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PoB & Video Guide

Last Updated: October 23rd 2023

Trial of the Ancestors 3.22

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Cold Dot Elementalist League Starter Path of Building (PoB) & Video Guide

Video Guide

Path of Building

All in one Cold DoT Elementalist POB Updated for 3.22:

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Upon completing this Cold DoT Elementalist guide you will have an all-rounder capable of tackling everything in the endgame except Wave 30 Simulacrums and Deep Delving. The Chilling combo of abilities allows you to easily conquer the early game with no gear at all, while only a few upgrades opens up the entire endgame. If you're wondering what to farm with this build, check out our newly updated currency farming section.

The next step after farming 10's of Divine Orb is to build into an Ignite Vortex Elementalist. Ignite Vortex is an outstanding map blaster, with 0 button screen wide explosion clear because of the interactions between Ignite spreading and Items like Asenath's Gentle Touch and Obliteration.


Written by Tripolarbear
Reviewed by Facefoot, Tenkiei

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