Labyrinth Guide


The Lord’s Labyrinth was introduced on March 4, 2016, as part of the Ascendancy expansion to Path of Exile which added new content and features such as Ascendancy Classes & Labyrinth Enchantments. Unlike most areas in the game, the Labyrinth's layout is randomised every 24 hours and will otherwise remain the exact same for all players during that period of time. The Labyrinth is a very iconic part of the game due to its unconventional gameplay and Hardcore-like nature; the penalty for dying in the Labyrinth is having to start it over from the beginning!

There are four different versions of Izaro's Labyrinth and they must all be completed in order to gain your eight Ascendancy points for your Class. The first three versions can be unlocked by completing the Trials of Ascendancy that are located throughout the Campaign. The fourth version, known as the Eternal Labyrinth, can be entered at any time after completing the campaign by paying the entry cost of 1x Offering to the Goddess

The Eternal Labyrinth can be attempted on higher difficulties by using one of three upgraded offerings:

  • Tribute to the Goddess
  • Gift to the Goddess
  • Dedication to the Goddess 

These higher difficulties yield better rewards however they are significantly more dangerous.

The Trials of Ascendancy

Seeking a worthy successor, Emperor Izaro constructed deadly trials throughout Wraeclast to find candidates.

The ancient Azmerians constructed complex Trials, to test aspiring leaders; body, mind and soul. To select candidates for his Labyrinth, Emperor Izaro revived this tradition with his own sinister designs.

Portal to Aspirants' Plaza

Throughout the first three acts, there are six Trials that need to be completed in order to gain access to the Aspirants' Plaza. Once these trials have been completed, you can access the Aspirants' Plaza via the large plaque located within the Act 3 Sarn Encampment. Completing the Labyrinth for the first time will grant you the ability to Ascend!

Each class has three ‘Ascendancies’. Ascendancies are specialised versions of your base class. Each time you complete a labyrinth version for the first time on a character, you will be granted 2x Ascendancy points which can be used to further improve and specialise your character.

Once you have opened the passage to the Aspirants' Plaza, it can be accessed again in future directly via a waypoint within the plaza itself. The campaign contains six more Trials; prerequisites for the Cruel and Merciless Labyrinths which will grant 2x additional Ascendancy points each. Information on all twelve trials can be found below:

Act 1, The Lower Prison - Normal Labyrinth

Act 1 - Trial of Piercing Truth (1)

In Act 1 when you enter the Lower Prison (1) you encounter the first Trial of Piercing Truth, which includes Spike Traps.

Act 2, The Chamber of Sins Level 2 & The Crypt Level 1 - Normal Labyrinth

Act 2 - Trial of Crippling Grief (2) + Trial of Swirling Fear (3)

The next two Trials of Ascendancy are located in Act 2. 

The Trial of Crippling Grief is found in The Chamber of Sins Level 2 (2), which contains Sawblade Traps.

The Trial of Swirling Fear is located in The Crypt Level 1 (3), which contains Spinning Blades.

Act 3, The Crematorium, The Catacombs & The Imperial Gardens - Normal Labyrinth

Act 3 - Trial of Burning Rage (4) + Trial of Lingering Pain (5) + Trial of Stinging Doubt (6)

The final three trials required to access the Aspirants’ Plaza for the first time can all be found in Act 3. 

Trial of Burning Rage is located in The Crematorium (4), which showcases Furnace Traps.

The Trial of Lingering Pain demonstrates the Blade Sentry mechanic and is located in The Catacombs (5).

The Trial of Stinging Doubt is full of poisonous Dart Traps and is located in The Imperial Gardens (6).

Act 6, The Prison - Cruel Labyrinth

Act 6 - Trial of Piercing Truth (1)

In Act 6 when you enter the Lower Prison (1) you can encounter the Trial of Piercing Truth, which includes Spike Traps.

Act 7, Chamber of Sins Level 2 & The Crypt Level 1 - Cruel Labyrinth

Act 7 - Trial of Crippling Grief (2) + Trial of Swirling Fear (3)

The last two Trials of Ascendancy required to access the Cruel Labyrinth can be found in Act 7. The Trial of Crippling Grief is located in The Chamber of Sins Level 2 (2), which contains Sawblade Traps.

The last Cruel Trial of Swirling Fear (3) is located in The Crypt Level 1 (3) again with Spinning Blades.

Act 8, The Bath House - Merciless Labyrinth

Act 8 - Trial of Burning Rage (1)

The Trial of Burning Rage is located within The Bath House (1), which showcases Furnace Traps.

Act 9, The Tunnel - Merciless Labyrinth

Act 9 - Trial of Lingering Pain (5)

The Trial of Lingering Pain (2) demonstrates the Blade Sentries and is located in The Tunnels (2) in Act 9.

Act 10, The Ossuary - Merciless Labyrinth

Act 10 - Trial of Stinging Doubt (3)

The Trial of Stinging Doubt (3) is located in Act 10 The Ossuary. It is full of poisonous Dart Traps


Many traps deal a percentage of your life as Physical, Fire or Chaos damage over time. Damage over time is NOT reduced or evaded by defensive types like Armour/Evasion/Dodge/Spell Suppression. To mitigate damage over time, you will want some of the following tools:

  • Fixed value #% Physical Damage Reduction (not Armour) or Endurance Charges to reduce the amount of incoming Physical damage over time.
  • #% Life Regeneration or flat # Life Regeneration is a good source of permanent Life sustain.
  • Taking two or three extra Life Flasks is by far the easiest way to have a good time. For example, this Saturated Divine Life Flask of Perenniality (high amount of Life + extra recovery) is "best in slot" in order to sustain your Life.
  • Enduring Cry, Vitality or a Summon Stone Golem are good sources for #Life Regeneration for most builds.
  • Movement Skills like Flame Dash that teleports your character to a location allowing you to skip through certain traps without taking damage.
  • #% less Physical damage over time on your items.
  • Pantheon Souls
    • Soul of Arakaali (Major God, Act 9) "10% reduced Damage taken from Damage over Time"
    • Soul of Ryslatha (Minor God) “Life Flasks gain 3 Charges every 3 seconds if you haven't used a Life Flask Recently”


Spike Traps

Spike Traps deal 1/4 of your Life and Energy Shield as Bleed Damage and lock your character in place by shooting out of the ground in a square-shaped area either at a preset frequency or when their pressure plate is stepped on. You can check whether a Spike Trap is frequency or pressure based by waiting to see if the spikes shoot out on their own.

A Spike Trap blocks movement while it is open, and it is impossible to pass through it, so walk step by step like in the video showcase!


Sawblade Trap

Sawblades deal Physical damage over time when you get in contact with them. They deal enough damage to kill you with one full second of contact if you don't have adequate mitigation.

Sawblades move back and forth along a straight line independently of whatever your character is doing. As you may notice in the video, sometimes you can use a lever to prevent them from moving at all.

Spinning Blades

Spinning Blade Traps

Upon full contact, Spinning Blades cause a large enough amount of Physical damage over time to kill you within one full second of contact! They follow a predetermined route on the ground back and forth. Activating levers on the ground can shift these traps between their set tracks. In comparison to Sawblades, Spinning Blades have more complex pathing.

Use Flame Dash and walk alongside a wall or the edge to avoid getting hit by two or more of them simultaneously! Most importantly, if you can't avoid them entirely, don't run along their path and instead rush right through them as they approach you to minimise the damage you take.


Furnace Traps

When standing over activated Furnace Traps you receive Burning damage over time which can be fatal even if the player has 75% Fire resistance. Furnace Traps function according to a timer which causes them to deal damage only for a period of time. The best way to deal with these traps is to wait until they cool down and are no longer actively dealing damage to move over them.

Bladed Sentries

Bladed Sentry Traps

Blade Sentries are wide, circular Traps that deal Physical damage over time that follow a set route. Their damage increases as you get closer to their centre.

Use Flame Dash or any other Movement Skill and walk alongside a wall or the centre between them to avoid getting hit by them while you walk. Similar to the other mobile Trap types described above, it's best to rush straight through them in the opposite direction if you can't avoid them.

Dart Traps

A pillar shoots Poison Darts

Like Spike Traps, Dart Traps are either frequency or pressure based. They deal Physical damage and inflict Poisons which deal Chaos damage over time. They also apply Hinder (slow) when they hit you.


Triggered Cleaver on the ground

Cleaver Traps deal a high amount of Physical damage on hit and apply Bleeds. Cleaver Traps are frequency based and deal damage once every few seconds to a small area. They only appear in narrow walkways. These Traps only appear in the Eternal Trials and (Uber) Eternal Labyrinth.


Unending Lethargy
Unending Fire

An area can be affected by a Sentinel Trap in many ways. By dealing damage to the sentinels, Traps can be temporarily deactivated. These traps only begin appearing in the Eternal Labyrinth. These Traps only start appearing in the Eternal Trials and (Uber) Eternal Labyrinth.

There are several types of Sentinel Traps:

  • Endless Drought - Removes Flask Charges.
  • Endless Hazard - Covers the area with several green circles on the ground with the effect: % of Life/Energy Shield to take as damage on using a movement skill taken Physical Damage whenever you use a Movement Skill.
  • Endless Pain - Has an aura that applies 50% increased damage taken.
  • Endless Sting - Causes Bleeding.
  • Unending Fire - Casts Fire Nova.
  • Unending Frost - Casts Ice Nova.
  • Unending Storm - Casts Shock Nova.
  • Unending Lethargy - Has a Temporal Chains aura.

The Lord's Labyrinth

When you die in the Labyrinth, your run comes to an end, It is therefore mandatory to survive the entire run in order to achieve completion. If you leave the area for any reason, your current attempt is ended and you will have to start from the beginning upon your return. While navigating the Labyrinth, you will fight "Izaro" three times in a boss arena, removing one third of his health each time until the final fight which culminates in his death.

Upon killing Izaro, you will gain access to the Ascendancy Chamber which contains:

  • Treasure chests which can be opened with Treasure Keys collected during the run
  • The Altar of Ascendancy which rewards you with Ascendancy points if it is your first time clearing that version of the Labyrinth on that character, or alternatively allows you to respecialise your character into a different Ascendancy if you have refunded all your Ascendancy Points first
  • The Divine Font, a single use crafting bench that is used to enchant your gear 

We will discuss these rewards in more depth later.

Layout & Mechanics

The layout of the Labyrinth changes each day (midnight 00:00 UTC), so if you fail a Labyrinth run, you can use your knowledge of its current layout to re-progress through it faster. Every run on a given day has the same hidden passageways and secret rooms.

Showcase of a Labyrinth Map- Silver Key - Silver Doors - Golden Key - Golden Door - Aspirants Trial (Izaro)

On your way through the Labyrinth, you may find secret passages to take a shortcut or various buffs to speed up your run or make the fight against Izaro a bit easier.

Secret Passages and Rooms

Secret Passages are shortcuts to a later room without having to run through the complete layout. If there is a Statue, Coffin or Well that becomes highlighted by hovering over them, this indicates that a secret passage will open upon being clicked.

A Coffin Secret Passage
A Well Secret Passage
A Statue Secret Passage
Secret Room on the minimap
Switch to a Secret Room

Mysterious Darkshrine

A Mysterious Darkshrine

Each day, the Labyrinth includes a handful of Mysterious Darkshrines which are hidden shrines that impart beneficial effects to you for the remainder of the run, however they are often hard to find and can in many cases not be worth the time it takes to obtain these buffs. In some cases, these Mysterious Darkshrines grant an extra treasure key or an additional use of the Divine Font.

Shrine effects

Your character and any party members in the Labyrinth are affected by a Shrine effect until leaving the Labyrinth:

Death doesn't wait.

  • Acceleration Shrine - You have increased Action Speed and Projectile Speed
    • 50% increased Action Speed
    • 80% increased Projectile Speed

Deliver pain exquisite.

  • Diamond Shrine - You always deal Critical Strikes

Hit hard. Hit once.

  • Brutal Shrine - Your hits have Knockback, and increased Damage and Stun Duration
    • Knocks Enemies Back on Hit
    • Extra gore
    • 30% increased Stun Duration on enemies
    • 50% increased Damage

Restore that which was lost.

  • Replenishing Shrine - You are regenerating Life and Mana
    • Regenerate 10% of Mana per second
    • Regenerate 6.67% of Life per second

Courage stands tall.

  • Massive Shrine - You have increased Life, Area of Effect, and Size
    • 40% increased maximum Life
    • 30% increased Character Size
    • 40% increased Area of Effect
  • Resistance Shrine - You have additional Resistance to Elemental Damage
    • +10% to all maximum Resistances
    • +50% to all Elemental Resistances

None shall stop you.

  • Impenetrable Shrine - Resistance Shrine - You have additional Defenses.
    • 100% increased Armour
    • 100% increased Evasion Rating
    • 100% increased maximum Energy Shield

Weaken or disable Traps

The heart quickens, the blood thickens.

  • All Areas within the Labyrinth gain the following modifiers:
    • 50% reduced Damage Taken from Hits from Labyrinth Traps
    • 50% reduced effectiveness of Damage over Time Debuffs from Labyrinth Traps on Players

Movement ceases, tension mounts.

  • Labyrinth Traps are disabled in the final encounter with Izaro. This Shrine effect can be gained in the Normal Labyrinth despite it having no effect; Traps are always disabled in the Aspirant's Trial in the Normal Labyrinth.

Get extra bonuses in the final room

Be twice blessed.

  • Receive an additional use of the Divine Font. This effect can be gained more than once per Labyrinth, but multiple effects will not stack. - This is by far the strongest Darkshrine bonus!

Discover what lies within.

  • Izaro will drop one additional Treasure Key when defeated in the final encounter.

To the worthy go the spoils.

  • Izaro will drop one additional unique item when defeated in the final encounter.


Izaro's "little lap dog"

Argus is Izaro's loyal little dog companion and awaits you within the Merciless and Eternal Labyrinths. He drops a Treasure Key upon being defeated. Argus spawns in a random room behind a closed door depending on the Labyrinth's daily layout, however if you do find him, it is best to move on and avoid him.

This cute guy hits very hard, dealing Physical Damage with all of his attacks:

  • Melee "Default Attack" - 1525–2288 Physical damage
  • Minotaur Sunder 1525–2288 Physical damage
  • Minotaur Enrage enables at 33% Life threshold
    • Cooldown Time is 15 seconds
    • Base duration is 8 seconds
    • 100% increased Movement Speed
    • 59% increased Damage
    • 100% increased Attack and Cast Speed

When Argus enrages, he shimmers red and gets slightly bigger. You need to be very careful, maybe even kite him while enraged.


The Labyrinth ends with the Ascendancy Chamber, the final room after defeating Izaro. There are ten Treasure Chests in this room, along with the Altar of Ascendancy and a Divine Font.

While you can find extra Treasure Chests, Puzzles and Secrets for extra rewards along the way, by far the most valuable reward for farming the Labyrinth are the Enchantments granted by the Divine Font.

Altar of Ascendancy

Nineteen souls survived the Trials of Ascendancy. Nineteen men and women stood at the gates of the Lord's Labyrinth. Nineteen challengers whose exceptional martial and mystical talents still linger long after their death.

When completing the Normal Labyrinth for the first time, you get the choice of an Ascendancy class. The Altar of Ascendancy is located in the upper left corner of the final room and make your decision. You receive two additional Ascendancy points for the first time you complete the Cruel, Merciless, and Eternal Labyrinth.

Emperor's Vault

You earn one Treasure Key is earned by killing Izaro final encounter and two more by keeping some of this extra boss mechanics active without destroying them. Other Treasure Keys can be earned by completing certain challenges (Dark Shrines, Chests and Argus) through the Labyrinth. You can use these keys to open Izaro's treasure chests in the reward room. Related items like Treasure Keys, Silver Keys and Trinkets cannot be carried over from the Labyrinth, they are deleted from your inventory upon exiting.

Izaro's Treasure may contain one of the following:

  • An Offering to the Goddess
  • Two additional Treasure Keys
  • Maps in Merciless Labyrinth and beyond.
  • Sacrifice at Dawn, Sacrifice at Dusk, Sacrifice at Midnight and Sacrifice at Noon
  • Divination cards
  • Currency items
  • Skill Gems with quality
  • Jewellery: Amulets, Rings, Belts, Jewels
  • Body Armours, Gloves, Boots, Helmets. They can also drop corrupted.
  • Weapons of all types. They can also drop corrupted.
  • Unique items:
    • Chitus' Needle
    • Death's Door
    • Glitterdisc
    • Izaro's Dilemma
    • Izaro's Turmoil
    • The Scales of Justice
    • Spine of the First Claimant
    • Steelworm
    • Unyielding Flame
    • Viper's Scales
    • Winds of Change
    • Xirgil's Crank

Divine Font

Adds an Enchantment to an item, or replaces an existing Enchantment

Divine Font in the final room

Enchantments are the granted by the Divine Font and a very profitable farming target in Trade Leagues nowadays. You can use any items in your stash or inventory as long as they are Gloves, Boots or Helmets. The only exception is Belts in the Dedication to the Goddess Labyrinth.

All Enchantments for Gloves are increasing in effectiveness to the difficulty of the Lab in the following order: Check out the Poedb database for more in-depth information about their effects

WORD (Normal) - EDICT (Cruel) - DECREE (Merciless) - COMMANDMENT (Eternal)

There are several ways to trigger those enchantments:

  • On Hit
  • On Kill
  • When Hit
  • When you take a Critical Strike
  • Trigger "Commandment" Blades on Hit
  • Trigger "Commandment" Flames on Hit
  • Trigger "Commandment" Frost on Hit
  • Trigger "Commandment" of the Tempest on Hit
  • Trigger "Commandment" Fury on Hit
  • Trigger "Commandment" of the Grave when your Skills or Minions Kill
  • Trigger "Commandment" of War on Kill
  • Trigger "Commandment" of Inferno on Kill
  • Trigger "Commandment" of Thunder on Kill
  • Trigger "Commandment" of Reflection when Hit
  • Trigger "Commandment" of Force when Hit
  • Trigger "Commandment" of Spite when Hit
  • Trigger "Commandment" Ire when Hit
  • Trigger "Commandment" of Winter when Hit
  • Trigger "Commandment" of Light when you take a Critical Strike

The most noteworthy Glove Enchantments are:

Any "of Reflection when Hit" creates a clone of you with a base duration of 5 seconds - you can take any difficult level of the Labyrinth. It taunts all enemies in an area while it stands stationary until it dies or despawns. This is a really strong defensive Enchantment, especially for League Mechanics like Ritual, Delve, Breach, Legion, or in the Simulacrum.

Any "of Spite when Hit" releases a circle of 9 Projectiles based on your weapon (which is not important), leaving Chilled Ground in their wake. The Chilled Ground effect is always at least 10% less Action Speed.

Any "of Light when you take a Critical Strike" creates Consecrated Ground, causing you and your allies to regenerate 6% of your Maximum Life for a base duration of 5 seconds.

Izaro the Emperor

Izaro with a 2-hand Mace

Izaro is the creator and protector of the Labyrinth. His main types of damage are Physical and Fire. Three different combinations of weapons are available to him: a Two-Handed Mace, Dual Swords, and a Sword and Shield. In order to obtain enough defense for the fight take a look at our Defenses Guide and follow these tips:

  • Since Izaro uses Physical Attacks, Armor and Evasion are great defensive layers. Determination, Grace or Defiance Banner are the best auras for dealing with this.
  • #% Physical Damage Reduction or Endurance Charges are also effective ways to reduce the amount of incoming Physical Attack damage
  • If you don't use any Darkshrines, there are Traps in the final Izaro encounter, so having sources of #%leech, #%Life Regeneration, or #Life Regeneration in addition to high tier Life Flasks is very important.
  • Enduring Cry & Vitality are good sources of #Life Regeneration that can help keep you alive when you don't have any Flask charges left.

Skills Breakdown

Leap Slam

Izaro Leap Slams towards you dealing Physical damage when you're not in melee range.

Shield Charge

Izaro Shield Charges towards you dealing Physical damage, when you're not in melee range.

1-hand/duel wielding Radiant Slash

Channels up and slashes, releasing an expanding wave in front of him dealing heavy Physical damage. He only uses Radiant Slash while wielding swords.


Izaro slams on the ground, which results into a shockwave moving towards you. The shockwave deals Physical damage in an area and can hit multiple times.

Two-handed mace Ground Slam

Izaro raises his weapon up and uses Ground Slam, dealing heavy Physical damage in a wide area in front of him. The closer you are to the center of the Ground Slam, the more damage is dealt to you. Izaro only uses this attack while wielding a two-handed mace.


Izaro slams the ground with his fist and assumes a channelling stance, releasing spikes toward your current location. The spikes deal Physical damage over time and apply Hinder (slow).

The Goddess of Justice - Mortar Barrage

The Goddess of Justice atop Izaro’s back casts mortar projectiles towards your current location, dealing Fire Spell damage in an area. Be careful as they can overlap, causing a massive burst of damage.

The Goddess of Justice - Spawning Minions

The Goddess of Justice atop Izaro’s back shoots out Projectiles that turn into Skeletons when they touch the ground.

The Goddess of Justice - Teleport

The Goddess of Justice atop Izaro’s back channels a green circular ground effect under Izaro and also creates a corresponding green circular ground effect over the top of an area that contains traps. Entering Izaro’s ground effect will teleport you instantly to the other ground effect, putting you in harm’s way.

Izaro's Mechanics

Mechanics have been carried over to the next phase.

In each Labyrinth you encounter Izaro a total of three times in the Aspirant's Trial, each ending at 66%, 33% and finally 0% HP. Before the fight, you have access to your stash to store items and can see which buffs are currently affecting Izaro. There are mechanics that buff Izaro's damage, defenses, or speed; and they can be seen in the right (second Izaro encounter) and left (third Izaro encounter) corner in the Aspirant’s Trial.

Similar to how the Labyrinth's layout is randomised each day, so are the extra mechanics affecting him. Each additional mechanic that affects Izaro can be removed for the remainder of that run by defeating a corresponding enemy or by interacting with the mechanic in some way that deactivates it during the Izaro fight. Doing so causes Izaro to drop one less key for each removed mechanic.

For a better understanding of how these mechanics work, you can read the information below:

Conduit of Flames/Frost/Storms

In each corner of the room, there is a statue representing each element. A statue's active state increases Izaro's damage and resistance to the related element. You can deactivate the statues for a short period of time by clicking them.

Charge Disruptors

When this mechanic is active, Izaro will gain charges throughout the fight. Each charge grants him bonuses for speed, defense, or damage up to a maximum of 10 charges. There are three Charge Disruptors that can be activated to remove charges, and each Disrupter can only be used once.

Elemental Essences

The Elemental Essences take the form of elemental Golems:

  • Summon Ice Golem
  • Summon Flame Golem
  • Summon Lightning Golem

The Golems enter the fight one after another and slowly walk towards Izaro. When they touch him, they are absorbed and grant related buffs. They also grant additional damage, resistance, and the chance to apply a Status Ailment that corresponds to their element - Ignite, Shock and Chill/Freeze.


Izaro summons three Gargoyles to assist him and as they stay inactive, they have extremely high amounts of damage reduction, making killing them very difficult. The Goddess of Justice channels a beam at a Gargoyle which activates it and causes the loss of its damage reduction - this is the time to attack it in order to destroy the Gargoyle!

  • Granite-infused Gargoyle grants damage reduction.
  • Steel-imbued Gargoyle grants extra Physical damage.
  • Basalt-infused Gargoyle grants increased damage dealt.
  • Quicksilver-infused Gargoyle grants increased movement speed and attack speed.


Three Idols spawn in each corner, one for each element (Fire, Cold and Lightning). The Idols cannot die and slowly regenerate Life over time. Idols use life as a resource, unleash a series of elemental damage explosions when their life reaches full.

If an Idol’s life reaches full and it unleashes this spell at least once, it will return in subsequent fights within the same Labyrinth run. If all three Idols cast their spell at least once, Izaro will drop an additional key.


Three skeletal Lieutenants successively spawn in each corner, one at a time. Each Lieutenant is related to one of the three elements and has different skills and passives:

If a Lieutenant is not slain, it will return in subsequent fights within the same Labyrinth run. All three skeletal Lieutenants must be alive when Izaro is slain in order for Izaro to drop an additional key.

Summoning Portals

Three Portals successively spawn in each corner. Each portal steadily summons Skeletal Mages until destroyed. If a portal is not destroyed it will return in subsequent fights within the same Labyrinth run.

All three Portals must be active when Izaro is slain in order for Izaro to drop an additional key.


Three Fonts successively spawn in each corner and will begin casting curses at the player. These fonts can be destroyed, however any portals that are not destroyed will return in subsequent fights within the same Labyrinth run. All three Fonts must be active when Izaro is slain in order for Izaro to drop an additional key.

Upon killing a font, it will cast an empowered version of its corresponding curse on you that lasts 10 seconds:

  • Font of Fragility casts Vulnerability
  • Font of Lethargy casts Temporal Chains.
  • Font of Elements casts Elemental Weakness.


  • The Trials of Ascendancy must be completed before you are allowed to enter the Lord's Labyrinth.
  • You can pick your Ascendancy Class after completing the first Labyrinth. The first time you complete each Labyrinth on a character, you receive 2 Ascendancy Points, up to a total of 8.
  • When you enter the Labyrinth , you must navigate through it without dying, otherwise you have to start over again.
  • Life sustain and Physical damage reduction are the most important stats for improving your survivability within the Labyrinth - Take extra Life Flasks and Life Recovery for better survivability.
  • Running endgame Labyrinths for Enchantments is a very lucrative farming strategy in Trade Leagues.


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