Cold DoT Elementalist

Cold DoT Elementalist


The Cold DoT Elementalist is a league start all-rounder that is proficient in all content within POE. You're a Spell casting Damage over Time specialist with a focus on Chilling enemies and spreading your Chilling Ground through every arena.

While this build fills your skill bar with abilities to use, it is more than worth it with how much damage and survivability you obtain because of that. After finishing this build your reward is an easy transition to Ignite Vortex, a build which clears and deals all of it's damage with only Vortex on left mouse button!

Endgame Cold DoT Elementalist


Skills Breakdown

Creeping Frost

Creeping Frost shoots a projectile creating a Chilled ground on impact creeping towards the nearest enemies. This is your bread and butter ability as the AOE from Elementalist makes this a monster clear ability.


Vortex causes an Icy explosion to expand underneath your feet on use. Put this on Left Mouse Button (LMB) so that it's always being used on cool down. This ability is your 2nd largest source of damage, and is very helpful at clearing up stragglers.

Cold Snap

Once you master Vaal Cold Snap, your map clear will be through the roof. Create a sudden burst of cold around you, with an Aura of Cold Damage over Time that continues for 5 or more seconds. Enemies in this Aura grant you Frenzy Charges and take considerable DoT Damage. Cold Snap creates a sudden burst of cold on your cursor, causing enemies who die within it's Chilling ground to give you Frenzy Charges.


This build obtains a massive boost in survilabilty through the use of Determination for Physical Mitigation, Grace for Attack Avoidance and Defiance Banner to scale the Armour and Evasion Rating obtained from your Auras. You also use Malevolence and a Hatred linked to Divine Blessing Support to boost your Damage even further.


Frostbite is cast Automatically on hit with any ability because of Mark of Submission. On bosses or tough Rare monsters, cast Elemental Weakness to shred their Resistances even further.

Shield Charge

Charge into your foes with Shield Charge to make quick entrances and escapes to and from battle. When in danger make a fast get away with Flame Dash to teleport to your cursor.

Ascendancy Breakdown

The Elementalist is your choice as it offers a lot of Damage, AOE to increase the ease of clearing and some survival through an Elemental Damage bubble.

  • Mastermind of Discord gives your Exposure an additional -25% shredding of Resistances.
  • Heart of Destruction grants a massive Damage boost after hitting a Unique Enemy and an AOE boost when you've not hit a Unique Enemy Recently.
  • Shaper of Storms allows all of uour damage to Shock and gives you a minimum Shock of 15% that can scale with increased non-damaging Ailment effect.
  • Bastion of Elements gives an Elemental Damage absorbing shield that regenerates after not taking damage. You're also immune to Reflected Elemental Damage, removing the need to re-roll that modifier on maps.