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Last Updated: 25 September 2022

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Charges are a temporary boost to your character's power in Path of Exile. Almost every build in the game makes use of one or more types of Charges to gain various benefits.

Their presence is highlighted by an icon on the buff bar and small floating orbs around the character. With sound effects turned on, they also make a noticeable whizzing noise when they expire. You may have all three types of Charges (and more introduced below) active at once, with each individual Charge type having their own maximum number of Charges.

A character with Frenzy, Power and Endurance Charges

Base Charges

Every character has access to all 3 types of base Charges and a default maximum of 3. In order to generate Charges, certain skills, items, passives or on-kill effects are required.

  • Charge base duration is 10 seconds, which can be increased through various effects on the Passive Tree and items. If they time out, all Charges of the same type are lost.
  • The easiest way of acquiring Charges is typically through on-kill effects. This requires fast pace clearing and makes Charges difficult to keep up during long boss encounters.
  • Generating Charges continuously without relying on kills (especially through on-hit effects) is typically one of the ways of optimizing builds for endgame.
  • Certain skills and effects like Discharge may spend Charges to gain a bonus.
  • Minimum Charges (acquired from various sources) cannot be spent or exceed the maximum Charge limit, they are effectively a permanent bonus.

Frenzy Charges

Base effects

  • 4% increased Attack Speed per Frenzy Charge
  • 4% increased Cast Speed per Frenzy Charge
  • 4% more Damage per Frenzy Charge

The biggest benefit of stacking Frenzy Charges is the 4% more Damage (a damage multiplier). Even without any bonuses to maximum Frenzy Charges, acquiring three of them is a noticeable boost to your DPS. Frenzy Charges fit into any build but are especially easy to generate for Dexterity-based, melee and Bow builds. Extra Frenzy Charges can be found all around the bottom-right side of the Passive Tree.

Charge generation
Some of the most commonly used techniques to generate Frenzy Charges are the following:

  • Terminus Est (chance on crit)
  • Tinkerskin (chance on trap trigger)
  • Blood Rage (chance on kill)
  • Ice Bite Support (chance on kill)
  • Charged Traps Support/Charged Mines Support
  • Quiver affix for Bow builds (chance on crit)
  • Reedemer-influence Body Armour (chance on hit)
  • Farrul's Fur (continuously generates Charges)
  • Raider Ascendancy Way of the Poacher/Scion Ascendancy Raider (chance on hit & kill)
  • Guardian Ascendancy Harmony of Purpose (chance on hit)
  • Claw Mastery (chance on kill)
  • Sword Mastery (chance on hit)
  • Various notables on the Passive Tree (esp. Disciple of the Slaughter & Overcharged)

Noteworthy Unique Items

In addition to the unique items in the tabs above, there are others that scale or interact with Charges in special ways. Some of the most important ones are listed here:

  • Badge of the Brotherhood
  • Darkray Vectors
  • Doedre's Elixir
  • Lochtonial Caress
  • Nebuloch
  • Ralakesh's Impatience
  • Void Battery
  • Honorable mention: Accumulator Wand

Special Charges

In addition to Frenzy, Power and Endurance Charges, there are also others that can be acquired through various effects, mostly from unique items and ascendancies. As these are a common source of confusion, keep in mind all Special Charge generation and effects are entirely determined by their source. You start at 0 maximum Charges and even if you had any, they have no effect whatsoever until provided by a source.

The types of special Charges and their sources are:

  • Absorption Charges (Graven's Secret)
  • Affliction Charges (Olesya's Delight)
  • Blitz Charges (Blitz notable from Berserker Ascendancy)
  • Brutal Charges (Arn's Anguish)
  • Challenger Charges (Arena Challenger notable from Gladiator Ascendancy)
  • Divinity Charges (Garb of the Ephemeral)
  • Fanatic Charges (Instruments of Zeal notable from Inquisitor Ascendancy)
  • Inspiration Charges (Inspiration Support)
  • Siphoning Charges (Disintegrator)
  • Spirit Charges (Lightpoacher, Hale Negator)
  • Void Charges (Voidfletcher)

Minions and Monsters

Minions and Monsters can also be affected by Charges. For base Charges, their effects are greatly amplified to make them worth using on Minion builds, but at the same time monsters become much more deadly. Beware of effects and abilities that give Charges to your foes, especially when they overlap with similar Map mods that make them more powerful!


  • 15% increased Attack Speed per Frenzy Charge
  • 15% increased Cast Speed per Frenzy Charge
  • 4% more Damage per Frenzy Charge
  • 5% increased Movement Speed per Frenzy Charge


  • 200% increased Critical Strike Chance per Power Charge


  • +15% to all Elemental Resistances per Endurance Charge
  • 15% additional Physical Damage Reduction per Endurance Charge


  • Everyone has access to the three types of default Charges Frenzy, Power & Endurance with their base benefits.
  • The default maximum for each type of base Charge is 3, which can be raised through various items and passives.
  • There are special items and effects that modify, convert or generate completely new types of Charges for your character.
  • Charges can apply to minions and enemies and are more effective for them.


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