Options and Key Binds Guide


Proper setup of key binds is the single most important step to prevent stress on your hands while playing PoE. Take care to set keys to natural places your fingers can reach and rest, adding in your extra mouse keys if you can. Setting up the proper options provides a ton of valuable information you need to play the game.

Extra Skill Bar

In the bottom right you have a skill bar with eight slots for skills. Hold CTRL to allow an extra set of 5 keys to be bound. To change what key an ability is set to, just click on the skill bar and choose the picture of the new ability to bind to that key.

Bind an "Instant" use skill (without cast time) to your left mouse button on the skill bar. This allows you to "use" a skill as soon as it's off cooldown while moving with left mouse button, without really adding an extra button to your playstyle.

Key binds and Options

To setup new key binds:

  • Go into the PoE options
  • Select the "Input" tab
  • Change key binds 1-13 to your needs
    • Key binds 9-13 are the "CTRL" skill bar abilities.
    • Most players put their permanent aura's on 9-13
Input Options

Now setup your other options to have more visual clarity and useful information presented to you.

UI Options

Turn on:

  • Quest Tracking
  • Clock
  • Show Corner Map
  • Auto-Center Map


  • Landscape Transparency
  • Map Transparency
  • Map Zoom
  • Screen Shake and Camera Rotation Effects
    • Turn these off to stop jittering gameplay.

Turn on:

  • Always Show Sockets
  • Socket Notches
  • Full descriptions
    • Hold "Alt" to see the "tier" and rolls of your item's modifiers
  • Support Gem Utility Popup
    • Hover a support gem, getting a list of supportable active gems you have socketed
    • This is helpful for new players
  • Show Life/Mana Levels
UI Show Sockets and Life/Mana Levels
UI Cursor Options

Turn on:

  • Mini Life Bars On Allies
  • Mini Life Bars On Enemies
  • Mini Life Bar Above You


  • Default Mouse cursor
  • Cursor Size


  • Hold CTRL to unlock an extra 5 key binds.
  • Turn on all Life Bars, tune the map and adjust cursor options to your preferences.
  • Put "Instant" abilities on the left mouse button to use instantly while moving.
  • If you have any questions, come ask them on my livestream


Written by Tripolarbear.
Reviewed by Facefoot.


Jul 6th 2022
Article Created.