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Last Updated: September 13th 2023

Trial of the Ancestors 3.22

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Ignite Vortex Elementalist Endgame Gear Progression, Budget Items, Jewels & Crafting.

Core Items

The equipment shown is core to the build. You MUST follow the gearing with strictness on Suppression, Elemental Resistances and Crafts to ensure the build is comfortable and playable. If you need additional tips, please refer to our crafting guides to understand the way items are created with current means.

Ignite Vortex Elementalist Gear

Main Hand

Item: Spirit Roar

You are an Ignite build using a Cold Gem to convert Cold Damage to Fire Damage so look for the following modifiers:

  • Level of all Cold/Spell Skill Gems
  • increased Fire/Cold Damage
  • Adds # to # Fire Damage to Spells
  • Fire Damage over Time Multiplier
  • increased Damage over Time

Crafting Guide:

You can simply spam Scorched Fossil on a Fractured Base until you obtain a few modifiers, finishing it with a Craft.


Item: Damnation Duty

Your Shield must have Suppression as an Implicit and a T1+ roll as an Explicit. The Chaos Resistance and Dexterity can be exchanged with other Stats you need, but make sure to obtain them at a high tier to ensure you meet the Resistance and Stat needs of the build.

Crafting Guide:

Spam Shrieking Essence of Envy on a Fractured base until you land any good Suffix (Resistance/Stat) and a decent Life roll (settle on lower tiers if you're poor)


Item: Eye of Malice

Obtain the Vortex has 30% increased Cooldown Recovery Rate Enchant, allowing a much smoother playstyle.

Body Armour

Item: Cloak of Flame

This Body Armour provides enough Ignite Duration to use Awakened Swift Affliction Support and enough Physical Damage Shift to mitigate enough to be comfortable alongside Determination and Defiance Banner.


Item: Fate Clutches

Make sure to obtain a T1 Suppression roll here, this build is too good to settle on the Suppression rolls! You also must Craft 40% Reduced Effect of Chill and Shock on you. Otherwise, just obtain a T1 Resistance/Stat you need and leave yourself a Suffix to Craft onto. Life can be obtained with Eldritch Chaos Orb, Eldritch Exalted Orb and Eldritch Orb of Annulment.

Crafting Guide:

Purchase a Fractured Suppression Base, spam a Resistance/Stat Essence until you land T1 Life and a Suffix Open for the Craft. Orb of Annulment to make room for the Craft if your Suffixes are full. Roll Prefixes, making sure to upgrade the Exarchs Ignite Spread Modifier to 14 Radius because I say so. Check out our Eldritch Crafting Articles to learn how to do this.


Item: Apocalypse Stride

You can Skip the Effect of Non-Damaging Ailments here if you need to save Currency. Otherwise make sure to obtain needed Resistance/Stats, Crafts and Implicits.

Crafting Guide:

Purchase a Fractured Suppression Base, spam a Resistance/Stat Essence until you land T3+ Life and Movement Speed with an open Suffix. Orb of Annulment to make room if your Suffixes are full. Lock Prefixes and Purchase/Use an Aisling T4 on your Boots. If you got a Veiled Suffix , Unveil Non-Damaging Ailment Effect. If you Veiled a Prefix, Unveil Avoid being Frozen mod. Whichever mod you didn't Unveil you can Craft. Check out our Eldritch Crafting Articles to learn how to do your Implicits.


Item: Armageddon Torc

Obtain Damage over Time Multiplier and either Level of all Cold Spell Skill Gems or Level of all Spell Skill Gems. Obtain as much Life as you can and get Strength/Dexterity as the Implicit. Anoint the Amulet with Entrench (Sepia Oil, Violet Oil and Azure Oil).


Item: Replica Emberwake

Removes a large amount of Ignite Duration, but gives a Large boost in Ignite DPS. Ignites deal Damage faster makes the Ignite deal the same total damage, but over a shorter duration.

Item: Bramble Circle

This ring is how you apply Flammability onto enemies. Purchase a Synthesized Implicit base. Obtain a T1/2 Stat and Resistance roll alongside a T4+ Life roll and the Craft for reduced Effect of Shock on you.

Crafting Guide:

Purchase the Flammability on Hit Synthesized Implicit Base. Spam Shrieking Essence of Sorrow until you obtain the needed Resistance and Life rolls. Leave a Suffix open to Craft reduced Effect of Shock on you. Use an Orb of Annulment to open a Suffix up for the Craft.


Item: Miracle Harness

Purchase a Stygian Vise with 3 High Resistances, one of which is Chaos, and Craft Life.

Crafting Guide:

Spam Shrieking Essence of Envy on a high Item Level Stygian Vise until you land 2 other T2+ Resistances (or Stats you need) and an open Prefix to Craft Life, OR until one other T2+ Resistances (or Stats you need) and a T3+ Life mod and an open Suffix to Craft a Resistance.


Flasks provide a massive amount of defense and damage. Roll, use and enchant all your flasks following these combinations:

  • Oriath's End
  • Granite Flask
  • Jade Flask
  • Quicksilver Flask
  • Terrified Eternal Life Flask of Sealing

Enchant your flasks with Instilling Orbs:

  • Used when Charges Reach Full

Ensure your flasks have 1 of these prefixes:

  • +(32–35) to Maximum Charges
  • #% increased Charge Recovery
  • (36–40)% increased Duration

Have 1 of each of these suffixes:

  • % reduced Effect of Curses on you during Effect
  • % increased Armour during Flask effect
  • % increased Evasion Rating during Flask effect


Watcher's Eye

Item: Watcher's Eye

The Watcher's Eye you Purchase must have +#% chance to Suppress Spell Damage while affected by Grace. Aside from that you can obtain any of the following mods:

  • % additional Physical Damage Reduction while affected by Determination
  • % increased Cold Damage while affected by Hatred
  • +# to Armour while affected by Determination
  • +% to damage Over Time Multiplier while affected by Malevolence

Cluster Jewel

The Large Cluster Jewel grants damage, extra Resistances and a source of Elemental Leech. Obtain the following modifiers, keeping an eye out for extra Dexterity if you need it!

  • Doryani's Lesson
  • Prismatic Heart
  • Sadist

Brutal Restraint

The Brutal Restraint is a great source of extra Dexterity. Use the Timeless Jewel Article to find a Jewel with 5% chance to gain a Frenzy Charge on Kill and You gain Onslaught for 8 seconds on Kill.

Immutable Force + Bloodnotch

Make sure to obtain Immutable Force and Bloodnotch with good rolls. It's especially important to obtain as much Stun Recovery as possible for smooth gameplay!

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