Explosive Arrow Ballista Elementalist


Gear Overview

The Explosive Arrow Ballista Elementalist is a great Allrounder Leaguestarter. It kills bosses with huge Ignites and clears whole screens of monsters with the Ignite Proliferation Support.

For how strong the build is, it does have some intricate mechanics, which means attention to detail matters!

This build doesn't require any Uniques or specific stats to start with but can upgrade to an absolute monster in the late game, making it perfect for a leaguestart-scenario.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Very Low

Skills Breakdown

Explosive Arrow

Explosive Arrow supported with Ballista Totem Support is our main damage dealer.
It applies Fuses that explode after a short duration. The more Fuses the enemy had, the more damage they take.
Firing this skill with Ballistas enables us to apply more fuses in a shorter time period, resulting in bigger Ignites overal.


Frenzy is a ranged attack that gives you Frenzy Charges. This stacking buff provides more damage and increased attack speed.


Our Auras compensate for the defensive shortcomings of the Elementalist and consists of:
1) Determination to reduce incoming Physical Damage.
2) Grace to grant a chance to avoid enemy attacks outright.
3) Defiance Banner to complement the Armour and Evasion stacking.
4) Precision for accuracy, if needed.

Arcanist Brand Setup

This is our main single target damage setup.
Linking skills with Arcanist Brand makes them be cast periodically while the Brand is on an enemy, automating skills and letting you focus on other things. The two skills we are supporting it with are Flammability, which reduces enemy Resistances and Flame Surge which drops a damaging Burning Ground under enemies hit by it.

Molten Shell

Molten Shell is an incredible defensive buff that gets stronger the more Armour you have.
Since Molten Shell has no cast-time, we can put it on our left-mouse button (move) and the buff is up whenever it's off Cooldown!
Later, you will get Vaal Molten Shell, which makes you almost invincible for 1-2 seconds after use.

Flame Dash

Flame Dash is our main Movement Skill, enabling us to instantly dodge dangerous enemy Attacks and Spells.
And well... it's a flamey dash, you'll like it!

Ascendancy Breakdown


The Elementalist is an easy choice for Explosive Arrow as it offers incredible boosts to Damage, Area of Effect and Defensive Capabilities.

  • Shaper of Flames allows ALL of your damage to Ignite, not just Fire Damage (this even includes Chaos Damage). Shaper of Flames also makes "Hits always Ignite", which means you don't need any Chance to Ignite at all.
  • Mastermind of Discord reduces Elemental Resistances of our enemies, making it a great tool against Bosses and highly resistant enemies.
  • Heart of Destruction gives you a huge Area of Effect Bonus while clearing hordes of monsters, converting the bonus to Damage instead whenever you face a Unique Enemy.
  • Bastion of Elements gives you a huge defensive layer against elemental damage, while also making it so your Ballistas' damage can't be reflected back to them.

To learn how the Labyrinth works, feel free to consult our Labyrinth Guide!