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Ignite Vortex Elementalist

Last Updated: December 23rd 2023

Trial of the Ancestors 3.22Archived

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Warning: Ignite Vortex Elementalist is an ARCHIVED BUILD DO NOT play this if you're looking for an up to date build for the current league. This guide is here to simply show older builds, and inspire new ones.

The Ignite Vortex Elementalist is an ice skater, flying through the rink that is Delirium Orb juiced mapping. This build clears maps with Vortex on Left Mouse Button, allowing you to focus completely on Shield Charge and looting quickly. This build is originally Ruetoo's, so make sure you give him head pats to thank him for creating this build.

For Delirium mapping content there is nothing better than Ignite proliferation when combined with Explosions, and this build is specialized exactly for that purpose. Vortex drops at your feet, Igniting all nearby enemies with its Hit. This Ignite spreads, killing the monsters and causing them to explode because of Oriath's End which also Ignites and Proliferates no matter which Element is chosen because of Shaper of Flames.

Ignite Vortex Elementalist Gearing

Build Rating

DifficultyVery Low

Skills & Showcase


An icy explosion erupts from beneath your feet with Vortex. Use this Explosion on Left Mouse Button to inflict Ignite on all enemies initially hit. This allows you to play a "Zero Button Build" with the only real abilities you have to press being Utility and Movement.

Ascendancy Breakdown

Ignite Vortex Elementalist Ascendancy

The Elementalist is your choice as it offers Shaper of Flames which allows all of your Cold damage to Ignite, and pairs well with the Oriath's End causing all explosions to Ignite.

  • Shaper of Flames allows all damage types to inflict Ignite, gives 100% chance to Ignite and 25% more Damage if Fire is still the largest damage type.
  • Shaper of Storms does the same thing, but for Shocking enemies. This is simply a damage increase since you scale non-damaging Ailment Effect.
  • Mastermind of Discord shreds an additional 25% Fire Resistance off enemies you apply Fire Exposure to with your Gloves.
  • Heart of Destruction provides a massive increase in AoE, scaling your Oriath's End explosion radius while also providing a large damage boost once you reach the Map Boss.

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