Omniscience Tornado Shot Deadeye


The Crystallised Omniscience Anomalous Tornado Shot Deadeye is an endgame monster capable of farming all Mapping content at the highest efficiency. The build excels at clearing fast while still having good single target damage. It has the best clear speed of any build in the game, and potentially the highest level of min-maxability, making it a great endgame build to sink many hours and currency into perfecting.

Warning: This guide assumes you have already reached endgame and have a full set of gear ready to equip onto your character. To learn how to reach such a point, you should use our League Starter Build Guides. Read those first before continuing!

Very High

Skills Breakdown

Tornado Shot

Tornado Shot is the primary source of damage of this build. Positioning is key as Far Shot significantly increases the amount of damage you deal depending on the distance between you and your target. Tornado shot primary projectiles can hit once, but the secondary projectiles can shotgun.

Tornado Shot Single Target Ballista

Tornado Shot linked to Ballista Totem Support is used in the second 6-link to gain a huge single target damage boost. Place down your Ballistas and shoot with your primary Tornado Shot. The Ballistas shoot along with you as you fire with your primary setup because of Focused Ballista Support.

Utility And Auras

Determination grants a base amount of Armour with a means to scale it thanks to its inherent more multiplier. Molten Shell linked to Cast when Damage Taken Support mitigates burst damage, absorbing 75% of incoming damage for a short duration. While you can't use Molten Shell yourself in this setup, Vaal Molten Shell gives you an on demand panic button for an even bigger shield that absorbs 35-40% of incoming damage.

Hatred and Herald of Purity are your damage Auras. Herald of Purity helps to scale your base Physical Damage. Hatred provides a % of your base Physical Damage as extra Cold Damage as well as a % more Cold Damage multiplier. Precision helps you cap your Accuracy and grant some Critical Strike chance.

Mark on Hit

Sniper's Mark suits your Projectile-based build. Enemies take increased damage, and Projectiles split when they hit the target affected by it. We link it to Mark On Hit Support to automate its application. This easily gives us Frenzy Charges and extra damage to bosses and tanky rares/uniques.


Flame Dash allows for swift mobility in all situations. It allows you to blink over obstacles on a cooldown, and is instant on it's first recent cast.

Ascendancy Breakdown

The Deadeye is our choice as it offers many speed mapping enhancements, Additional Projectiles, Chain and Damage.

  • Gathering Winds provides a total of 20% Action speed when Gale Force is fully stacked, providing a more multiplier to Attack and Movement Speed.
  • Ricochet provides an additional Chain, making your projectiles bounce from enemy to enemy like heat seeking missiles. This effect also applies to 30% of all projectiles which hit walls.
  • Endless Munitions provides two additional projectiles, which is a big damage increase for single target thanks to Anomalous Tornado Shot's shotgunning capabilities and improved clear speed.
  • Focal Point provides damage reduction while mapping, and a substantial damage boost by increasing Sniper's Mark effectiveness.
  • Far Shot grants a massive damage increase for targets that are further away from you, allowing you to deal optimal damage at a safe distance. This notable is granted thanks to Forbidden Flame & Forbidden Flesh.