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Video Guide & POB

Last Updated: August 17th 2023

Trial of the Ancestors 3.22

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Ignite Vortex Elementalist Endgame Path of Building & Video Guide

Video Guide

Path of Building

You NEED the community fork of POB for these to work! https://pathofbuilding.community/

Path of Building: https://pobb.in/QpskmKk2jCzu

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  • Upon completing this guide you have the smoothest Delirium mapper you've ever played on a moderate Budget. You will be a skater, dancing around Maps causing Ignite proliferating explosions to destroy screen after screen of mobs.
  • The Ignite Vortex Elementalist is one of the best mid range mapping builds for juiced Delirium farming. Because of its ease of play, you can blast on this build for hours with no issues.
  • Ignite Proliferation + Explosions are the most satisfying screen clears in the game.


Written by Tripolarbear
Reviewed by Tenkiei

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