Poison Blade Vortex Occultist


The Poison Blade Vortex Occultist offers one of the smoothest mapping experiences of any league starter build thanks to Profane Bloom explosion chains and Plague Bearer. Combining these skills allows fast map clearing with a low investment, however it can be min maxed to be fantastic for late endgame as well.


Skills Breakdown

Blade Vortex

Blade Vortex creates up to 10 ethereal blades that spin around you dealing Physical Damage. When 100% Poison Chance is achieved Blade Vortex allows you to inflict up to 7.5 Poison stacks per second onto enemies, dealing Chaos Damage over time.

Poison Concoction

With your main hand empty, throw Poisonous Concoction to cover your foes with an acrid mix of toxins. Overlap your projectiles to inflict many Poison stacks onto enemies, dealing Chaos Damage over time. Upgrade your damage by turning the life recovery of your Divine Life Flasks into Chaos Damage at the expense of flask charges. Level with Poisonous Concoction until you have enough gear to swap your main ability to Blade Vortex.

Utility And Auras

When activated Grace and Determination grant you a large Evasion and Armour buff. When you take damage Molten Shell activates a shield that scales with your Armour. Shield Charge is your main movement ability, causing you to charge with your shield through enemies. Herald of Agony grants a large portion of your required Chance to Poison as well as some additional damage.


Despair is the main curse for your build and gives explosion chains when you obtain a source of Curse on Hit. This causes your Profane Bloom to also apply Despair. The second curse Temporal Chains slows your enemies movement and increases Poison duration allowing it to inflict its damage over a longer duration. Your Third curse Punishment increases the damage enemies take while they are below 50% health granting a substantial single target damage buff when needed.

Plague Bearer

You can incubate (store) your Poison inside of you with Plague Bearer. While incubating for use later, you deal less Poison damage. Activate your Plague Bearer when full to unleash a Chaos Damage cloud around you. While releasing your Plague, run through packs of monsters and let your Profane Bloom explosions take care of the rest.

Ascendancy Breakdown

The Occultist is the best choice for Poison Blade Vortex as it provides explosions for great clear, and an additional curse. It also gives an easy way to cap your Chaos Resistance whilst reducing enemies resistances and additional free applications of Wither stacks for even more damage.

  • Profane Bloom causes your curses to have a chance to consume the corpse of your enemies, triggering an explosions dealing a quarter of their Maximum Life to nearby enemies.
  • Void Beacon gives nearby enemies -20% to Chaos Resistance and prevents them from regenerating Life.
  • Withering Presence applies a Wither stack to nearby enemies for every second you are near them, gives you +60% to Chaos Resistance, and makes you deal 15% more Chaos Damage.
  • Malediction allows you to inflict an additional Curse on enemies.

    To learn how the Labyrinth works, feel free to consult our Labyrinth Guide!