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Breach Farming Guide

Last Updated: March 28th 2024

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Necropolis 3.24

This Breach farming guide covers the basics of farming Breach as well as how to maximize your rewards and profitability.

Adding Breach to your map spawns one or more Breach Hands in the area which when touched expand into an area influenced by a specific Breach lord. While the breach is active monsters continue to spawn from it's edges and sometimes special Breach chests (hands) will spawn. After a short time the Breach closes, de-spawning all unopened chests and monsters. Slaying monsters and opening Breach hands rewards signature Breach rewards, on rare occasions you may also encounter a Breach Lord or two!

The Exclusive rewards offered by Breach are only considered moderately valuable over the course of a league, but it is still a highly sought after mechanic purely because of the monsters it adds to the map.


When Farming Breach there are a number of key mechanics to watch out for to ensure you're achieving maximum rewards.

Breach Types - There are 5 different Breach types, some of them rarer and more rewarding than others; they feature different monsters and breach lord bosses. Each Breach type drops a Splinter that corresponds to their Breach Lord, 100 splinters can be combined into a full breach stone which can then be sold or used. The breach types are:

  • Splinter of Xoph (Common)
  • Splinter of Esh (Common)
  • Splinter of Tul (Common)
  • Splinter of Uul-Netol (Uncommon)
  • Splinter of Chayula (Rare)

Breach Hands - Drop Splinters that are a large part of your profit and come in two varieties, "Clasped Hands" and "Breach Lord Hands" named after their corresponding lord. Your priority while clearing should always be to open the Breach Lord named hands, they contain the most Splinters and have a high chance to drop The Chosen Divination Card. Less important but still great to open are the smaller Clasped Hands.

Breach Lords - When running Breaches you have a small chance to encounter a Breach Lord who will drop a large amount of Splinters on defeat. Breach Lords also have a small chance to spawn from Breach Lord Hands if you have the Atlas Passive allocated. Prioritize killing Breach Lords when you spot them.

Signature Rewards - Breach has a number of signature rewards that while not incredibly valuable will add up over time. With Atlas Passives allocated you have a reasonable chance of dropping complete and sometimes Flawless Breach Stones, which are very valuable in comparison to normal Breach drops.

How To Run It

The most efficient way to run Breach for the most rewards is to stack as many potential Breaches as possible on your maps and then convert them all into a high value rare Breach type (Chayula or Uul Netol). This strategy guarantees strong profits from Breach Stone sales.

When running Breach ensure you do not open more than one Breach at a time as it will hinder your ability to open and loot Clasped Hands which are critical to your profits. Ensuring you open as many hands as possible and target down all Breach Lords you spot should be your priority.

Step 1 - Run the map normally until you encounter a Breach.
Step 2 - Position yourself outside of the Breach ring and battle on the edges to avoid being surrounded.
Step 3 - Maneuver carefully to activate additional Breaches.
Step 4 - Open all possible Clasped Hands while bordering the perimeter of the Breach .
Step 5 - Repeat for all Breaches and finish the map as normal.

Atlas Passives

Atlas passives are a massive boost to Breach and understanding which ones are worth taking is essential, refer to our review below.

Probing for WeaknessesIncreases the chance to spawn a Breach in your maps, a must have for all breach strategies.
Evolving HivesSubstantially increases the amount of rare and magic monsters in your Breaches, an absolute must have notable!
GatekeepersIncreases the chance for Breach Lords to spawn as well as increasing their drops, another must have node!
Call of Xesht-UlaThis node adds a 6th Breach Lord that can spawn their Breach Hand as a chest, as well as sometimes spawning as a boss. It is not that powerful and rarely taken but if you have the points it is recommended.
Tortured DreamsThis node and others like it increase the chance of a specific Breach type to spawn. It also grants a chance to duplicate the boss of that type, if you are not using a Breach type sextant always allocate Uul-Netol and Chayula if Possible.
Eve of InvasionIs equivalent to having an additional 26% chance to spawn an extra Breach per map on average. It a good node in the long run and worth taking for pure Breach strategies.
Within Their GraspEnables a chance to drop a full Breach Stone (100 Splinters) from Breach Bosses making it a good node if you have the points.
Flash BreachSlightly increases the speed that Breaches activate and expand making it a reasonable choice for experienced Breach farmers.
Heavy BreachSlows down the activation and expansion of Breaches, reducing farming speed. This should never be taken unless you are struggling with the mechanic.
Power StruggleAn outstanding notable you must allocate that grants additional normal and Breach Lord Named Breach Hands.

Scaling Loot


Increased Item Quantity - increases the total quantity of Breach Splinters that will drop from all Breach monsters and hands, stacking it is essential.

Increased Item Rarity - Item rarity has no major impact on the overall profitability of Breach but it may increase the random drop chance of Breach Lord Uniques.

Increased Pack Size - It is currently inconclusive whether pack size increases Breach density on average due to the high natural variance between Breaches and the monsters within. Pack size is never a bad thing so picking it up is always recommended.

Map Tier - Higher map tiers increase the chances you will encounter the rarer Breach types Chayula and Uul Netol.


Breach Scarab - This scarab guarantees 2 additional breaches in your map. It has a limit of 4 meaning up to 8 breaches can be added to you map via scarabs. A very frequently used scarab in Breach strategies.

Breach Scarab of the Dreamer - This scarab causes all breaches in your map to belong to Chayula. The effectiveness of this scarab depends on the economy resulting in niche use cases.

Breach Scarab of Lordship - This scarab causes each breach to contain a Breachlord, it has fantastic synergy with Within Their Grasp and should be used in most Breach strategies.

Breach Scarab of Splintering - This scarab increases the amount of splinters received from clasped hands and breach monsters. Very limited use cases for trade league, but can be used to effectively farm Breachstones in SSF.

Breach Scarab of Snares - This is a strategy defining strategy as it massively increases the number of rare monsters you can see in your map. It has inherent synergy with other Rare Monster related scarabs and the Amplified Artefacts Notable Passive.

Kirac Modifier

2 Additional Breaches - In some leagues the map device offers a "Kirac modifier" that adds breaches to the map for a Chaos Orb fee. This modifier can be used to greatly increase the amount of Breaches within your map and is almost always worth using in all Breach strategies.

Map Choice

For maximum efficiency run Breaches on maps with fast and open layouts that your build is effective on. The amount of monsters present in a Breach is determined by how much room it has to expand within, more room equals more monsters and more rewards!

Dunes MapDunes - Is an incredibly open and fast layout map to run and is outstanding for Breach and one of the best choices available.
Strand MapStrand - Is a mostly open layout and features a more contained set of terrain than dunes making it ideal for characters without massive AoE.
Cemetery MapCemetery - Is an open layout with space for Breaches to expand and also features a number of valuable Divination Cards that serve as an extra incentive.

Selling Your Loot

Here are the drops you can expect to acquire with this strategy, follow our Bulk Selling guide to learn more about how to sell them or pick up some advanced sales tricks in our dedicated Breach farming builds.

Breach Stones

Skin Of The Lords

Generic Loot


Breach Splinters - When farming Breach as you continue to increase your characters power and the economy develops you may want to consider hiding stacks of 1 - 2 Breach Splinters of less valuable types such as:

  • Splinters of Esh
  • Splinters of Xoph
  • Splinters of Tul


Written by Grimro, Milkybk_
Reviewed by Facefoot

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