strength
  • +20 to Strength
  • 5% chance to deal Double Damage
  • 10% chance to Intimidate Enemies for 4 seconds on hit.
  • 4% increased maximum Life

For a guide on Timeless Jewels and how to find the right ones for you, check out this article.

2x Split Personality

Item1 : Split Personality

Item2: Split Personality

For full effectiveness, these Jewels are placed at the end of Cluster Jewel 1. The mods you want are:

  • + to Strength (on both of the Jewels)
  • + to Intelligence (on one of the Jewels)
  • + to Dexterity (on one of the Jewels)

This combinations ensures that we get the most amount of Strength, while meeting the minimum amount of Attributes to equip all Gems and Items.


Item: Inertia

This Jewel is placed under the Duelist starting area, to the right of Iron Reflexes. It converts all Dexterity in the area to Strength, which provides a huge damage increase.

Other Rare Jewels

Fill the other Jewel Slots with Rare Jewels that have desirable modifiers. This is what you are looking for (in order of importance)

  • % increased maximum Life
  • % to Critical Strike Multipler with One-Handed Weapons
  • % to Melee Critical Strike Multipler
  • % to Critical Strike Multiplier
  • + to Strength
  • + to Strength and Intelligence
  • + to Strength and Dexterity
  • + to all Attributes

Emperor's Might/Mastery

Item1: Emperor's Might

Item2: Emperor's Mastery

These are simply a very efficient Jewel to get extra Strength.

These Items are not included in the base version of the build since they can be very expensive. You can use them if you have the budget, it doesn't have high priority though and should be one of the last things you purchase!

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