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Build Info & Scaling

Last Updated: April 4th 2023

Crucible 3.21

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Learn about the key build info and how to increase damage and defense with your stats and gear for the Poison Blade Vortex Occultist Build.

Build Scaling


Poison Blade Vortex Occultist is a Chaos Damage over Time Poison Spell build scaling with:

  • #% Increased Chaos Damage
  • #% Increased Damage
  • #% increased Damage over Time
  • #% increased Physical Damage
  • #% chance to Poison Enemies on Hit
  • +# to Level of all Spell Skill Gems
  • +# to Level of all Physical Spell Skill Gems
  • #% increased Poison Damage/Duration
  • #% to Chaos Damage over Time Multiplier
  • #% to Damage over Time Multiplier
  • Gain #% of Physical Damage as Extra Chaos Damage
  • #% increased Effect of your Curses to scale Despair, Temporal Chains and Punishment.

The Poison Blade Vortex Occultist comes with more than enough defenses to take on all the Non-Uber content on the game with your league starter gear, these defenses include:

  • Determination and Granite Flask combined with Molten Shell provide a large shield
  • #% increased effect of Non-Curse Auras from your Skills, increasing the effect of the buffs granted by Grace and Determination
  • 100% Spell Suppression
  • Ailment Immunity
  • Reflect Immunity
  • Evasion Rating, giving you a chance to avoid incoming attack damage
  • Armour, giving you moderate protection against Physical Damage

The Main downside of the Occultist's defenses is its recovery. This is partially solved early on with a well rolled Life Flask and exceptional avoidance and damage absorption.

Key Build Info

Level as Poisonous Concoction until you obtain some gear as well as 100% Chance to Poison with Blade Vortex. It is advised to stay as Poisonous Concoction until you obtain enough gear for the swap to Blade Vortex (generally around tier 6+ maps). The soonest you can look to swap is at level 38 once you obtain Unleash Support and Serpentine Spellslinger. Capping poison chance this early is a challenge, you must use Chance to Poison Support linked to Blade Vortex and Herald of Agony to do so.


Activate your Blade Vortex and repeat casting until you've reached 10 blades. Charge through packs until you're at Maximum Plague Value. Activate your Plague Bearer and Shield Charge through packs of monsters, letting your Profane Bloom explode packs whilst maintaining 10 Blade Vortex stacks.


Save your Plague Bearer to use on the Map Boss if you know you are nearing it. Apply your Curses and activate Plague Bearer to inflict additional damage. If you have the Vaal version of Blade Vortex; Vaal Blade Vortex this is the best time to use it to best make use of the additional poisons it can inflict.

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