Venom Gyre Deadeye


Warning: Omniscience Venom Gyre is a High Budget Deadeye Build costing around 100 Divine Orbs. If you are looking for a Starter Ranger Build check out the Poison Concoction Pathfinder.

The Crystallised Omniscience Venom Gyre Deadeye Stacks attributes and additional projectiles to achieve massive screen wide coverage and huge levels of elemental penetration.

It is a mapping beast with enough damage to take down all of the end game bosses in the game. If you want a build that fires countless projectiles that fork and chain through every enemy this is the build for you!

You can find the Changelog on Page 5.

Build Rating


Skills & Showcase

Venom Gyre

Venom Gyre is your primary skill and is used to do the majority of the damage and clearing in maps.

Whirling Blades

Whirling Blades is used primarily for mobility. Venom Gyre has a unique interaction however that allows you to release caught projectiles by whirling to clear and on tougher enemies and bosses.


We use a combination the auras Wrath, Anger, Vitality and Determination to scale your damage and defence.

Sniper's Mark

Sniper's mark substantially increases your single target damage against high health enemies.


Defence is amplified by Cast when Damage Taken Support Molten Shell. To assist with damage Blood Rage, Ancestral Protector and a Cast On Critical Strike Support setup linked to your mobility skill Whirling Blades, casting Tornado and Flame Wall.


Berserk buffs you granting more attack damage, attack speed, movement speed and damage reduction.

Ascendancy Breakdown

The Deadeye many speed mapping enhancements, Additional Projectiles, Chain and Damage.

  • Gathering Winds provides 20% action speed multiplying our movement and attack speed.
  • Ricochet provides additional clear speed while giving us consistency and damage in enclosed layouts.
  • Endless Munitions provides two additional projectiles, improving clear and damage substantially.
  • Focal Point provides some defence while mapping, and a substantial damage boost from marks.